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Life is what you make it,
Break it in chunks,
Take it as it comes.
Hope and Distress,
Suffering and Joy
all entwined in
one short journey
Never give up
And seldom cast a doubt
And walk till you can
With Faith as the umbrella,
And kindness as your forte
Till the reluctant Sun
Finally decides to shine
Deconstruct the way you think
Even though it seems hard at first
Get out of the comfort zone
And indulge in intricacies
Push forward past the laziness
And for once taste what diligence is like

Move ahead of procrastination
Swear to never show it your face again
Learn new mistakes
And ponder for a while
Learn few more hacks
And keep a note of it
for future turmoil
Get uncomfortable,Get uneasy
Detour and Demystify

Chase success ridiculously
Try always giving it a company
Tame Failures like never before
And ask it to never knock at your door
Stand alone if you know you are right
Even when world laughs at your guts
They say Life is a mysterious game
of innumerable missed mishaps
You only have to figure out
how to escape between the gaps
I toss and turn for the hundredth time
wait for the sleep to kick in
And it evades me like a butterfly
Much like the days in between

Countless days and insomniac nights
I think how order of time hasn't changed
And like always, now, more or so
I wait for the change to barge in

But nothing changes,
Nothing at all
And quite to my surprise,
I have developed an ability
to quit waiting for surprises

If I start counting the losses
Perhaps numbers will evaporate
And still I would stand
In between the pile of losses
And change would no where be seen

I am tired of this,truly I am
I could no longer go like this
Time ,please understand
I hate the distress that surrounds me
Like the black hole in the galaxy

I want to love life, with all my might
But you don't show me a reason why
Pain and loss are crippling me
And time, just doesn't seem to care

So give me a reason
that I can hold on to
Before I get submerged
in this wayward paths
Negativity was never my forte
I too want to embrace happiness
But quite alarmingly
Fate and Time are busy
in their own stupid game.
so much depends on the fun and laughter,
for the unending joy that keeps on rewinding
so much depends on ambition and zeal,
with a tad bit of pain and agony in between
so much depends on destiny and time,
the entwined distance that yearns to be covered
in between I stand
as I unwind those mesmerising threads
that surrounded me for  what seemed like an eon,
it melts my heart,
every thread is like a story of art,                         
I stand and stare,
It engulfs me with happiness so rare
Even with sublime forlornness everywhere,
I know for sure
times gone by are never going to return
Yet what is life without bundle of desires
for it's the magical memories that can keep you alive

— The End —