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James Piccolino Mar 2018
Her eyes were pale, a blue crystallized moment frozen like an arctic ocean, frozen in a moment in time, and a beautiful one at that.
Her hair, a smooth red, long strands of vanilla scented silk.
Whether put up in a bun or let down, there was something about the way it framed her face.
When let down, her hair complimented her smile in a way that can only be explained as upper class charm though being an every day country girl, but while also being somewhat natural in an animalistic way.
Not in a barbaric sense, but a natural set of waves and curls that when combined with her fierce locking blue eyes seemed to grip my heart and aggressively pull it into her grasp.
A sort of fierce sexuality hidden beneath her pale complexion.
A fire like body, hair, and personality in equal measure. I, of course, found her beyond the definition of irresistible.
I am just drunk enough at the moment to upload this restructured version of one of the intros to one of my short stories
James Piccolino Mar 2018
But of all the sweetness turned to sand,
This bitter shell is still what I am,
I travel back to our old places,
Pyramid hairdos and shining faces,
Etched in forearms and crying faces,
Half a decade and I will face it,
The moment so long past, I cast aside,
The fleeting feeling, far and wide that I must admit
I can not even recall your eyes.
But I still simmer in all my pride.
So if I manage to fall and die,
I'll be unlucky enough that you'll be by my side,
Because of all the ones who came and went,
Red, blonde, broken, bent,
Of all the places I have went,
Our time was time well spent.
That bitter shell and dust and sand, is all I really am.
James Piccolino Feb 2017
It was in the gray fall clouds that I met her. My hands
quivering as my nerves were shot with lightning
and out to the world around me.
My northbound hair done neat and tidy, her hands
were colder than the breeze encompassing us. It was
the start to an age eclipsing seasons. But
like all else, everything ends. The crisp leaves
and our optimistic qualities fell at equal rate. Winter
came around and stomped out all the seedlings
too undeveloped to withstand it. For all of our journey,
good and bad, went out the door. And this
cold and bleak finale consisted of screams
and shells of what once stood in it's place.
After tears evaporated, so too did all we stood for.
A monstrous, cyclical, almost-love.
I originally wrote this for a poetry class assignment, but didn't follow the prompt correctly, so I posted the unusual unusable one here!
James Piccolino Jan 2017
Go on forward with your golden lined days,
Moving on via all your deep entwined ways,
Never really cared what those other guys say,
But the let the record show that the wrecker always pays
James Piccolino Jan 2017
Fire, in hair and in passion,
Love, not a simple reaction,
Blue, oceans and diamonds,
In your eyes, in your soul,
In each step, stays untold,
I see now, where home is,
Not my house, but your arms,
No hate, no harm,
And despite what you might see,
Your future lies with me
James Piccolino Jan 2017
As I sit in a creaking chair,
And the thunder outside drowns out the screams,
Destruction surrounds my shaken dreams,
And now nothing remains of the aching pair,
They speak of Summers long gone and expired,
I sang my song and my arms are so tired,
I'll never get up although I'm inspired,
By eternal desire to rise up from this chair,
I remember, oh yes, when the nights were long,
But the frights are gone, and my home ablaze,
This chair, my brain, spent days in a daze,
But by the lights in the night, by the wind in my hair,
By your stare and with care,
I'll get out of this chair
Just a quick little something since I haven't updated this account in a long time
James Piccolino Dec 2015
Slowly Sinking Smiling Stars,
You picked me up, we went to far,
You left your mark, you left your scar,
Broken, Battered, Beaten Bones,
Take my hand and whisk us home,
All break my heart then left alone,
Even Every Emotion Erases,
You locked on me with smiling faces,
Then left me too, now destined for chases
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