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 May 2019
Willow Sophie
Go to sleep,
enter your world
full of dreams,
and soon you'll see
the sun rising above
the beech tree.
 May 2019
I see it when I close my eyes,
I feel it when I just let go,
I hear it when there are no words,


Where do your dreams take you?
I love to dream and dream to love.
 May 2019
a picture perfect dreamscape
somewhere for me to escape
away from the daily nightmares
where there's no one to care

i'll dream about a garden
maybe i'll play a martian
it's like i'm back with my toys
but i'm no longer a boy

i wish i could let myself grow
but i'm too scared to let myself go
dangling on a cliff without a rope
is this how it feels to lose all hope

the world in my head is infinite
but i know that i'm still limited
by my own demons, i'm hesitating
we're all wearing makeup
but mine is flaking
frankly i'm shaking
cause maybe i don't wanna wake up

and after all this time
can my life finally be mine
i've missed all the ******* signs
i'm surprised i haven't been left behind

so here i stand with you
the one part i could never lose
is it me or you that's hanging on
some day it'll all be gone
and i'll be alone again
and we'll go back
to where it all began
 May 2019
So much time has past and years are between us yet , I can still see her face as I turned and walked away.

Was it really just a dream.......
This one is about my first true love , I woke from a dream recently. I was walking away from her, I felt it all day.
 May 2019
Chloe Habig
All my dreams are nightmares
of crashing planes and long lost lovers.
Locked in the reality of nothing,
I'm forced to watch my silent wretched screams
That I cannot seem to quash.

 Yearning for amnesia,
there's always one last thought of devilish crystal eyes.
Yet near this dreamcatcher,
Ravenously feeding the deepest, darkest hour of pain, 
Each taunting tale of terror burns like acid rain.

 All my dreams are nightmares and love's a myth. 
My only genuine faith is in the ghosts I'm with.
Sometimes they may appear using my personal traits.
Almost reassuring, but I know it's the guise of wraiths 

Ringing like a death knell, but it's the alarm that's calling
 Easing the dread for a while, come the dawn of mourning
 Needing the reality of nothing, for all my dreams are dead
 I try to quell my racing heart and find sanity's thread

 Gone, for now, those memories, for daylight's my antisera 
Hostilities will resume though, come the next chimera 
They'll re-emerge in the night and show me horror and loss 
Macabrely leading me, like an effigy, to a burning cross 

All my dreams are nightmares, they're from a cliff to fall 
Reaching for a silent lover, who's back in another's thrall 
Each haunting hour of horror is like those crashing planes 
Stalling before falling, then hideous plumes from flames
 May 2019
cannot sleep
twilights keep
counting sheep
 May 2019
Last night
I had a dream
that I woke up
from this one
 May 2019
Traveller in time
To my evervesant  dreams of my night ,
my candelabra *** puri skies ,
a barn owls swallows a mouse ,then out of the restlessness of the night,
you came .

The calls of a thrush heard  a. whisper let ,
the Pterosaurs wings take flight ,
we must go ,
Seven sharpened swords loose in the wind to capture the beast ,
as mountains stand ,
and seas are still ,
her wing span ,
her mighty beak ,
Sagas ,
told from Viking lands told of the spell s it haunts this land .
For you my King of Royal blood with seventh sword ,
my King of Love .
With mighty hand you slayed Mosasaurs with one hand .
Now the last Pterosaurs has took to flight

Then my Nobel Queen to darkened skies I must fight .

Over hills and mountains I searched for sun light ,
night turned to everlesant dreams ,
I saw a Pterosaurs once more .

“ You think you’re Queen is safe this night
You think one swift sword will leave me in a pool of blood
I laugh at you’re sorrow for they are misguided and hollow” l

And with these words the Pterosaurs spread it’s wings off
Into the night it flapped it’s wings .

The Pterosaurs formed a nest above a castle on a cleft ,
Our new crowned King who once slayed the Mosasaurs,
on his way to tomorrow’s land to save his Queen now in state reside .
Over that  Castle in their land where. tempers. burnt into a. rabid.  death hollow a darkness crept and would not leave ,
untill the Queen and King made love .

Then all was well and the light returned never to leave when ,
the King and Queen walked hand in hand .

For  God loves the little things ,
our prayers our new tomorrows .

The Pterosaurs when he saw all was well and love reigned once more as
the flowers bloomed ,
the thrush sang
left for evermore .

A rock over looked a castle,
A King and Queen in state ,
a pawn moves and life and death await .
 May 2019
Eric W
I have loved you for lifetimes and more -
we have been through many incarnations,
traveled many timelines and shed many
sacrificial tears and unnecessary pretense.
You have bore your soul in mine,
entwined our fates in loving motions,
and sealed our future in simple kisses.

I love you through realms of dreams
and into stark rains of reality,
through all that is to come
and all that is before,
and I know you love me
the same.
 May 2019
Sameera Krishna
Always in the same dream,
With an unfamiliar face,
In a frozen time,
I faced you.
This would be a dream forever?
I was scared.

But when I open my eyes,
It's you.
My eyes only look at you,
I can not close them,
My love,
This is our love story,
I can not hide.
 May 2019
A dream, crucified my life;
Walked on an empty street,
Failing, with castle of cards;
Wounded my life hard.

It’s bitter sweet symphony;
Shook with different places,
Mixing, tunes of flavour;
Made impure love together.

Destiny never pursued my feet;
Run with half empty glass;
Going, on Boulevard Street;
Cared nevertheless, misfortune.

A thought, broke my heart;
Tore my parents’ willing,
Helping, way of river of grief;
Saw two sides of coin.

Future will show new world;
Ticking with clock hand,
Coming out, from horrible train;
Will beneath my next fortnight.
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