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May 2017 · 214
M L Soo May 2017
When I partook of strange
Fruit, I held my lips a-
Gasp to cough up new
Found Anger resting, gently, within
The rotting fleshy-drupe.
This Giving Tree bears
Unto me, a bitter crop and yet
A sweetness fills my soul
Swinging Lower and
Lower from the Poplar Trees,
Wisdom shadows me-
In histories quiet breath,
I leave from this garden in a fiery haze
Yet enter the world better still...
Dec 2016 · 343
Heavy as a Feather
M L Soo Dec 2016
They laughed as
I leaped over holes
looking down,
feeling like I'd
never fall in love.
you fell from the sky
... and I'ad neverbeen-
crushed so sweetly.
Nov 2016 · 3.0k
To Be a Patriot
M L Soo Nov 2016
I have things
to say-
but there are
for my silence..
Nov 2016 · 2.3k
The Love that Can Never Be
M L Soo Nov 2016
Is it so wrong, that for tonight only-
you are the single most appropriate vessel to carry my sorrow...
and I yours.  
In this dance,
this sweet dance of momentary love, that last
only a lifetime, I am completely lost in you.
For once, my tears have found a home to flow to.  
Amid your clenched ***** they flow,
silent and content, as yours trickle from their lonely eyes
into my being,
I- will forever- be with you...
and then the sun rises and we remember
who we are.
Nov 2016 · 267
M L Soo Nov 2016
Humorous things-
Well up inside, in search
of a former companion. Only
to search, briefly, in vain
and remember an old friend's-
Nov 2016 · 8.1k
Petals of the Acid Moon
M L Soo Nov 2016
To stand alone on a distant shore
My being stricken with love and grief
The soul, it sings, of lost amore
and beckons back a loving thief

Like petals- surfing, on cold night air
Moonlight- drizzles through the dark,
The moon- it offers a wicked stare
and echoes the acid that fills the heart
Oct 2016 · 613
Stagnant Waters
M L Soo Oct 2016
Swift whiffs catch grasp
as you pass last, lasting
gazes and breaths past
clinging to breast, backs
scratched has
he made you,
feel this good in a while?
Or am I the one- hidden in
the shadow of your past stories present
and on the crest of the futures picture
which her to choose... one of you
one of two blended to be, mended in me
is that place where her perfume lingered dense and stale
tell the tale
no more
Only repress
and make each other happy
one more time.
Oct 2016 · 512
A Thirst to Quench
M L Soo Oct 2016
You melted
in my hands
and then I
drank you up.
Now you've
turned, to
ice and stone
-and I
can't help
but choke.

— The End —