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E Jul 26
Nuns riding the Segway
What are they doing today?
E Jul 19
Dogs and cats
Laughing in the summer rain
***** looks
Working through our love and pain
Not much longer
Nothing will ever be the same
E Jul 19
Not beautiful
A Something
And a lot of nothing
When time’s up
We make our mark
Or we don’t
The world watches us
E Jul 19
Checking my phone
Don’t want to go
My heart has settled
Somewhere else
Where the wild things are
In the forest of dreams
Do u ever feel this way?
E Jul 18
TikTok is pure trash
Except for the girls and gays
All of them are lit
E Jul 17
I am the A
And that’s okay
I’m not too young to know
My sexuality
You know
E Jul 12
if i'm broken
will you stay
cause i'm sorry
please don't go away

we pretend
and we lie
but in the end
it's not right

we're over
for now, at least
i'm sorry
for the awakened beast

my heart goes out
to those struggling
to find love
and keep it coming

our hearts have broken
they need to be fixed
but can we do it
it's got me ******

my every cell
is screaming out
please don't leave me
i shout and shout

but in the end
they always do
like birds on a wire
they fly away to you
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