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1.1k · Sep 2021
You are at times the sun
Shining white yet burning like fire
And at other, your are the moon
Glittering like gold and smiling cool...
It's been a miracle for me
To watch you every day
Though miles and miles away
Creating the magic of day
And night in my life !!
944 · Sep 2021
Bruises deep inside
And scars in prominence
Of inexpressible pain
With words struck within throat
Needs a rhyme of care
And a smile of words
to heal me ....from within!!
878 · Jun 2021
Your clouded mind
Showered on me
Rains of pain !!

Now I see  clearly
Where I stand.. !!
727 · Jun 2021
No coloured words
No covered feelings
No surreal perfections
Yet...with all imperfections
It's so real.....
And that's me
And my heart  !!
598 · Jul 2020
Like a full moon..
Just like the moon
I shine like a full moon
Once a month...
That's the day ..
When You are with me ...dear!!
Wish you were with me
Everyday ...
To be a full moon every day!!
587 · Apr 2021
My fights with you
Is my fight for you
For your love for me
For the love I have for you
For it's only you
For me to love and fight
And both of these , with you
Just makes me go crazy !!
504 · Jun 2021
Inspiration to self...
Keep your mind straight and firm
For success of your goal
With fitness not neglected
Move in confidence , sure to win !!

Glory and fame might envy your rivals
Sternly you don't compete with them
Compete and compare with you
Each day...and every other day
For a better you !!

Throw away the scar of troubles you faced
As each day is a new day if eyes are opened
Walk away from negativity that holds you back
By pooling your energy like sun !!

Stand on your legs firm
That you don't fall down so easily
Come what may like roaring waves !!
456 · Jun 2020
Happy birthday sathish
Happy birthday to YOU, MY DEAR
Let this day be a new beginning
Let this day see YOU start afresh

Walk towards achievement and success
With good health and fitness
Devoid of any mental stress. !!

Walk with family and friends YOU belong to
With those who deserve YOUR love
Walk with those who see YOU as their world
Walk cheerfully.....making YOUR life extensively beautiful !!

walk towards fame and glory
With realisation of your dreams and goals
Creating envy to the ones who led you down..

let this day mark your firm walk away from.....
All the troubles YOU faced
All stigma attached with it in YOUR mind
All the negativity holding YOU back...

Walk towards YOUR goal...
With confidence, head held high
And walk firm on YOUR foot!!

Good luck and best wishes to YOU...Sathish!!
May GOD shower on YOU his infinite blessing
Of immense health, wealth, prosperity,
And protect YOU with a protective hand over YOU forever...
Each day and every other day!!
448 · Aug 2020
Happy birthday to me
Today is my day
Wishing myself this day
A very happy day
For today is my birthday  !!
Aug 12
412 · Jun 2021
Just like that ..
Heart sings
Your praise...
hand writes
those phrase !!
406 · Jul 2020
What's in my name..
KAVITHA ....that's my name
And I do love my name..
For it has given me fame.
And I thank my parents for the same !

As I do write what my name is..
And in short, I'm what my name is
KAVITHA....a poetry
KAVI....a poet....!!
In my mother tongue Malayalam kavitha means poetry and kavi means poet... I'm rarely called with my name in all my dear ones call me in short name every time I'm called, I feel I'm called what I'm..
380 · Jul 2021
With a shattering smile
You left me in exile
And for you it's been an art
Knowing well it breaks my heart
As into tens of thousand pieces  
Until my breath ceases !!
Broken pieces of my heart
That lay scattered as a piece of art
Healed by itself  in your thoughts
In a venge to rise against odds in lots
From the floors of time to face
Everything of anything with grace!!

Your choice to leave me forever
Is no more for me a  nightmare
As my lone broken heart
Is gutsy enough to face our ways apart
With boldness of  ten thousand hearts
Accepting .. love can never be bought !!
377 · Jul 2020
A smile ....a day !!
A smile of your's
Makes some one's day. ..
So why not smile
To make it their day ..
And a day good to you too
With the smile..

Smiles are ...
Invaluable visible treasures
That we hold to offer..
At cost free. ..
357 · Jul 2020
Your reactions
I gave you my mind
Left as never mind.
I lived my life for you
Found no value
I took you as my world
Never observed it
I had You  in my dreams
Dismissed as crazy
I mended my ways for you
Discovered unwanted
I tried to read your heart
But then  realized its absence there..
I searched for your heart everywhere
But found it somewhere
With someone else .....
I loved you so much
But you gave me pain that much
Still love you
Bearing all the pain without you ..
For my love is unconditional......
340 · Jul 2020
Beneath my ..

