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Lost in a gateway ?
You have gone by by words I won’t be long
There is a darkness that lies ahead of me ,
In a world i have yet to see .
It’s brooding form it knows nothing else
And when I reach out
I feel the earth above
and the warmth of the sun ,
and hear the rains pitter patter of love far above .

But I feel stronger as the days have gone by ,
With every drop of rain ,
that passes by .

Like two shoots we grew out of this earth ,
Past weeds and stones and insects ,
We were so beautiful you and I ,
like every moon and sun lit sky .

But there is a parchment of a broken heart ,
When love tore you’re  soil apart ,
You’re roots were broken ,
and I felt you’re pain ,
and now I never want to live again .

For we grew together like two shoots in the ground ,
We bloomed with  the rays of the sun ,
and when the rains fell
down .
We stood together like two strong trees ,
blowing together in the breeze .
Yet to the gardener ,
You meant nothing at all .
And so why should I live ,
When I am alone in this hard stoney ground ,
Surrounded by a prison of a brick wall ?

But one day my roots were torn ,
not thrown away like the weeds on his lawn .
I was left In the same *** as you ,
Watered and fed .
Once more we were together
***** like two trees standing tall in the sun .

Yet too soon our time had come
and our work was done .

For one romantic night were we ,
Two red roses ,
and a glass of champagne,
and our world would never be the same again .
I could never love thee more ,
for if I had ever loved her less
then What hope is there. of my bequest ?
And all those things that charmed her most ,
was God the Son and the Holy Ghost.

So beit then the birds that scattered and flapped their wings ,
just as she was about to sing .
When the weevles forgot they had no voice ,
As all the insects and animals drew ever near .
Just for what they were about to hear .

And so the birds had flown to the four corners of the earth
to pick the rarest flowers and weeds .
And so the birds with all their enchanting ways ,

returned with their flowers and weeds ,
and placed them in a basket one by one .
In front of a forever ripening sun .

And so she thanked the finch ,
The blackbird and the

thrush .

But the magpie swooped down and stole her  heart ,
The most beautiful thing that set us apart
Just when I had set out our table for two .
She screamed as that  bird flew
And left that gold trinket in it’s nest of love .
For days it stayed perched above ,
Singing it’s sweet songs of innocence and  love .

And then one day she  flew away ,
and fell in love
With the most enchanting song you ever heard .
The black of the devil ,
The White ,
of God
And now demons and black angels ,
Can be heard flapping madly at my door at what they had heard .
but that voice that once tought my heart to sing
was never heard of again ,
and of that ,
Is the one thing
sure .
Is that no , no more .
I would ever hear her voice no more
I waited for the wretched seas one day to return to me .
Who gave  my love  her resting place .
And so I believed the wretched sea would some day
do the same for me

But whenst it came it came in with a whine ,
and asked me not to waste my time .
And so she left ,
and returned again ,
For she said
“ you’re love is dead ,
  now leave me be ,
  or even you might
  one day
  belong to me ?”             


that raging beast that took her life ,
when we were serenading by the banks of the Clyde

A mighty wave took her away ,
for that I am for sure .

And now she asks me ,
Lapping like a dog at her masters feet
When all I wanted  her to do was to  spit and howl .with rage at me .

O cursed sea won’t you please return my love to me

But now You come to me with open arms
For alone I see now,  her footsteps , and her charms ,
dissapearing  into an open grave .
Where not even a shivrless man that was so brave ,
would venture more than his toe to save.
And to wrestle that great beast upon the shore
the likes of which I would see no more .

But out there is where my beloved lies ,
below tranquil seas and dark blue skies
And if I am to see her again ,
Then i must sumon up the gates of hell .
And hense be noted before the brave ,
That in these once troubled waters ,
I did once lend my hand to save .

Then one morning
with a chirping of the birds ,
a body of a young girl once bound to the sea ,
was Surrendered and given back to me .

But I For one was never found ,
Thou in the winds and rains my voice
Can still be found .
And there it goes again sweet words into gate 52 fly fly away zzzzz
This will be saved 😫
There goes another poem to a bad gateway wonder if it will save this one
blue flies and butterflies all dance unttill  they sing .
They  dance
around flowers and corpses ,                                                                ­   flies and kings.
One feeds in palaces gorges on beef deer and game ,
the other on corpses from great victories all in the kings name .

Yet the butterflies see all these things ,
the dead and the dying ,
the gold and silver of kings .
And think nothing of either flying and fluttering on beautiful wings .

The man who has nothing left to beg for food in the street ,
the philosopher at a coffee shop who eats and eats and eats .

Yet the butterfly and the blue flies both feast on each one ,
What ever man has left over ,
Is what man has become .

For all his wealth and power ,
his riches and his fame .
His ever constant struggle
to feed his starving children
don’t go hungry in their shame .

And still the blue flies and butterflies feed off what we leave
Behind ,
Oblivious to our struggles ,
Oblivious to our wealth
they wear pin stripe suits ,
and-ball room gowns .
To every ball that’s swinging in town .
Under. blood red skies and battle grounds ,
too feed off all the rotting flesh ,
that man cut down

For As life goes on ,
we bleed ,
die .
and so
the insects
begin to dance
and sing ,
And fly .
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