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  Aug 2016 Juhi Chavda
Light House
Life is like crying;
eventually you run -
out of emotion;

you run low -- out, of teardrops;
the crying does stop.
Juhi Chavda Aug 2016
If there was one advice I could give you,
It would be to run from the one
Who promise they love you,
But every time they 'make love' to you,
It's almost like they took away all you had,
And failed to replenish it with
All they had.
Juhi Chavda Aug 2016
It's funny
how you force yourself to fall in love
just because they show you some attention.
When will you realize
they are not enough?
They will never be enough to fill your void.
They do not owe you a happy ending.
Juhi Chavda Dec 2015
I'm a thousand years old.
It goes on and on.
Never ends.

Reality pushing itself upon me,
Trying not to cut myself.

The measuring tape isn't long enough,
The noose will snap.

It's not surprising,
I can't carry my weight either.

Red nose. Swollen eyes. White face.
I could go on and on,
But breathing gets difficult.

Shouldn't it stop after a while?
The pain? No, the breathing.
Juhi Chavda Apr 2015
Miss the sun,
wait for the night.
The Swallow has gone,
But there's the Kite.

Leave it behind,
welcome a new time.
Time to let go,
Time to fly.

Nights are just as lovely,
Days have made you blind.
Surrender to what is,
And see how you shine.
Juhi Chavda Apr 2015
Forgive me, dear mother,
For I am dead.
Inside and out.
I can't feel the pyre,
Or the cold grave.

Forgive me, dear father,
This is the day you dread.
I know this is not how it works
I am tired.
You'll just have to wait.

Forgive me, dear brother,
I know you've left.
You have your own
Disasters to live,
I wont be another day.

Forgive me, dear friend,
It is you I've bothered
Every time I was smothered
By the thoughts in my head.
Freedom is on its way.

Forgive me, dear lover,
For I put the noose
around your neck,
Every time I felt dead.
I have to set you free, let you stay.

Forgive me, dear stranger,
You don't need to read this,
I will be gone,
None of this will matter.
You will see a better day.
Juhi Chavda Apr 2015
But you don't want me.
And I don't want me.
So who does?
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