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Kimberly S Oct 2015
bad influence, yes, I know
in a dark, eerie, isolated parking lot is not where I am supposed to be at
staring at a cars ceiling, hallucinating is not how I imagined spending my night
bad influence, yes, I know
but my adrenaline is pumping and I can't help but yearn for one last taste
the heat is rising and I can't help but at your body in awe, stare
bad influence, yes, I ******* know
but I can't hold back this desire for more
because for once in this redundant & bland lifetime I feel like I'm living and not *just breathing
  Oct 2015 Kimberly S
sometimes i wish
you'd see beyond
the color of my eyes
and the cloth wrapped around my head

i wish you would
think of me as an individual
put away my appearance
and regard me as a person

my thoughts matter
my ideas aren't all bad
i have opinions
and i choose to speak my mind
if only you would
listen to my words
and try to comprehend what i'm saying
rather than focusing on my accent
and the way my lips curve when i speak

the cloth on my head
does not rid me of ideas
it does not limit my mental capabilities
it does not lower my tolerance
have a debate with me
spark a conversation

instead of complimenting my smile
compliment my mind
instead of assuming that my beliefs are enforced upon me
ask me what i believe
ask me what i value

tell me what you base your morals on
question me
give me counterarguments
talk to me

instead of staring at me
and making biased assumptions
already concluding who i am
and where i come from
before you've even
said hello!

i am not just the color of my skin
i am not just the size of my thighs
i am not just the design of my clothes
i am not just the price of my purse
i am not just the pattern of my headscarf
i am not just the length of my nails
i am not just a body

i am a mind
i am a heart
i am a soul

i am my theories
i am my thoughts
i am my perceptions
i am my opinions
i am my viewpoints
i am my objectives
i am my purpose
i am my outlooks
i am my intentions
i am my reasons
i am my perspectives
i am my choices
i am my principles
i am my ideologies

i am a thinking, feeling, living, stimulated, motivated, inspired being

i've got a world inside of me
take a look see
before you choose to pass judgment on me.
growing up as a female in a male dominated society, arguably a male dominated world, it's not always easy to be taken seriously. your ideas disregarded, and passion dismissed as "overly emotional".
i crave stimulating conversations, & feel as if my physique comes before my psyche. and to me, that is painful. so as always, i chose to write about the hurt.
  Oct 2015 Kimberly S
On this morning,
where the road's
reflecting gold

I think of all the
promises I've
made myself,
the sun, a draping
curtain over daybreak

and I wrap a scarf
around my neck
and hold my bony
against my heart

It's October and
I've learned to love
myself again.
Kimberly S Oct 2015
1 AM
Flashing lights
They're here
Unambiguously punctual
They hum solemn melodies &
Whisper deceitful yet stimulating
Thoughts engraved forevermore in
This unpretentious mind of mine
Kimberly S Oct 2015
Promises broken
Lips not kissed
Fears not conquered
Tear stained cheeks
Bruised hearts
Love wasn't meant for us

— The End —