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Jul 2016
The streets ran red with blood
And hate reared its ugly head.
But we fail to see the pain and sorrow deep within the hearts of the afflicted.
Silence the noise, strip away accusations of guilt or innocence and what we see is the tears shed in the aftermath by the families of those who lost their lives.

The ground weeps uncontrollably as it welcomes home vessels once carrying the souls of those that were taken long before their time.
Let us see the individuals rather than their badge or skin color and let us empathize with one another over the tragedies and atrocities recently taken place.

Hate invites hate and we must change our ways and not spew it forth in unbridled rage
Let us spread unconditional love because our words and actions ripple far beyond our control
furthermore love covers a multitude of sins and we must not forget this

If these words do not carry weight
At the very least let this be known
If we must hate
Hate the sin corrupting lives
But in a turn of events let us love one another even our enemies for what they are,
Creations of God
Equal in every right.
With all that is going on in the world I wanted to writes something that speaks to my own soul when I find myself hating individuals that take innocent lives and I find that the hate begins to control my actions and words. In short this is a message more to myself to remember there are individuals behind these tragedies and to not let hate begin to control my life.
Matthew A Cain
Written by
Matthew A Cain  23/M/St. Louis, Mo
(23/M/St. Louis, Mo)   
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