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oni Jan 2018
fingers seeking
gutting desperately
only finding
the ghost of someone elses hands
the memory of love
pain swells forward
turned off
oni Nov 2017
a network of scars
mapping out a painful past
like remembering a hometown

a place i wanted to leave
a place i never wanted to be
a reminder that ive finally left
oni Nov 2017
i watch you
fall at the feet
of those
who will never
know your name

im here
im real
i love you
and you
are distracted
oni Nov 2017
i place
a blank mask
over my face
and hand you
a pen

am i pretty now?
oni Nov 2017
when walking into
a house that is not yours
be cautious of
broken picture frames

you may cut yourself
on broken pieces
of someone elses past
oni Nov 2017
thinking i had
wrapped myself
around your heart,

i childishly
failed to realize
it was your ankle
oni Nov 2017
a cloak wrapped tightly
around the two of us

but where
is the dagger?

whose blade
are we hiding from?
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