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 Apr 24
Keyana Brown
Think think!
Think of a time
when you had a friend
one negative thought
will make your friendship end
if you think your mind is negative
then think again,
all this bitterness inside
must come to an end.

Echo echo!
Echoing voices inside your head
the words clogging up your ears
after all the books you read
you believe there are more words
that hasn't been said
if so, don't overthink it
don't drown yourself with dread.

Dream Dream!
Dream about achievement
never over relax
don't chase your dreams by sleeping.

Hope Hope!
Hope won't bring you low
you say it's pointless
believe me I know,
always stay positive for
god will shine a light on you
and make your confidence glow.

Imagine imagine!
Imagine a day without stress
if everyday was a vacation,
you couldn't careless
picture your mindset again
it's not a torn up mess,
fiill your thoughts
with happiness and nevertheless.

Love love!
Love from the work of God,
he taught you much
loving him wasn't so hard
but loving other people is
that why he made you smart
by managing your feelings
he has given you a clean heart.

Believe Believe!
Believe in God and yourself
God loves you as aspie
he gave you multiples of talents
of what he trained you to be.
Happy Autism Awareness Month!
 Apr 21
Keyana Brown
I am so afraid
of getting hurt,
by the people I trust
which can be the worst.

I am so afraid of
being lured into the culture,
it's eating and striping me
like a vulture.

I am mostly afraid
of being...

But these fears
are uncompared to
what I have in God.

I fear God
because of his power
I fear God
because he's a mighty tower
I fear God
because he's here to protect
I fear God
because of that,
I vow to give him respect

I fear God
because he saved me
from the shadows of death
and I owe him all my love
for he is the best.
The true meaning of how to fear God versus what some non-believers do when they fear God.
 Feb 9
I run to the Cross, to lay my sins at your feet.

I run to the Cross, where the healing began.

I run to the Cross, where I always find Freedom.

I run to the Cross, where my new life has begun.

I run to the Cross, where my new Hope pour out.

I run to the Cross, and never looked back since.

I run to the Cross, my old life was a bitter pill.
 Apr 2019
My prayer this Easter
Is for you to experience
The true and everlasting joy
That being a child of God brings you.
I want you to fully understand
His love and compassion for you,
And I want you to believe
That He died and
Rose from the grave
To give you eternal life in heaven with Him.
Happy Easter everyone! <3
 Mar 2019

your love chased me
down a dark alley
that i made with my own rebellion.

your love rescued me
even when i denied you
in front of the altar.

what greater love than
the love of the father?

 Mar 2019
Help me
to obey
You more
and share
Your word
with others.
May what I say mentor to them and reveal Your many wonders.
Give them faith to trust in You as You reveal Your many truths. Transform our hearts to love all others the way love was shown by You... All
but God
his own
love for
us in this:
while we
were still
Christ died
for us.

[Romans 3:23... Romans 5:8]
 Jan 2019
Dylan McFadden
Part 1: Good Friday

Unspoken words – I hear them clear
They speak above the rest
I hold them near and hide them here:
The heart inside my chest

Part 2: Saturday

Unspoken words – my Savior lay
Alone in Joseph’s tomb
Oh, heavy heart, cry not today
For Sunday’s coming soon

Part 3: Easter Sunday

Unspoken words – the Son, He rose
A new and glorious morn’
He shines on me and now I know
I’ll never feel the thorns

 Dec 2018
Your sins
- forgiven
Christ is
XXII. Risen King
Six-word poetry challenge for the seasons.
 Dec 2018
Dylan McFadden
I pray that you will daily see
The God who fashioned you and me
Who formed the stars and gave us breath
Who’s sovereign over life and death

He is supreme and He is Love
Fulfills His purpose from Above
A Grand Design! A Perfect Plan!
Holding all things in His hand

His care is deep; His pleasures, sweet
Into which I pray you’ll sink
Deep and deep…and deeper still
Adore Him always; seek His will

He calls you “child” – loves you much
And so much so He loved you such:
When you were yet a rebel to
The heart of God, Christ died for you

A chosen soul, a chosen Bride
“Born that man no more may die!”
He gave His life for all His Sheep
He sowed it all that we might reap

Might reap new life and strength to run
To glorify God’s Only Son
To speak of Truth and sing with joy:
“In death, death has been destroyed!”

So, see the riches of His grace
By which you have beheld His face
He opened your blind eyes to see
Now daily look, and with Him, be

He’ll hold you safe until the end
No one can ****** you from His hand
He runs to meet you – draws you near
And daily whispers, “Do not fear”

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