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 Nov 2018 Keith Edward Baucum
When you put any person on a pedestal...
You often miss whats right in front of you!

in other words, you can't see as clearly.
 Oct 2018 Keith Edward Baucum
Run the bow across the strings,
and play a tune.

Play my soundtrack.

Play it soft yet sharp
and wrenching.

Play it in the background.
Let the notes run in conflict,
depict agitation and foster
an increasing sense of foreboding.

Because I lay still this night
in perfect disharmony.
He says he hates the color blue, and turns to look at me.
"Except for your eyes. I like that color."
 Oct 2018 Keith Edward Baucum
I made a painting.
One of the future.

My brush was sure
my strokes, deliberate.

I had chosen colours loud
I had chosen them fearlessly.

Think I’ve completed my painting.
And I hate it.

For every story of addiction
has trauma at the root

Thats the usual case anyway.
I'm sorry everyone for not updating as much as I want.
I'm still feeling really unwell...
Hugs everyone
Lyn ***

~ ⚈♡⚈ ~

You don't need sight to see my soul,
my love
****** and trace your fingers on my
skin and feel

Underneath the anticipation
of our very first night, my
dress becomes a silken
stream around my feet

I want you to touch me...
Truly touch me...

Trace over my temple and feel
the hearth of my heart; the
flames burn hot and true
for you

****** the pillars and feel
the cracks; like you, the
edges of my soul
are marred

Close your eyes and feel the
sun's kisses and the shadowed
whispers; my most precious
of dreams and darkest of fears

Fingers thread together,
through my hair,
foreheads kiss
lips reddens
tongues strokes
skin enkindles
goosebumps rise

See and smell my
roses,and taste the
salt of my rain

See my heart,
how crudely it's stitched
and salve my pain with
your love and truth

My body is your breath...
I am your braille
and yours alone...

During this night,
the first of many,
let us join together
and give birth to
purest love...

~ ⚈♡⚈ ~

Mind's still blocked, but it's not as bad as yesterday's.
I'm working on the next part of the Masked Bard series.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments towards me in my poem 'Would'. It means alot to me, truly. I'm sorry that if I sound like a broken record, but I am truly grateful. As of next week, I will be able to go through
everyone's comments. This week alot of things have happened in and out of my course and honestly, it's made me feel so drained.
I'll make a collection for the Masked Bard so you can catch up!
Thank you all again, you mean so much to me!
Lyn ***
your eyes
are the ocean

salty tears
are its waves

bitter storms
are your temper

and lonely shipwrecks
are your rage.

my eyes
are a forest

feathered lashes
are its oaks

shady glades
are my sadness

and weary deer
are my hopes.
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