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Dec 2020
To an old Lover,

My dear, you might think I forgot about you completely
But you never knew every starry night, I open the gate of your voice to tell me stories that never existed.

It’s been a while since the last time we spoke. 10 months is not a short period of time. How did not lose control of yourself during this time...

I heard that you were looking for someone new to take over my place. I am sure you found one anyways. Just hoping you are happy with her.

The amount of time a person takes to get over someone, especially someone like you. Oh god knows how many laughs you’ve taken away from me.

Happy couples around me, that could’ve been us but you chose to walk away because you didn’t want to try anymore. It is okay, I wouldn’t try much if I were you.

Days I get up on my feet and day I catch myself wiping away those tears. Ah I wish I was as strong as you and just walked away.
Hello! Thank you for reading.
Written by
mera  Dull
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