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Lucy Feb 2017
Scar tissue
It's ugly stuff
Though some people say
It's beautiful
In its own way
Like hardened lava
After the eruption
Of pain you once knew
Tugging on your soul
And heart
Making it hard to beat
Leaving you breathless
It's like a ghost
That haunts your every move
A reminder of the past
And of your strength
That you got this far
You made it through
Scar tissue
It's tough stuff
But so are you
HRTsOnFyR Jun 2015
I watch the blade pierce my skin, yet I feel nothing

Pearls of blood gather in the seams of the wound

An errant thumb smears across the coppery beads of life

Staining the subtle, spidered paths of my palms

I lack the courage to push deeper

I try not to curse the steel as I feel my hand shaking

A crooked "T" forms out of the scar tissue

An odd accompaniment to the fading india ink smiley face I so proudly engraved at 12

The angry pink flesh of my grief cries out for recognition

With a pasty blue grin, the naivety of my youth only mocks this unspeakable pain

Tears fall quietly down my face as I prepare for another wave of pretending...

Another wave of forgetting
   Of regretting...
      Of blood letting.
I will always love you Tyson

— The End —