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Jul 4 · 161
Hide n seek
Drizzling rain
Aims for umpteen smooches
On her fairy face..
And she too plays
hide and seek
With the naughty rain...,,!!
May 17 · 49
Holes and hopes
Fierce attitude
To be an achiever
So as to hold  the
trophy in hand
High upto sky...
And so  toasted
the efforts...
But then realised
hopes had holes
As I stood still
At where it started !!!
Shimmering sharp sword
Slit my throat deep
Aiding bleed profusely…
While your words dazzled  bright
Viciously laughing at the fallen me…
May 1 · 121
Lonely tree
Like a lonely tree  
I feel I stand ....
At times tossing  head
to either sides...
Just to know if it's you
Who's passing by my side ....!!
Apr 3 · 75
Just like that
Moon in the morns
stars with their stares
Keep themselves mum
With the rise of  day's sun !!
Mar 27 · 144
Walking by Woods ..
Walking by the woods
Had view of tiny flowering buds
That bloomed on the sideways
As a  beauty in sight by all ways.!!
Walking with a smile
In an inimitable own style
With a talk to others for a while
Gets to step on an extra mile !!
Little moments of enjoyment
Gives a sense of fulfillment..
As there's no retirement..
For these tiny amusements !!

-Kavitha Prabhakaran
#woods #walking
Mar 25 · 96
Glorious past..
Petals of  dried flower  
Lay fallen dry and dull ...
Happy fragrance sent around
On glorious colourful days
Fades from memory..
As  songs loses its words
And words loses its music...
And trying to hear the unsung song
I feel fallen....
With no glorious past
Or colourful future!!
Feb 26 · 39
Nostrils clash gifting breathlessness...
Twists and turns lends sleeplessness....
Though on cosy comforts for a
peaceful slumber ....!!
And then ..
Interference of inhalers and steams
Aid in clearing war within nasal base
And  a feeling of relief  surrounds..
Though it's a bit away from feeling afresh !!
Jan 6 · 65
Distance between you and me
Distanced words from me
Though rainbows shine
Bright in the heart
With every colour of it
reminding you...
In the broad void mind !!
Dec 2021 · 216
Lingering taste
Lingering taste
Of treasured memories
Awakens soul
from tending deep  falls
keeping me on track
with all other thoughts
set aside…..
Dec 2021 · 49
Scent of you
Whole of me is devoted to you
much like a doll
dancing to your moves...
Cheerfully smiling through
Though bleeding deep within....
In the wait for a scent of you
least from far....
For me to stay alive !!
Dec 2021 · 242
Unknown reach
Chillness pierces  my skin
Through every cell it touches
Yet I move along the path
Pulled by the dreams to move...
As lights shimmer to music
Of playful autumn breeze
And darkness of  night ,
darker again....
Yet...I move along....
To unknown reach.....
A destination so uncertain
Still I need to reach!!
Nov 2021 · 47
Hold to swing
Standing on  top of the world
Shouting from bottom of the heart
Holding you tight to the core
Beyond which impossible for more
To  show world that’s deaf and blind
Of how much I adore  you…..
Be aware,  on your hold
Swings my life, either
to shine like a lively star atop
Or fall like a burnt charcoal dead
deep down !!
Oct 2021 · 189
My eyes yearn to see you
And I yearn to see my eyes
With you within it...
Oct 2021 · 126
Silly fly
A fly so...
Silly on it's own
With no dreams
And nil  hopes
Flew around
Until caught in
web spun around
By your smile....!!
Oct 2021 · 59
Between  prayers and tears
Is heard the whispers
uttered in tune so low ..
by melancholic mind...
Understood by none
than the resident there.....
Sep 2021 · 252
Fly with colours
Drops of worries falling on me
sink me sick quite often
As the burden weigh unbearable !!
Pooling courage to wage a war
Make up to stand over agitation
firm confidence held high in self
threw away the fears....
letting to vanish from sight..!!
take a chance and try....
Until with colours you fly!!
Sep 2021 · 49
Silence ...silenced
Umpteen reasons behind the silence
Yet gets silenced time and again..
crossing fountains of fudges
borne enough in abundance...
As mind fancies your image..
With accompanying twists of dance
to tunes of beats the breeze delivers
from the  far end of world...
Proving again.....egolessness
in the care for the soul it adores !!

-kavitha prabhakaran
Sep 2021 · 49
Shielded me  from the scorching heat
Giving warmth in the smoky winter
Held me  steady in the turbulent storms
By the ways you held me tight ..
At the home I have found ...
In the middle of your heart . ....!!
Sep 2021 · 1.1k
You are at times the sun
Shining white yet burning like fire
And at other, your are the moon
Glittering like gold and smiling cool...
It's been a miracle for me
To watch you every day
Though miles and miles away
Creating the magic of day
And night in my life !!
Sep 2021 · 944
Bruises deep inside
And scars in prominence
Of inexpressible pain
With words struck within throat
Needs a rhyme of care
And a smile of words
to heal me ....from within!!
Sep 2021 · 52
Sun and you
In the dazzling darkness of  serene night
tiny stars shut their twinkling eyes
Moon  clad in gorgeous golden glow
Pose in an alluring smile
In the warm thoughts of togetherness
On sun's arrival after a night's break !!

