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  Aug 2016 Gypsy soul
Matthew A Cain
As I recall I was five the first time I met the monster in disguise
He threw my brother's plate to the ground
He told him to eat off the floor like the dog that he was
Then kicked him while he was down
He laughed and he laughed at the spectacle taking place
And I cried and I cried for my brother’s sake

The very next morning I stared up at him from his lap
I was trying to see if it was the man or a mask

A few months later I had my answer as the man was hitting home runs
On my brother’s flesh and bones
He smiled like a jester as my brother was ******* his pants
We rode in silence to Sunday school
And I saw it happen clear as day when the monster slipped on the mask of my father
The one I knew and loved

A couple years later and a thousand more tears
My mother wept as she answered the call
The monster had drawn the last straw
As he took my brothers innocence during the night in that hotel room

Then they came like angels and whisked us away
The men dressed in suites with badges of authority
We were safe for the first time

As I look back I still miss the mask but not the man
I decided to write this poem after some deliberation and thoughts about my childhood and I hoped that if anyone is in this situation that they will understand that sometimes its okay to love someone that has hurt you as often the person is not evil all the way through but ultimately its better if they are not in your life. This was the case with my father and I still love him but I recognize that the mask that I loved was more of my own imagination instead of the actual man that he was.
  Aug 2016 Gypsy soul
Matthew A Cain
3am Girl,
stay with me tonight
teach me the rhythm of your heart
show me the steps of your affection
and dance with me the lovers dance.
  Aug 2016 Gypsy soul
Matthew A Cain
The streets ran red with blood
And hate reared its ugly head.
But we fail to see the pain and sorrow deep within the hearts of the afflicted.
Silence the noise, strip away accusations of guilt or innocence and what we see is the tears shed in the aftermath by the families of those who lost their lives.

The ground weeps uncontrollably as it welcomes home vessels once carrying the souls of those that were taken long before their time.
Let us see the individuals rather than their badge or skin color and let us empathize with one another over the tragedies and atrocities recently taken place.

Hate invites hate and we must change our ways and not spew it forth in unbridled rage
Let us spread unconditional love because our words and actions ripple far beyond our control
furthermore love covers a multitude of sins and we must not forget this

If these words do not carry weight
At the very least let this be known
If we must hate
Hate the sin corrupting lives
But in a turn of events let us love one another even our enemies for what they are,
Creations of God
Equal in every right.
With all that is going on in the world I wanted to writes something that speaks to my own soul when I find myself hating individuals that take innocent lives and I find that the hate begins to control my actions and words. In short this is a message more to myself to remember there are individuals behind these tragedies and to not let hate begin to control my life.
  Jun 2016 Gypsy soul
Your body calling me,
Telling me,
come and get it
Our opposites attract,
the feeling's magnetic.
Look in your eye,
Dance as we vibe,
It's electric.
Kissing on your neck,
Made our lipstick
Our Synergetic kinetics,
makes making love, look pathetic.
  Jun 2016 Gypsy soul
Fingers lapping at your lips;
                          warm liquids
                          delicious  drips
                          dripping from your; in between.
                                                               pink  tender  lips.
Gypsy soul Apr 2016
I will NOT give up.
I will FIGHT
I will SWEAT
I toss and turn for the hundredth time
wait for the sleep to kick in
And it evades me like a butterfly
Much like the days in between

Countless days and insomniac nights
I think how order of time hasn't changed
And like always, now, more or so
I wait for the change to barge in

But nothing changes,
Nothing at all
And quite to my surprise,
I have developed an ability
to quit waiting for surprises

If I start counting the losses
Perhaps numbers will evaporate
And still I would stand
In between the pile of losses
And change would no where be seen

I am tired of this,truly I am
I could no longer go like this
Time ,please understand
I hate the distress that surrounds me
Like the black hole in the galaxy

I want to love life, with all my might
But you don't show me a reason why
Pain and loss are crippling me
And time, just doesn't seem to care

So give me a reason
that I can hold on to
Before I get submerged
in this wayward paths
Negativity was never my forte
I too want to embrace happiness
But quite alarmingly
Fate and Time are busy
in their own stupid game.
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