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The clouds are weeping for you,
Awaiting for the time to surface.

Can't you hear the raging storm outside?
Can't you hear them calling for you?

No matter what I say,
No matter what I do,
There's no way for me to save you.
Is it wrong to not fear death?
Am I wrong to not have the same belief as others?
I don't discriminate unless you push me to the point of showing you your own flaws.

They say the truth is ugly.
They say it hurts.
I see it as the only way to actually face reality.
Honey you're dying,
There's no use in crying
Though I hear your screams
As I watch you bleed.
They once called me the Crimson Scourge,
A queen of the free.
But that was me.
Each passing millennium and I'm left without.
A dying breed and here you stand in doubt,
But never leave me in my lonesome
Because it kills me and makes me stronger.
You wouldn't want to see who I've become,
You'd hate me like they did
And would wish me dead.
You gave your lives for me and I have disappointed you.
They say, "Weep child, for you have lost everything."
Others have said, "Stand mother, for we give you our faith."

It has been seven millennia since I've last spoken to you
And now I have my last favor to ask,
"Could you ever forgive me for letting you be my hearts?"

— The End —