Blossoming sunlight springs in shyness
with moon disappearing silently
hiding from the vibrant view of burning sun
blush and hide is accustomed
to growing love for each other every day..
Never destined to be together ever
Like me and you forever...!!??
Sep 2021 · 56
Inborn talents suppressed deep
Under the layers of cornerstone
With feelings of repression
Flowing like river of red all through
Fighting wars within self
And conceding defeat everyday
As barter for harmony to surround !!
Yet ..
At time that's so perfect...
The Mighty's hand extends
To nurture concealed skills
letting the soul sing a song of joy
And float on the flow of life
To destination satisfaction!!
Aug 2021 · 56
Crystalised ...
Missing you hurts my heart
sending emotions hard to find
As words hide themselves
Deep inside refusing to talk
Silencing the scene....
Eyes speak the concealed words
In the flow of tears that
falls in designs of letters
Framing your name
Making it shine as crystals !!
Aug 2021 · 44
Lush green love
Among the woods of  lofty thoughts
In the charms of your lush green love
Beats of my heart loses its rhythm
Struggling  hard to find it's path
Of missed beats and lost ways...
In your dreams !!
Aug 2021 · 37
A solo walk
Down through corridors
And lanes of memories
Goes my mind on solo walk
Pricking heart letting tears roll
Remembering moments of pain
so long ago yet so painful still...
Yearning for an early fade
From thoughts and memories !!
Twinkling eyes lends a glow to smile
Rejoicing sweetness of moments
Wish it had lasted forever..
Mind craves for a magical wand
to reverse few moments
That happened otherway...
To cherish again. ...
On my walks through
Corridors of memories!!
Jul 2021 · 381
With a shattering smile
You left me in exile
And for you it's been an art
Knowing well it breaks my heart
As into tens of thousand pieces  
Until my breath ceases !!
Broken pieces of my heart
That lay scattered as a piece of art
Healed by itself  in your thoughts
In a venge to rise against odds in lots
From the floors of time to face
Everything of anything with grace!!

Your choice to leave me forever
Is no more for me a  nightmare
As my lone broken heart
Is gutsy enough to face our ways apart
With boldness of  ten thousand hearts
Accepting .. love can never be bought !!
Jul 2021 · 39
Spicing up
While water boiled in the sauce pan
I viewed through the window panes
At the  rains falling in arrogance
And  the Earth bearing it in silence ...!!

Green trees around enjoyed the shower..
As tiny birds onto nests, themselves retired !!
Taste buds yearned for a hot cup of tea
With spices added in plenty....!!

The noisy furious  wind blew ..
Spicing up the monsoon woes !!
Jul 2021 · 177
I chased and Chased my dream
Until it came true..
For someone...!!
And You still remain my dream
Jul 2021 · 100
crawl with my words
As a breast crawl of newborn infant
To taste the nectar a poetry holds
When it blooms as an alluring flower...!!
Then there might be few flaws
But with words no fails and falls  !!
Jul 2021 · 45
Through her two twinkling eyes
I see tens and thousands of rays
With brightness of  million suns
Reflecting the zillion dreams
Flowering in her lone
broad dazzling mind…
Jul 2021 · 63
Wild flower
She Stood firm on her roots
tossing head to blowing breeze
Boldly bearing scorching furious heat
And Joyfully embracing the chills
flowing under her heels...
She endured her life each day
To the tunes of nature's choice..
And petal by petals she blossomed
As an angelic wild flower
Of grace and power...
Smiling lucidly to the world around..
Still standing  firm on her roots...!!
Jul 2021 · 89
Curled  on bed
Head to heels round
Views silver gaze of rising sun
In sparkling window pane
Understanding the rhymes
Of morning rooster's chimes
Awakened spirit of body and soul
Begins afresh the day
Healing wounds of yesterday !!
Jun 2021 · 67
Sky in blue
Sent vibes of love
To beautiful boungainvilleas....
And they blushed in pink
Singing songs of joy....
Heard even at distant far !!
Jun 2021 · 56
Rising sun
Shining moon
Glittering stars
I see you
In all....
Jun 2021 · 878
Your clouded mind
Showered on me
Rains of pain !!

Now I see  clearly
Where I stand.. !!
Jun 2021 · 235
"You are mine I swear"
Words so fine to hear
But rarely heard
From the one who's my world !!

In my heart it's oft repeated words
Iouder and louder like chirps of bird
Yet... often goes unheard
And unheeded .....!!
Jun 2021 · 62
Your smile
In your signature smile
I fell too deep..
The Universe in view
For me is you !!
Jun 2021 · 193
Father's day ....
Thousand words
Can be written
On Mother's day ...
For the thousand words
You hear everyday...
Of Mother's love..

No words for Father's day..
For, Father is not a word
But an emotion of boundless
care and love.....
That's neither spoken nor heard
But .....only sensed and felt
So much , Inexpressible by words!!

