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My hand is home to all my dreams
Writing poetry
 Sep 29
In an empty state of being
I walked along alone
The small town streets
My girl bereft of me
Quietly I bled
At Ma and Pa's Country Store
I'm always greeted
With a smile
Cheap pint of ***
Lottery tickets
Then In she comes
Beautiful stranger
I've never seen before
My heart insist to explore
I start small talk at the door
I see her eyes are as bright as mine
Where are you going
I demand her time

She say:
Tim I'm going to my house
You've been there three times
You still have amnesia don't you?

Somewhere in the night
She disappeared...
I woke up home
In a state of fear
Traveler Tim

They hide my truck keys
So I walk a lot
(Oh **** here they are!!)
The devil came a knocking ,
he just won’t go away ,
I told him it’s past bedtime,
and a prayer is on its way .

Yet still  he rattles his bones at my door ,
of souls he once cought  ,

and doesn't bother anymore.

Yet here am I all alone ,
with an eye for all the ladies and pritty young girls .

With their chandlers they bring ,
to ply me with drink .
For in their music halls they sing .
Sordid songs for a shilling and six ,
and dance on the tables champagne in one hand ,
conducting the choir ( with the other ) .

Now mr Charrington a Godly sacred man preaching the Lord ,
the best he can .
Yet the devils bones have still much more to say ,
about the ladies charms that seem here to stay .

So the moral be ( if there be one to tell )
follow the devils bones ,
one way to hell !
But if virtue I hold how honoured I might be ,
to know the king of love Christ Jesus ,
eternally .
And bless the ones that to this day ,
find virtue ,
and goodness be ,
with Christ Jesus eternally .

And O that old devil may rattle his bones across the gate of his grave
yard all on his own ,
just one thing I pray ,
you won’t turn the light off ,
and leave me alone .
 Sep 28
I wake up every day
with your smile on my mind
It's a beautiful sight to behold
so soft and so kind
my dreams are filled
with the thought of me and you
I awake and smile
cause my dreams have come true
 Sep 22
Faizel Farzee
In the dark of the silent night
I'm viewing my true self
Tossing and turning
Sweating and fretting
My face horrored and cloaked in fright.

Awake horrifically screaming
My demons rejoicing
Toasting in sinister delight.
The memory that cloaks your mind
This memory can not be denied
Manifesting as nightmares
If in the day you try and hide.
 Sep 8
Lovelyn Eyo
Life's just a dream
    Have you ever wondered
    Have you ever pondered
    How to live this wonder
    Within its border
Live your dream
    On the inside first
    Unclad every cloak of fear
    With the switch of
     determination & freedom
The life of your dreams
    Would surely reflect out brightly

Through your dreams
Live your life
Live your dreams

A simple quote
For a healthy simple life
I wrote
Tis A dream
A life

 Sep 5
I was dreaming

Late in the
Wanting to come together
Nearer- to my presence
Yet~ my first husband didn't
let You nearer
... for He wanted to protect me - perhaps ~he still loves me~ on at least one plato of this Life's dreamland)

Like *Allways

To gather some old
Bitten up unspoken
Haunting me
For so Long

The remains of what usued
To be
Between us... *
This sparkly one-speck-of a fracturedeternity

Spinns me off infatuation
To This Day
Still lingering...

The thought I can not erase
Your hands seem to be created for mine*
To touch and Love
Each other
Long after ~I've witnessed

For the first time...

Some deeply felt
Inner love
Manifesting through
Your compassionate
Manly eyes.. ahwww

Were We
Stupid Old
F... S
 Sep 2
She dreamed of bottling up rainbows
The way they bottled up ships
They said to have as many ships as you want
But rainbows?
We don’t have a bottle for those
She forgot that ships you can touch
While rainbows you could only watch
In low spirits indefinitely.
 Sep 2
Jack Jenkins
Oh these dreams have made my eyes feel hollow and heavy
Ready to lay to rest, regrets and remorse of yesterday
Pulled in every which way 'til pulled no more
Every piece of peace wrought 'til crushed
Meaningless words found meaningless
Words meaning less and less
Lest freedom be found
Alone I walk away
From my self
//On inner reflection//
 Jun 6
Every night I lay down to rest
The same old visions keep on creeping around my head
They scrape my mind and burn my core
I don't think I can take no more
Will I get through the night?

On the edge to insanity
I don't know what's real or fantasy
The demons sip on my coffee cup
Their screams get loud they never stop
My ears are a red masterpiece

The chaos beings to rise
I'm falling down the rabbit hole to my demise
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But loving you will make me whole
The chaos drowns me tonight

A seesaw is all that's left
Bouncing anxiety inside my chest
Strangers steal my loneliness
Patching up my self-made mess
Frozen in the concrete jungle

Jon said we're halfway there
But it seems to me I'm stuck in second gear
I lay my back flat on the ground
Here I'll die with no one around
Out of reach and with nothing to fear

A light in the dark calls my name
Safe and sound it guides me home with its flame
With a broken wing left to die
I could still learn to fly
Once lost but now I'm found
In a dream she saw a way to survive and she was full of joy .

In a dream she saw a bright shining light and then crossing a dark tunnel seemed alright.

In a dream she saw she could raise her wings and fly and so she could soar her aspirations high.

In a dream she saw a world full of positive vibes and so she saw harmony being inscribed.

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
Simple# rhyme #Dreams# definitely# are# a #source #of #survival#keep #dreaming #02.06.2019#
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