Fancy dresses
Designer jewellery
Coloured smiles
Beauty make ups and
Gorgeous Make overs....


A Burning heart
And a paining mind !!
325 · Feb 2021
Invisible you...
Like light in the dark nights
As  guiding whispers in my worries
Building strength in me
To walk alone on my lonely paths
Visible only  to my aching mind
And at times to blurred thoughts
Crystal like on all days and nights
You are my everything ....
Like Sun , Moon , stars and their master!!
294 · Aug 2020
Crying heart ..
Fuming mind
Steaming eyes
Absorbing mask...
Seen by none....
The crying heart!!
281 · May 2021
Smile in wallet
Smiles and laughter that you gave me
Has filled my wallet in full
Still, weighing feathery
Pocketed in the armoires of soul
Ready for every move !!

In my lone walks under all weathers
Hidden deep under the tides of heart
Protected from sun and moon lit world
Bundled in possessiveness I shield my wallet !!

Smiles I preserve has erased my pain
Giving me zeal to live , self assured !!
But you, who gifted me this treasure
Do you even remember me ??
275 · May 2021
my hands
to walk
Along the roads
Of time .....
At the ages we cross
our destination
of eternal peace!!
274 · Aug 2020
Out on beach together..
We sat intact ,alone on the corners of benched sand dunes
Far away from tantrums of the beach and dwellers
Chatted long of the past present and future..
With no voice overheard, any eyes unnoticed
Perched together with hand in hand
Heart on heart facing head to head
Viewed ocean's happy and furious tides
Thrilled people with rhythms of waves
But silently in a world our own
Cherished our intimacy....
Embraced our lively lovely togetherness
Me and my loneliness !!
271 · Jul 2020
I am you
No one
Some one
Some one special
Only priority
Someone special
Some one
No one
252 · Sep 2021
Fly with colours
Drops of worries falling on me
sink me sick quite often
As the burden weigh unbearable !!
Pooling courage to wage a war
Make up to stand over agitation
firm confidence held high in self
threw away the fears....
letting to vanish from sight..!!
take a chance and try....
Until with colours you fly!!
249 · Jul 2020
To be a full moon
If only darkness is felt
In and around you....
Hard work and patience
have a say... and pay..
To make you glow like a full moon
From being a no moon !!
242 · Dec 2021
Unknown reach
Chillness pierces  my skin
Through every cell it touches
Yet I move along the path
Pulled by the dreams to move...
As lights shimmer to music
Of playful autumn breeze
And darkness of  night ,
darker again....
Yet...I move along....
To unknown reach.....
A destination so uncertain
Still I need to reach!!
236 · Aug 2020
Disappointments... Nothing new to me
As befriended me since age small
Along with me still though grown tall
Packed so tight as priceless trove
As taught lessons so complete each time
To face all odds and walk ahead...
To disappoint all disappointments !!
235 · Jun 2021
"You are mine I swear"
Words so fine to hear
But rarely heard
From the one who's my world !!

In my heart it's oft repeated words
Iouder and louder like chirps of bird
Yet... often goes unheard
And unheeded .....!!
235 · Aug 2020
Far away across the seas ...
Oceans and mountains...
Crossing all walls and barriers .
Where the dates dance in bunch
To the tunes of the Arabian breeze
Goes my heart...
To meet the beat of my heart...
And celebrate togetherness !!
233 · Jul 2020
My dad. .
Thank you,  my dad..
For presenting me this beautiful world
And allowing me to inherit and have 
Your qualities and principles, always heard.....
" Stand with truth and stand for truth without any fear"..
Which I dearly and sincerely follow
With a firm promise never to unfollow..!!

You have  given me the identity
And owe it to you for what I'm today
and the person I'm every day..!!
With pride and as protection
I carry your name as a part of mine
Till my Doom's day !!
232 · Sep 2020
Sky sheds its tears
So too my eyes….
Both destined
To fall on the earth !!
232 · Jun 2021
My words
Are reflections
of your love
231 · Aug 2020
Speak and write
When I speak
You hear my mind's voice
When I write
You see my mind's voice
Both reflect what's in my mind
No diverse in and out !!..
230 · Jun 2021
Nurture the nature
Small is always beautiful
Things or deeds...
little care for flora  around
Of dullness strife environment
Fosters their eagerness
To grow in abundance
Making our Earth
A glorious green planet !!
226 · Jul 2020
Un born baby's voice
"pappa" i call you are to me
Though you are unaware of me
As I"m are inexistent in the universe
Longing  to be born as your unique verse ..

