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 Jul 2019 shåi
Stu Harley
love becomes undone
morning sun
wheels of time
iron bells are rung
love becomes undone
 Jul 2019 shåi
i was happy
 Jul 2019 shåi
nothing makes me happy anymore

it’s like
i miss the tasteful touch of the sky
bluer, than all the seas and oceans

i miss the cloudy feeling on my forehead
my curls conflicting with the air
but i admit
i was happier than i have ever been
 Jul 2019 shåi
Callie Richter
when i was young,
i thought my tears
would nourish roses.
now that i'm older
i know they will
drown sorrows.
 Jun 2018 shåi
her ring sits on the mantlepiece
worn thin on one side
that dull warm yellow
that gold sometimes takes on

i remember it cutting into my hand
as she held it tightly as we shopped
it was bright and shiny then

she used to wear it on her  longest finger
after dad left us, she left it off for awhile
and then wore it on the other hand

it was tight on her workworn hands then
she took it off again before she went into
this last home, but kept it locked in a security draw

now it sits on the mantlepiece, waiting
for me to find a safe place for it
for it is the little bit of my mother's spirit
that will one day be part of my son's  wedding ring,
One of my mother's requests....incredibly, poignantly  beautiful
 May 2018 shåi
 May 2018 shåi
when we dated
i didn't know who i was
i knew who you were
and i liked it
but no matter what i told you
about me
no matter how much you
came to know
you never really
knew me
because i could never show you
who i was
since even i had
no idea

after you dumped me
i found myself
because i had the time
to focus on me
instead of us
and now i can see
that we were never really
meant to be
because i need a complement
like we are geometry
but with you
i had a congruent shape
that only sat with me
instead of making me whole
 Apr 2018 shåi
 Apr 2018 shåi
no matter

how painful


was for you.




love the uncertainty,

be excited of the unknown,

challenge life

to throw everything against you.

after all,

you were able

to pull through



you’re much


to push through it all.
i’m probably hyped right now and so thankful to finally have a place where i feel safe to share my thoughts.

before, i write because i’m sad, with a cigarette on my hand, i type. i type as hard as i can just to release the emotions i have inside.

i went through a hard breakdown a month ago where i felt like i was stuck. like i had nowhere else to go.

but i kept on telling myself to push forward. to take baby steps. after all, no one’s rushing me anyway — it’s my life and i should take control of it, so i did.

now, looking back, i’m thankful for everything that had happened.

it helped me be where i am now. even though i’m still figuring things out, at the very least, i’m somewhere. out of the dark place where i was before.
 Apr 2018 shåi
if balance brings
thought into light,
why are you still
lost out of sight ?

is what I sense
as truth so wrong?
if yes, let’s just
stop calling it so

and let it float
in shapeless way
mind over matter,
both gone astray.
 Apr 2018 shåi
 Apr 2018 shåi

I saw my reflection, confused

I recognized me in your eyes

and my smile on your lips, strange

how it flooded my muse

while my blood rushed your veins

and my heartbeats your heart

resonated in reprise-

And your words like Spring rains

soaked my dreams from the start

as you molded my longing

and I breathe all your wants-

“When I draw I don't capture your likeness. I capture your soul.”
― Anthony T. Hincks
 Mar 2018 shåi
Janelle Tanguin
 Mar 2018 shåi
Janelle Tanguin

i used to only write sad poems.


you see,
i am a cynic,
a cemetery,
a holocaust,
a chaotic, distant, lost girl
buried in her own

but with you
i am different.

i want to wake up,
keep my promises,
make up for lost time,
spill blood and ink,
try again,

for you.


you walk me home
and the skies blush
pink cloud summers

we part and i marvel
at the sepia tint
of backyard roses
blurring my lenses.

you came in
like the missing palette color
i never knew
i needed
my skies painted with.


now, you are all the love poems
i didn't know i could write.

and every metaphor i create
is just a lengthier version of
'i love you'

i really do.
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