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M L Soo May 2017
When I partook of strange
Fruit, I held my lips a-
Gasp to cough up new
Found Anger resting, gently, within
The rotting fleshy-drupe.
This Giving Tree bears
Unto me, a bitter crop and yet
A sweetness fills my soul
Swinging Lower and
Lower from the Poplar Trees,
Wisdom shadows me-
In histories quiet breath,
I leave from this garden in a fiery haze
Yet enter the world better still...
M L Soo Dec 2016
They laughed as
I leaped over holes
looking down,
feeling like I'd
never fall in love.
you fell from the sky
... and I'ad neverbeen-
crushed so sweetly.
M L Soo Nov 2016
I have things
to say-
but there are
for my silence..
  Nov 2016 M L Soo
upon seeing the lining of the
sky, lies the dwindle
crimson sign...

i asked why such beauty
twinkles in blood.
sometimes in the early dawn, the sky, in my eyes
seems blood orange. sometimes in my perception
lies a deep meaning.
M L Soo Nov 2016
Is it so wrong, that for tonight only-
you are the single most appropriate vessel to carry my sorrow...
and I yours.  
In this dance,
this sweet dance of momentary love, that last
only a lifetime, I am completely lost in you.
For once, my tears have found a home to flow to.  
Amid your clenched ***** they flow,
silent and content, as yours trickle from their lonely eyes
into my being,
I- will forever- be with you...
and then the sun rises and we remember
who we are.
M L Soo Nov 2016
Humorous things-
Well up inside, in search
of a former companion. Only
to search, briefly, in vain
and remember an old friend's-
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