"Pappa", the only name I know
For my mumma carries only you
Along with me in her thoughts and dreams!!
I know you are our only world
And final word
with nothing beyond...

Thanks for the little care
You shower upon my mumma
With which she nourishes me.
Though she and me deserve more...
Yet are gratified, contented
Are we!!

Me and mumma love you pappa
And we care for your being good
Love to be born so soon
To grow up with your love and care...
Love you pappa..
216 · Dec 2021
Lingering taste
Lingering taste
Of treasured memories
Awakens soul
from tending deep  falls
keeping me on track
with all other thoughts
set aside…..
212 · Jul 2020
Burning in the heat
in the heat
of your heart ..

210 · Jul 2020
To rest ...
Snow capped hills
Standing tall and Serene
Many a bends and curves to reach
Owns me six yards piece
For me to rest in peace !!
208 · Jul 2020
Fearing Corona raid
Only Asset
Charming smile
Value undisclosed
Shielded under N-95
Fearing raid of Covid-19
207 · Jul 2020
Love of Lily
I have a pond, a tiny one
With crystal like water so little
Each day Lily blooms
And it's a beauty to see it blossom
so elegant...

As sun rises, Lily nudges out
Face to sun standing tall..
And goes stumped down
When Sun gets to set...

With disappearance of sun
My Lily drowns into water
Feeling sad , for seems gone
The one for whom she lives
Each day...and every other day..

Having adored  and wondered
Her love for sun...
My restlessness inquired her...
She just smiled and blushed..!!
With a meaning hidden ...
That I could read....
Every one's love has a reason behind..
inexpressible words !!
Lily in my pond...I have always felt
198 · Jul 2020
I love myself
You call me selfish ?
No bother...
It's self love...
If I don't love me...
Who else will??
Will you???
194 · Jul 2020
Even shadow....not mine !!
Nothing in the world is mine
Not even my own shadow
For I try to hold my shadow
It either moves away...
Or disappears .....!!

Why then...
Talk about the one I love
Pretty well...knowing...
He will never be mine..!!
It's again ...
Nothing in the world is mine ..!!
193 · Jun 2021
Father's day ....
Thousand words
Can be written
On Mother's day ...
For the thousand words
You hear everyday...
Of Mother's love..

No words for Father's day..
For, Father is not a word
But an emotion of boundless
care and love.....
That's neither spoken nor heard
But .....only sensed and felt
So much , Inexpressible by words!!

And dads are always mad
In loving their kids
With madness hidden
Deep in their hearts !!
193 · Sep 2020
Fake smiles
Coloured smiles
Mind blowing at look
With all undeniably realistic
Attracting hearts to fall in it
Innocent hearts so sensitive
Yearning for compassion
Just skid in !!
The truth of colours realized
Once you are juiced
And straws thrown!!
190 · Sep 2020
World of words
I write only on you
For my world of words
Revolves around you..
Creating shades of dark and light
Poems on you!!
189 · Oct 2021
My eyes yearn to see you
And I yearn to see my eyes
With you within it...
183 · Aug 2020
tidal emotions
Thoughtful sway of emotions
Oscillates in  mind
Forging vibrations  of you
So distinct and divergent
Recurrent so cheerful
Sadness at rarity
For the  tidal waves  in me
You are the shore to touch upon
To hug on
So  fiercely  !!
177 · Jul 2021
I chased and Chased my dream
Until it came true..
For someone...!!
And You still remain my dream
175 · Jul 2020
Where you are
I'm there !!

Where you are
I will never be there !!
168 · Sep 2020
Ways of love
In the twisted interprets I make
In the tiny fights I create
In the romantic look I give
In the emotional words I speak
In the angry faces I pretend...
There's only my love for you
That flows from the deepest of my heart....
In different forms!!
163 · Jul 2020
I want freedom
I want freedom
Freedom to fly
Freely like a bird
On the wings of my dreams
To the destinations I most like
With no questions asked
No answers to be told
To how when where and why..

I want freedom...
Freedom to be my self...
162 · Jul 2020
Drenched trees ....
Heavy pour of rain just stop
With water at every step
The trees stand bathed
Waiting some to dry it, soothed

I look out of my window to view
The beauty of nature as a preview
He pulls me by my hand
Under a small tree makes me stand

I stand with my hand around me
To beat the chillness piercing me
Wonder stuck I look at him
Responds with a naughty mime

With all force he waved the branches of trees .
Getting me bathed in the waters falling off the trees. ..
I gave him an aghast look
But he and trees bore a cheerful look  

What more to ask for ...???
Than enjoy smile the tree and my dear wore...

but with a question ..
Does he love me or the tree more??
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