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Oct 21 · 44
Weather Forecast
Kieran Messer Oct 21
(Written from my best friend's viewpoint. I hope she gets better soon.)

In search of release,
Autumnal gusts escape me.
A sorrow shower.
Oct 18 · 94
Kieran Messer Oct 18
Surrounded in a sea of shivering fear,
Floating and bobbing until I come near
The tight, warm grasp of a human hand;
The thunderous triumph of standing on land.

I’m weak at my knees as I mindlessly drift.
What would I do to make water shift?
I need to be seen and I need to be read;
I’m gonna be crumpled and torn into shreds.

Day upon day, my plight never ends --
Destinations are missed, time and again.
See, my dear friend, it’s never over:
I keep floating around, over and over.
I really should be using Hello Poetry more. Either I've been busy or I've procrastinated. Sorry.
Aug 20 · 57
Kieran Messer Aug 20
Six faces surround me,
None of which speak.

Surrounded I sit,
A body cast in bubble wrap,
Sewn tightly with brown tape.

Carve a hole and pull me out.
I’ll be your prized possession
If you’ll have me on your shelf.
I'm sorry for being away so much. I've been busy, and I haven't really written much. But hey, new piece!
Jun 21 · 204
Solstice (Light)
Kieran Messer Jun 21
Pray we for the sun:
Vivid, shining warmly.
We'll chase the everlasting day,
As the sun entraps us in its rays.

No clocks and no watches.
No nocturne shall be feared.
Forever doesn't matter now;
Time doesn't matter anyhow.
Happy summer solstice, everyone!

(Apologies to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, as chances are you're reading this in the dark right now.)
Jun 19 · 256
Calling the Solar System
Kieran Messer Jun 19
I see you've found my face.
You may think that I am fine.
But never will I truly be,
Until the stars align.

Amidst all the constellations,
I am the dimmest star.
I'd travel to my brighter one;
The distance is too far.
Jun 14 · 346
10.17 km
Kieran Messer Jun 14
Which do I most favour:
A bus ticket
To travel the distance;
A time machine:
Transportation to closeness?

Ten kilometres -- and a bit.
Once my reaching distance,
Now moving further away.
In my confused misery, I question:
Why? How? What could I have done?

What would make things better,
O, if only I could stitch the rip,
The scissors of our minds had cut?
Though if these questions can’t be answered,
I shall move on; move away

Even though I'll wish I could have stayed.
I miss someone a lot. :(
May 26 · 273
Kieran Messer May 26
I miss Sam.

My best mate.
We'd hang out all day,
And talk on the phone 'til late.
Sammy really was that great.

But before my eyes,
It seemed as though he was vanishing.
I wish I could pull him back.
Why didn't I grab him?

Why didn't I tell him
He was more than an A-grade student?#
He was an A* lad.
Aglow with glee,

And so, so chirpy.
But the bluebirds and parrots won't visit him.
Instead, blackbirds and pigeons flock,
Grazing at his grave.

I can't visit his room anymore.
But I imagine vividly
His workload piling up,
As he tumbled further down.

Why did I let this happen,
And of all people,
To Sam?
Sam is a figment of my imagination, but his story is faced by many every exam season. Whichever type of exam you're taking, whether they're GCSEs, A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate, SATs, ACTs, or something else, remember to look after yourself and others around you. We can get through it all together.

If you're struggling, do seek help. You can find helplines for your region on
Kieran Messer Apr 27
Time shifts.

Yet I stay still,
As I ever seek to fly.

I hope not for a thunderstorm.
Kieran Messer Apr 27
Such a feeling felt
When greeted --
Reacquainted --
With the familiar
Human spirit
I so long missed.

A pool of water surrounds me.

How did I get so cold?
Apr 25 · 114
Kieran Messer Apr 25
As Britain slumbers,
Other nations rise,
Just to fall again.

I guess it's an ordinary night.
Apr 23 · 1.1k
Table To My Left
Kieran Messer Apr 23
Her hair is dyed green,
But my mind doesn't say
Apr 21 · 773
Facebook Democracy
Kieran Messer Apr 21
The merciless echo chamber.
Type in your name and email,
And they’ll make a name of you.

Comments like bullets through your brain.
You aren’t winning a debate with reason?
Be a little noisier.

Stand down from what you stand up for,
Become force-fed with disinformation,
Until you, yourself, are in wholly robot form.
Apr 19 · 1.1k
She Self-Medicates
Kieran Messer Apr 19
White pellets,
Swallowed in bulk,
Led her to entrapment
In a hospital bed.

An emergency.
But not an accident.
It would take a miracle
To merely free her.
If you are in need of support, help is always out there. See a list of organisations you can call at

Together, we are strong.
Apr 17 · 142
On Fried Chicken
Kieran Messer Apr 17
For the first time,
My mouth is home.
As I bite into the
Ever-so-succulent flesh,
I feel warmth;

My mouth
Lubricates with every
Soft chew,
As my teeth
Gnaw at the bone,
Ferally, instinctively.
Apr 16 · 247
Hawaiian, Microwaved
Kieran Messer Apr 16
Soggy crusts:
Sustenance for us lazy.
As we hear our battle cry --
The endless beeps of the microwave --
We gaze longingly,
Prepared for the mess we have made.
More food fun: I'm publishing one I wrote about fried chicken tomorrow.
Apr 16 · 111
Endlessly craving light.
Kieran Messer Apr 16
I'll grow in your direction,
Long 'til I wither.
Apr 16 · 227
Kieran Messer Apr 16
I've discovered the light of my life:
A collection of light emitting diodes,
Frozen in a frame,
And millions of kilometres away.
Apr 16 · 288
The Stars Are Calling
Kieran Messer Apr 16
I was just on the phone
With Justin Timberlake.

He wants his **** back.
Don't ask me what came into my head when I wrote that, for I do not know either.
Apr 15 · 267
Kieran Messer Apr 15
This motorway circles
Back to where I begin:
The nowhere concrete jungle
Of copy-paste homes;
Copy-paste shopping centres
With copy-paste shops;
Where opportunity won't arrive
Until I somehow leave.

— The End —