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  Jun 2017 luq
elowen morey
if this is what emotions are
hot water pounding down on my skin
the taste of stale alcohol trying to create some essence
of numbness
the words of music so loud in an attempt to drown out
the ache that my heart brings with each beat
I don’t want it
I don’t want any part of it
luq Jun 2017
It surpasses the sane mind
to think of actions after death
How stories start and how it ends
Thoughts through tangents of memory
indulges the imagination of the lucid
Our eyes see truths seldom fake to mind
but truths of ours we trust inside
We feel emotions but never of others
because we are true only to self
and not once for foreign type
We lie as well we hide our insecurities
Try to prance around a world of sensibility
But when the raven rests on one's head
it's time for time to end
Until the world restarts
and there'll be nothing to tend.
why do we live when we'll just die in the end?
luq Jun 2017
i am of white skin
i am not akin to the norm
an otherworldly experience
i sit by the door;
trembling of omnipotence
and i fall guilty
of the differ
yet i judge them
with a scissor
luq Jun 2017
i can see that the sun arose
after the creaking of earth,
light enters my room
after a diligent pose;
and i still wonder if
there is a saviour
for it will only appose
the offended and prideful

avarice we perceive; dissipates  
as light touches earth
as virtue replaces sin
the midnight heroes run to help
the wallowing poverty down beneath
while apathy slowly falls into
a slight daze
the break of dawn fills me with haze
after subuh
luq May 2017
i don't know what to do,
i have just ended my life,
hope was never here, at home,
i never thought this would've scarred me;
this hard,
ouch that hurt,
you hurt me forever and there is no remedy
to the tragedy you've created,
just leave me alone, let me die,
******* die, with no one to help,
i don't know anymore,
i want to name you, but i can't,
thank you for this plague, nothing worse;
than this.
it's a waste of time apologising. just, let me die.
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