And dads are always mad
In loving their kids
With madness hidden
Deep in their hearts !!
Jun 2021 · 412
Just like that ..
Heart sings
Your praise...
hand writes
those phrase !!
Jun 2021 · 51
My friend Harini
Plethora of talents plunged in
yet  HUMILITY personified...

Timer,  a need to punch her timely counters
On wits, she hears…  HUMOUR  is an armour !!

Acted as “Indra” in school play , but she’s “Karna’ in disguise  
Plea for a flower , surprise  awaits , With garden of flowers
GENEROSITY is not a mere play !!

Stormy restless minds, Feels at ease and peace
With an ear to her words , A testimony from me, too
She's a SOOTHER by nature !!

Drawing painting singing Instrumental and vocal
All safe in her hands... No doubt she's a Nightingale's  

Thick or thin , bestie or not  , Enjoy absolute care and support
Yet. she calls a *****,  a *****… No matter who is who..
FEARLESS in voicing truth !

Chartered accountant in very first strike, a rarity in records
A glowing crown on charming queen

A part and parcel of  NCC uniform that marched  Rajpath R-Day parade
Monumental and enviable moment , Yet , devoid of any  enemies
She is sincerely BELOVED!!

Few words of what she is …… And who she is ....
As no hymns she sings on her , yet  misses no chance to praise others
A MOTIVATOR quite always !!

A BOLD GIRL... class lady with elegance and integrity
Standing firm on her views.. … Can bear no other name...
Than ……….HARINI …..!!

( From flash back memories of
Rajini & kavitha)
Jun 2021 · 232
My words
Are reflections
of your love
Jun 2021 · 727
No coloured words
No covered feelings
No surreal perfections
Yet...with all imperfections
It's so real.....
And that's me
And my heart  !!
Jun 2021 · 504
Inspiration to self...
Keep your mind straight and firm
For success of your goal
With fitness not neglected
Move in confidence , sure to win !!

Glory and fame might envy your rivals
Sternly you don't compete with them
Compete and compare with you
Each day...and every other day
For a better you !!

Throw away the scar of troubles you faced
As each day is a new day if eyes are opened
Walk away from negativity that holds you back
By pooling your energy like sun !!

Stand on your legs firm
That you don't fall down so easily
Come what may like roaring waves !!
Jun 2021 · 58
village circus
Rope tightly tied to  poles
Feels the pain of  little girl's legs
Moving as hands horizontally held
Balancing walk from fall into hunger  
Agitated little face reflecting it !!

Small boy steps his dance smilingly
To music of Nashik Dhol
Tuned by a mother's mind
In pain and sorrow...yet with hope !!

Father walks round and round
Whipping his own oiled body
Stubbornly bearing pain of beat
Picking tiny coins thrown by crowd
Into  collection plate of their life !!

A circus for living !!
Jun 2021 · 230
Nurture the nature
Small is always beautiful
Things or deeds...
little care for flora  around
Of dullness strife environment
Fosters their eagerness
To grow in abundance
Making our Earth
A glorious green planet !!
Jun 2021 · 52
Knock down by furious fate
Let teary eyes turn around
For hands to hold tight
From falling apart...!!

Smoke from sorrows
Cast it's spell on night sleep
Eyes robbed of soothing heal
Yearned  to hear cradle songs
To sleep in peace!!

As stood in darkness
Burning soul shedding invisible tears
Craved for a candle light
And a gentle rain !!

Held upright by caring hands
Singing lullabies for tranquil sleep
Bearing happy lights all through
I see you stand.. God!!
Or Are you God send  ??!!

@ kavitha prabhakaran
Jun 2021 · 48
Colours of life
The day her dark hazel eyes
Met him under  grey cloudy sky
White illusional thoughts
Set in her baby pink heart
Scribbling  violet violent romantic words
That "you are mine "!!

Grew up in green and glow
Bright yellow dreams filled with his ****** and care
Blushed in purple under fictional world
Of  "you me and love " !!

Changeless attitude in pitch black  scorn and slur
Angered her to shiver in red
Yet, back as cool as blue placid waters
Flowing as dazzling maroon stream in thoughts
Of " still I love you" !!

Drained emotions turned her brown  
As dead fallen leaves with little silvery hope
For a soothing touch from his golden hands
She whispered to herself
" Thank you for my colourful life"
May 2021 · 281
Smile in wallet
Smiles and laughter that you gave me
Has filled my wallet in full
Still, weighing feathery
Pocketed in the armoires of soul
Ready for every move !!

In my lone walks under all weathers
Hidden deep under the tides of heart
Protected from sun and moon lit world
Bundled in possessiveness I shield my wallet !!

Smiles I preserve has erased my pain
Giving me zeal to live , self assured !!
But you, who gifted me this treasure
Do you even remember me ??
May 2021 · 48
Bright red hibiscus buds
Eager to bloom , smile in shyness
In night's darkness , yet glowing
Under the golden moon !!

Glossy red frills of blossomed flowers
Sway in buzzing breeze in adorable style
On cheery fulfillment of  life
Under the million rays of mid noon sun !!

In the earth's spin withered flowers lay fallen
With neither smile nor glow ..
But still, there are golden lights
And diamond rays, as always .....
And life continues....
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