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Oct 18 · 208
Heady is its scent
this here Bulgarian rose
Dazed men walk drowning
Inspired by a article:
Hops the white rabbit
In meadows where foxes lay
from life, seizing its due
Inspired from "White Rabbit"by E
Sep 4 · 125
Head out of the Sand
Fear makes of all men
Deaf to pain that surrounds them
Listen! humanity calls
A Response to "Head in the Sand" by Rose Hopkins
Sep 4 · 394
Set - Reprised
The eve sets the stage
For amber turning to red
In the drink smothered
Inspired by 'Set' by Norman Crane
Sep 4 · 117
Life in a Storm
The clouds they rain
In thunderous clash of vapour
Life, it's ignited
A response to 'Storm' by Norman Crane
Aug 1 · 157
Yearning Vine
Seeing a distant glow
Like vine I shall now clamber
hoping warmth not fire
May 25 · 525
The lamp flickers as
sun it rises, shadows scurry
to alleys hidden
A response to " Shadows" by Norman Crane
Aug 2020 · 152
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2020
The heat is waning
The desert its getting cold
lost it eats me whole
Aug 2020 · 129
Bloom and Wither
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2020
Flowers are in bloom
In secret valleys, they grow
The world it withers
Aug 2020 · 113
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2020
Here comes the eclipse
the sun in moons shadow hides
brighter its return
Jul 2019 · 336
Spring warmth
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
I am loving life
spring she's here in its warm grace
cold my heart frozen
Jul 2019 · 166
back again
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
Once again I am
back here to ask you tell me
Is this my life now
Jul 2019 · 184
Love being alive
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
Do I still love you
I do know the answer now
Me being alive
Jul 2019 · 170
What are you
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
What are you inside
Even though I ignore you
Are you Death or love
Jul 2019 · 168
Morning Love
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
With Fresh morning dew
I wanted to say love you
will you wake up dear?
Jul 2019 · 191
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
you lonely traveller
you have reached the end at last
this is but a dream
Jul 2019 · 199
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
You who left me in
this here storms of your making
Dead yet or shall I bury?
Jul 2019 · 136
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
I want to speak here
If you let me speak my speak
stop dozing off now
Jul 2019 · 135
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
Gifts you do not like
But these apples I have brought
They might be poison
Jul 2019 · 140
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
Don't end it today
tomorrow is a new day
You are almost there
Jul 2019 · 143
Summer Walk
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
The summer has come
hot winds and the sun glowing
Where am I walking
Jul 2019 · 149
Cold Wind
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2019
This the cold wind blows
I am but one mortal me
It takes me along
May 2019 · 270
Complex of God
Jude Isaac Lobo May 2019
Worship me you godless heathen
For your Gods, I have slain
I've broken the backs of rider and steed
And in your writhing pain, I've lain.

Tempest shall not tear my sail
For I am the tempest, foretold
Purify your minds with doves and  boughs
Or agonise yourself in vain

Protaste before me you mewling sop
Your devotion I shall claim
With fear or faith, my strength to feed
And your piety I shall gain
Nov 2018 · 339
Jude Isaac Lobo Nov 2018
Nobody's home,
In this heart of mine.
Nobody lives,
In the thoughts of mind.

Desolation can be a contended life,
The emptiness of loneliness is kind.
Nov 2018 · 261
Sheep and Freedom
Jude Isaac Lobo Nov 2018
Ring the freedom bells and free,
The sheep that dissent in a fit of pique.
Why needlessly slaughter, one at a time,
When they themselves jump off the cliff,
All in a row, at the end of the chime.
Oct 2018 · 134
Jude Isaac Lobo Oct 2018
In reckless abandon,
you ink your thoughts.
Rapacious for freedom,
Steadfast for your cause.

Is there madness abound,
In the methods you enlist?
A wanton desire in your being,
the world to undo at its seams.

Is it passion that drives, this your quill?
Impetuous and without pause
Or are you in life, simply adrift?
A rebel with too many a cause.

Accuse you I shall to my heart's content,
The victim I shall blame
For I am with you but in this unjust world
it's you versus my ilk

Maybe true freedom it means,
to fight me and men.
With this scribbling of ink
and this unruly your pen.
Nov 2017 · 294
Jude Isaac Lobo Nov 2017
Breath, it comes, with a heaving drain,
For this night, it bores, through my brain.

Sight, it peers, bootless, vain,
The melange of silence keeping me sane.

So here I sit in the darkness, seeping,
I exist, not happy but at least not weeping.
Jul 2016 · 311
Walls of Fear
Jude Isaac Lobo Jul 2016
How high we build our fortress,
to escape what we dare not face.
How strong we make it's walls.

How powerful we make our bastion,
Sacrificing to it who we are, in fragments.
How tireless we work in our fear.

And yet when you are finished,
That you are over it and done.
It hits you and you crumble,
Into the dust where you had begun.
Nov 2015 · 395
Jude Isaac Lobo Nov 2015
To rip to shreds,
the innocence of dawn.
To make strong,
the resolve of noon .
To write anew,
the wisdom of dusk.
That is life.
Oct 2015 · 373
Jude Isaac Lobo Oct 2015
Gleaming white paper
from the mill to my home,
Bright white paper,
In my desk now stored.

A story shall I write,
maybe a poem my own
Or in my hands crumple
and throw it when it's torn
May 2015 · 464
The Puzzle
Jude Isaac Lobo May 2015
The answers to questions asked,
How alluring their gleam.
To the mind that asked so to know,
A thread more in it's weave.

Beautiful the living, of those who ask
For whys and hows they breathe
Bare their souls they do to know,
The truths and lies they reap.

