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Lynn Legend May 2015
I use to get so high like it
Was keeping me alive

Holding my self hostage in
My room i didn't  wanna
Go outside

Use to ask God why you keeping me alive

Holding In the pain I no Longer wanted to Survive

He showed me I had a purpose
God took me in his arms
And said all the pain
Is gonna be all worth it
Never give up because your worth it
-Lynn Legend
Lynn Legend Apr 2015
My sisters got to open up their eyes
Be wise and Realize who you laying with

Just don't give out the prize
If he ain't winning it

Blame the men but you
Knew he wasn't ****
When you layed with him

So now you got a baby by him

You was with him
To get a prize
Trying to live
How others fantasize

Second to everyone
You only make em' ***
You thought you was the lucky 1
Don't get caught up in
One night of fun

I mean what do
You expect you show ya self
No respect

Twerking for the gram
That **** don't get you a check

Let me put you In check
You worth more than any
Gold around a ***** neck

I'm telling you this cause I care
I see behind the remy  hair
Take off that contour
You was pretty before

Don't sell your self short
Your worth so much more

-Lynn Legend
Love yourself ladies
Lynn Legend Apr 2015
Parents, please tell your Children
How special they are
They ain't  gotta be on tv
To know They're a star

-Lynn Legend
Lynn Legend Apr 2015
I'm fighting my demons
Trying not to let them
Get the best of me
But it ain't easy
When my demons is what
Comforts me

I be good on the outside
Falling apart from within
Life got so hard I thought
I was strong but I gave in

I no I'm living in sin
But everybody lives
In the fog every now n then

I no I can win I'm stuck
On addiction

Got me wishing
I can get through
This and no longer play

I'm not weak I just gotta listen
But I'm stuck in the addiction

-Lynn Browning ©

— The End —