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4.9k · Sep 2015
wrong time
Liam Sep 2015
there are times you say the right things in a wrong time.
sudden quote, my life.
3.7k · Oct 2015
fade away dream
Liam Oct 2015

a life I never owned,
a sacrifice I never tried,
a fade away dream
I never step
Lost in trail
craziness in a mess
blown away on unexpected things
I let go of the dream
I just couldn't

collab with Pax
1.8k · Jan 2016
late bloomer
Liam Jan 2016
I was a day too short
and displace too far.
quote, 10words

dual meaning.
1.1k · Oct 2015
if you'll love me,
Liam Oct 2015
love me now before
I'll lose my way
and never
see you

a quote.
920 · Oct 2015
Liam Oct 2015

drag me down
pull me further
and further
down the
I'll gladly swept it
for you

843 · Nov 2016
Liam Nov 2016
i tied myself to the mundane world
now im alone with nothing much
to care about.
piece of advice from me: go out and explore, never be afraid to risk....
702 · Sep 2015
never got to love
Liam Sep 2015
After all this years, I am just someone you never got to love.
a sudden quote
663 · Nov 2016
Liam Nov 2016
isolation is nowhere
near your salvation.
just saying...

— The End —