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spacesoup Mar 2019
I am ...
the marshmallow kid,
that lives
mostly in the present.

Inside locked rooms
I grab ...
whatever shows
and rolls around,

that looks,
I guess ...
so worthy of betraying
for the now.
spacesoup Apr 2018
To keep it sane,
often say,
you have to strive
to stay honest
as much
as you can,
but then again
some others say,
lying to yourself
is the best
possible way.
spacesoup Apr 2018
In a heartbeat,
for a second ,
Life itself lies here
spacesoup Apr 2018
if balance brings
thought into light,
why are you still
lost out of sight ?

is what I sense
as truth so wrong?
if yes, let’s just
stop calling it so

and let it float
in shapeless way
mind over matter,
both gone astray.
spacesoup Mar 2018
When shadows start
to touch the ground,
I watch the time
pass by in haste,
look down on
moving silhouettes
and try to keep them
fixed in place.
spacesoup Mar 2018
Words spread out in patterns,
Black signs thrown on displays
As sounds blend in one another.
Emotions start to dance in circles,
But silence starts to fill the phrase,
In awkward unfamiliar rooms
You watch the game vanish away.
  Mar 2018 spacesoup
Timmy Shanti
When winter came and snows took over,
I danced among the falling flakes.
I ambled freely like a rover,
Forgetful of the world at stake.

The days were short – I did not care.
The elegance of fiery ice…
With coloured thoughts enough to spare,
I painted wintry paradise.

The nights were long, the blessings counted…
The warmth of summer still with me.
I never took my love for granted,
It always felt like spring to me...

With blizzards gone and skies a-clearing,
I smiled broadly at the sun.
It smiled back – kind and endearing…
Twelve months and I were all but one.
Keep warm.
Dec 2017
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