Then someday you'll ask for an answer,
An answer you wish, not have heard.
Will you then remember the puzzle,
The quest that brought you here.
Apr 2015 · 359
One Day to Another
Jude Isaac Lobo Apr 2015
Forget not the day that fades,
One count more in your life it makes.
Remember not the pain it gave,
Time will heal the wounds again.

Restless be not when the night it comes,
For in its own darkness, it'll wither away.
And Fear not the day that breaks,
It's going to be a beautiful day.
Apr 2015 · 405
The Hand
Jude Isaac Lobo Apr 2015
He walks the walk that many have walked
His feet unsteady on the ground.
A hand, it holds him, that he may not fall.
The hand, it's steady, leading him on.

One day he'll walk that walk many have walked
His feet unsteady no more
The hand that held him, it'll pat his back
Hoping he'll turn back and not frown
I wrote this after I was inspired by a mother I saw at Al Qasba, Sharjah
Feb 2015 · 772
The Ethereal Road
Jude Isaac Lobo Feb 2015
This road that I'm on;
Reminds me of something,
Something long ago forgotten.

As each step I take;
In it's unearthly allure,
It calls, it beckons me on.

I am blessed that I am here,
In this glory breathtaking.
The signs they say;
Heavens just a little ahead that way.
Jan 2015 · 499
The Intrusion
Jude Isaac Lobo Jan 2015
Why don't you simply forget me, my dear?
Why do you wake me so?
Life has been but an endless burden,
This is just two yards more.
Jan 2015 · 342
Of Darkness and Demons
Jude Isaac Lobo Jan 2015
Infinite, the darkness that covers my soul
Countless, the demons that follow me around
Afraid I'm not, As in it I drown
For in me they are, I'm them now.
Sep 2014 · 405
Jude Isaac Lobo Sep 2014
The feeling of pain,
In its emotionless hue,
It keeps me alive,
It leads me true.
Sep 2014 · 300
Jude Isaac Lobo Sep 2014
Incredible is this journey,
A line of fate,
A lapse in time.

I but here sit,
And world is moving by.
Sep 2014 · 337
The Question
Jude Isaac Lobo Sep 2014
Immortal is the question
what is life and it's meaning.

For while life but fades,
In its own tempest swirling
The Question remains on its own,
In the darkness gleaming.
Sep 2014 · 674
A Beautiful Day
Jude Isaac Lobo Sep 2014
It's a beautiful day,
As I walk these plains.
The dripping steel,
It has done it's job.

As I walk past the streams,
How beautiful they flow.
That crimson their hue,
In the light they glow.

Oh beautiful these contours,
The silhouettes they form.
Of lives extinguished,
Lying scattered forlorn.

It's a beautiful evening,
The sun is waving goodbye,
The wall has been broken
And I still go on.
Aug 2014 · 611
One Pail Less
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2014
I am tired of all the bells and bugles,
I am tired of not seeing the end.

I am tired of standing up for things not my own,
And suffer when I stand alone.

So Now If Rome is burning itself to the ground
Let it burn, Oh let it burn

And if Nero wants to play the fiddle
Then let him play, let him play

For one less pail of water I'm sure I have
And in his songs his death he calls.
Aug 2014 · 773
The Gem
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2014
If you had that gem in front you,
The one you never knew you wanted.  
If it was there,
would you not try and make it your own.

If it sparkled ever so slightly,
And uplifted your heart again .
If it was there,
For a want of a reason would you shy away.
Aug 2014 · 270
Being Free
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2014
Freedom Is The Right of Every Being,
What is freedom I wonder.
Am I free to choose not to be free,
Or am I not allowed that Freedom!
Aug 2014 · 276
No Lines
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2014
Let There Not be Good or Evil
Let Us not draw that Line!
Let There Not be Fights to Decide,
What's Yours and What's Mine!!
Aug 2014 · 370
Jude Isaac Lobo Aug 2014
Be not the sword, that has been ****** in me,
Its blade too deep.
Be not the void, that has swallowed me up,
making me incomplete.
Be not the fire, that has burnt me down,
In it's heat I'm seared

But now that it's done, now that I've lost
You and me is just a dream.
Jun 2014 · 423
Jude Isaac Lobo Jun 2014
When would you leave if you wanted to arrive,
Where would you stay if you sought to move,
where is the start if you want to end it all,
and which of your ends, would you start anew.

How would you know when all is in vain.
Or in senseless vanity, would you hold onto pain.
If given many paths would instead choose to stay,
Or with an end unknown would you walk away.

In the sounds of the world do you hear a silence,
With the birth of the new do you not sense the old,
For though contrasts they are, in eyes not the same,
But with each step or in the lack of it, in circles you go.
May 2014 · 335
Fading Away
Jude Isaac Lobo May 2014
As the sun sets, with it's fading glow;
I cannot stop but think,
Is this all there is to the life of a man;
Or is it the dark that is truly the beginning.
May 2014 · 424
Fatal Beauty
Jude Isaac Lobo May 2014
She sways in the wind,
Her midnight hair flowing in the breeze.
She moves on the snow,
Her feet gliding as she goes.
She gazes through the dark,
Her eyes piercing the night with their glow.

Falter not my friend,
Her beauty, you cannot endure.
For if you fail to make you her own,
Your blood her red lip will have drawn.
May 2014 · 485
Free Spirit
Jude Isaac Lobo May 2014
Her eyes, the fire, to burn him to his bones
Her smile, the calm, before a storm that grows
Her skin, the silk,in a divine light it glows
Her touch, the magic, that enchants him whole.

For her he yearns, with despair his soul drowned,
But she's free, she frolics, she never can be owned.

— The End —