For every story of addiction
has trauma at the root

Thats the usual case anyway.
I'm sorry everyone for not updating as much as I want.
I'm still feeling really unwell...
Hugs everyone
Lyn ***

~ ⚈♡⚈ ~

You don't need sight to see my soul,
my love
****** and trace your fingers on my
skin and feel

Underneath the anticipation
of our very first night, my
dress becomes a silken
stream around my feet

I want you to touch me...
Truly touch me...

Trace over my temple and feel
the hearth of my heart; the
flames burn hot and true
for you

****** the pillars and feel
the cracks; like you, the
edges of my soul
are marred

Close your eyes and feel the
sun's kisses and the shadowed
whispers; my most precious
of dreams and darkest of fears

Fingers thread together,
through my hair,
foreheads kiss
lips reddens
tongues strokes
skin enkindles
goosebumps rise

See and smell my
roses,and taste the
salt of my rain

See my heart,
how crudely it's stitched
and salve my pain with
your love and truth

My body is your breath...
I am your braille
and yours alone...

During this night,
the first of many,
let us join together
and give birth to
purest love...

~ ⚈♡⚈ ~

Mind's still blocked, but it's not as bad as yesterday's.
I'm working on the next part of the Masked Bard series.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments towards me in my poem 'Would'. It means alot to me, truly. I'm sorry that if I sound like a broken record, but I am truly grateful. As of next week, I will be able to go through
everyone's comments. This week alot of things have happened in and out of my course and honestly, it's made me feel so drained.
I'll make a collection for the Masked Bard so you can catch up!
Thank you all again, you mean so much to me!
Lyn ***
your eyes
are the ocean

salty tears
are its waves

bitter storms
are your temper

and lonely shipwrecks
are your rage.

my eyes
are a forest

feathered lashes
are its oaks

shady glades
are my sadness

and weary deer
are my hopes.
Fever too high

...into the blue sky
and watch the tracer upward
and turn toward earth
Split apart
in the widening billows of a scream
One that took the whole world down with it

“You-- who have mounted to the sky
will be cast down
with great violence
You, the golden cup”
set down

I am burning up at 103
Toss in the arid sheets
Chafed flushed cheeks and lips
against this living pillow
Can't get a GPS on where I am
or a decent read on what's the time
But most of all – what just happened?

I toss and wake to slivered light
coming from another room
Hear the whispers
See their vacant faces
Must have walked into the den
Feel their shivers hush
my questions

Between the aisles of candlelight
and murmured prayers
I'm walking
Still in my right mind

“It's on the screen”
for all to see
without electricity

I have a fever of 103
--and the main question

Why everyone's transfixed

but me


Lillian Gish
was such a dish.
A gold fish
had one wish.
This is to
be in her arms.
A gold fish
a swan's wings.
This would
make a fish feel
less like a frog.
The lily pads
slapping together
like cymbals.
Only in a pond
can you bond
with such a dream.
So this is how a gold
fish spends the last
minutes of his life.
He is stuck in
a conch shell.
Dreams fighting
a warning bell.
I wish I was the light that shines through the trees
I wish I was the cool winter breeze
I wish I was the strength of the thundering seas
I wish I could see me
I wish I  was the butterfly
flying free
I wish I was as strong as the big oak Tree
I wish I was my mum
But I'm not
I'm ****** me

Rip my chains off
set me free
Let me be the big strong tree
Or be this tiny seed
So weak

Let me be the light through the dark trees
The latern to help me see
To help other see
How to be free.

Free of thoughts
Chained up in my head I can not be free of **** thoughts I just want too sleep free xxxxx stop thinking x 2018.  Switch off. ***
Gemini has too split personality
Here about to tell you
Racheal is a person

Emilia is a person
Who scared, insecure
And listen to other people

Racheal is far gone
She just lost hopes
About herself and life

Emilia is running the show now
She's want to proof a point
She's more sensitive
And hard headed
Love is a force of nature
Love is bigger than you are
You invite love, but you cannot dictate how.
Love does not come with conditions
Love is inherently free
Love is not a substance
Love has no territory
Love cannot be turned on as a reward
Love speaks out for justice and protests when harm is being done
Love points out the consequences of hurting oneself or others
Love does not say, directly or indirectly
Love honors the sovereignty of each soul.
If l die today
Will the world cry
For a moment forget the laughter

Will your heart beat the same
Or erase my name
Will you snore and sleep the same
Or a moment let me haunt your mind
Or the day l die is the day is the day im forgotten

Will you say the unspoken words
Or let me go with all the answers

If die today just know
I tried to dissolve their criticism
I had wonderful journey
Filled with ups and downs

If l die today l die with a smile
Inspired by a poem l read on this site
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