we've been shown the most recent
it says we should where possible exercise
anything that isn't of
will be going against the message in the

a citation of moderation
give everyone of us an explanation
it is so informing in its stipulation
and an adherence to its notification
shall save on any complication

who of us needs a complication
that is a thing of much exasperation
he wasn't a happy chappy
at having to share the one
with two acts which were
more accomplished of

how brilliantly they did
spill the writing
each line of the finest
ever quality

of rage he felt on seeing
their pieces of
a palpable anger built
inside his irritated

the cronies launched
an ousting
at the talentless ones

he won but the victory
was an absolute
nowadays there's only
his dullness filling the
the site is a domain
of inaction
not giving a paedophile
a lifetime ban
instead it's using
the soft option
of account suspension

the law says
that online child
are criminal acts

and to think the poet forum
has allowed
so he can procure
young ones
for his
carnal sin

it could be said
that the site

other sites wouldn't
be a-party
to such
Russian dance,
Russian dancer.

perfect movement,
timing jointly along with your group.

charming steps,
do not fall.

long red dresses,
nylon tights under.

impress the elders with your complicated,
yet beautiful dance.

dance like a beautiful Russian doll.
i'm not sure why i wrote this, but i was inspired for some reason)
my mind is like a treadmill,
and my obsessive thoughts are running.

my suicidal tendencies are sprinting
and faster,
and faster.

i cannot let them get off the treadmill,
though it would be easier.

i must wear them out,

until they are gone.
What if I told you
When you speak to me
I fly
Over rooftops
Of people who hate me and call me dumb
What if I told you
When you look at me
You make me golden
More golden than my hair
More golden than the sun hanging low on the eastern horizon
What if I told you I loved you
More than anything this life  could give me
Even more than life itself
What would you do
Would you say you love me too
Or would you through away my love
Like a bouquet of wilted flowers
Onto the pavement
Broken and forgotten
What would you do
Is it ok
To not feel right
In your own body?
Today I decided to change the way I look and feel about myself
i love me but sometimes not enough
When you offered me your jacket
Because it was cold
My heart melted
And turned into
Liquid love
Do you love me
I really did care man,
You know,
I have to blow it,
Time and again,
I get hit all at once man.
And itx Frustrating.........
Therex too many stonex that were thrown,
And they all need to be r3turned,
If they haven't already man,
I wish I had a helping hand.
One that wasn't there
To steal and condemn,
A real hand.
Just once man ...........
frosted mornings
skies filled with grey
sugarplums dancing
silvered bells on display

stars dripping like icicles
from heaven above
the season of happiness
and brotherly love

winter rain falling
in whispers of white
snowy windows dressed
in soft candlelight

hand decorated trees
in ribbons of gold
Christmas stories
recited by the old

wrapping paper
in paisley red
a sip of eggnog
right before bed

wintergreen branches
with candy canes placed
homemade Christmas cards
expertly laced

gingerbread houses
and stockings too
mistletoe magic
and tidings anew

crackling wood
as the winter wind blows
a blazing fire
the warming of toes

families singing
familiar refrains
crying baby dolls
and shiny toy trains

silver garland
with tiny hearts
Grandmas tea
and Bakewell tarts

childrens laughter
some hot buttered rum
festive horns
and a beating drum

sweet cherub faces
in the finest of clothes
betwixt little gift boxes
with big satin bows

the spark of Christmas
is in the air
so I beg the Lord
to hear my prayer

give me sound mind
so I shall always remember
for faint and few
is the holidays ember
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