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 Apr 2022
uzzi obinna
Made the decision to cut certain ties,
when it became a must that I have to rise;
Now the dream's clearer and I will outshine,
yes the divine agenda in my master's design;

It's family first at every cost,
never making the same mistakes of those who lost;
some thought I could not make it so I paid them in full,
Now I am getting there so tell me who is the fool;

whether I live long or die at any time,
may my successes prove that I reached  my prime;
grow too big to associate with your people,
it's nothing but the start of a type of evil;

Never drag anyone with you when going up,
let them come running with you or else you drop;
its hard to balance it all in this world we live in,
with the hustling everyday you are lucky to be breathing;

your friends are too desperate and afraid to wait,
do not look up to me cos I can't dictate your fate;
I do what I can to disperse everything I have,
there are too many of you and I don't know who to starve;

They depend on me but I fail sometimes and fall real low cos I am just a man,
hell I don't know if the stop sign will be at my doorstep tomorrow and yes all I had was a plan:

And when some thought they had it all and rubbed it on my face,
I was laughed at and scorned, given everything short of a praise;
it didn't matter then and sure as hell don't matter after all these years'
except it only matters cos it sparked the fire that led me here;

it's very hard to love in a world full of fakes and hate,
keep a pure heart or else you break and seize to elevate;
Try not to Lord your opinion cos you don't know it all,
keep your heart open and know when to build a wall;

If we all contribute a little good we could fix this world(1),
but what is right or wrong when we all have different gods;
become great or die trying(2), leave no stone unturned,
resilience is one of the ways that success is earned;

better to try and fail than not to try at all,
start from something and despise nothing small,
and when it comes to deciding to cut ties,
may it be a decision made by a wise.
references made: (2)Curtis "50 cent" Jackson, (1) Evelyn Beatrice Hall(1868-1956)-the friends of Voltaire (1906) Ch 8. page 221.
 Mar 2022
Keyana Brown
In my daily life
I consumed so many pills
to ease my troubles
I'm frozen as I remained still.

~It isn't enough

In the middle of
my dose,
Lord you were there
when I needed you the most
because of you
my mood is not so cold
everyday you always
remind me I'm never alone.

He set the rain
to my fire
whenever I lack love
or even desire
He was there
as my protector
when my mind
wasn't sheltered.

When people
don't find me equal
Lord uplift my story
and enhance my sequal.

He's love
He's my will
He's better
than a happy pill.
 Feb 2022
Keyana Brown
Your stress
is not
my stress.

Your worry
is not
my worry.

Your brain
is not
my brain.

Your fire
is blue
while mine
is red.

Your eyes
are wet
while mine
are dry.

Your animals
are caged
while mine
are free.

As you
can tell
it doesn't
faze me.
Don't let people's problems be your problems.
 Nov 2021
Maria Diola
Unmerited favor
Gained through faith in
The Son's labor
Ephesians 2:8, For it is by free grace (God’s unmerited favor) that you are saved (delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ’s salvation) through [your] faith. And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [of your own doing, it came not through your own striving], but it is the gift of God.
 Aug 2021
Dylan McFadden
That fateful day, It slipperily slunk,
The shrewd and crafty Beast

And with Its slithery tongue It struck
Two hearts, and hell released

A fateful day! A fateful dint!
…The Fall of the Beloved

But then and there One gave the hint
Of rescue from Above


That fateful day the Beast would bite
The heel of The Great King

But He, in turn, would crush Its head –
Death’s prisoners would sing:

“The fateful Day eternity told,  
Foreknown before the world!

The Lion came, brave and bold –
The Lamb slain from of old!”


And so, that fateful day was but
A part in the Grand Scheme

One fateful Day He’d come indeed
To ransom and redeem

That fateful Day upon a cross
He breathed His final breath:

“It is finished!” was His cry;
The death of death in death.

 Jul 2021
Steve Page
A cup of promise
A cup of wrath
One cup he offers
One cup he took
Luke 22.20 vs Mark 14.36
 Jan 2021
Keyana Brown
God is now the artist
I surrenderd
my paint brush
to him.

I will
no longer
let society
the media
or even myself
paint an image
that is impossible
for me to be

I'm not my scars
I'm not my torso
I'm not my face
I'm not my thighs
      I'm not even my race

For I am only his muse
and not ours.
Go to the mirror and tell yourself you are wonderfully made.
 Oct 2020
Keyana Brown
I was made to be
a conqueror
in a world that's
I was made to
I was made to
have patience

God sent me
to love
and to be patient
on obstacles that
held me back
for I'm reminded
that I'm not alone
and im still alive.
 Apr 2020
Keyana Brown
Think think!
Think of a time
when you had a friend
one negative thought
will make your friendship end
if you think your mind is negative
then think again,
all this bitterness inside
must come to an end.

Echo echo!
Echoing voices inside your head
the words clogging up your ears
after all the books you read
you believe there are more words
that hasn't been said
if so, don't overthink it
don't drown yourself with dread.

Dream Dream!
Dream about achievement
never over relax
don't chase your dreams by sleeping.

Hope Hope!
Hope won't bring you low
you say it's pointless
believe me I know,
always stay positive for
god will shine a light on you
and make your confidence glow.

Imagine imagine!
Imagine a day without stress
if everyday was a vacation,
you couldn't careless
picture your mindset again
it's not a torn up mess,
fiill your thoughts
with happiness and nevertheless.

Love love!
Love from the work of God,
he taught you much
loving him wasn't so hard
but loving other people is
that why he made you smart
by managing your feelings
he has given you a clean heart.

Believe Believe!
Believe in God and yourself
God loves you as aspie
he gave you multiples of talents
of what he trained you to be.
Happy Autism Awareness Month!
 Apr 2020
Keyana Brown
I am so afraid
of getting hurt,
by the people I trust
which can be the worst.

I am so afraid of
being lured into the culture,
it's eating and striping me
like a vulture.

I am mostly afraid
of being...

But these fears
are uncompared to
what I have in God.

I fear God
because of his power
I fear God
because he's a mighty tower
I fear God
because he's here to protect
I fear God
because of that,
I vow to give him respect

I fear God
because he saved me
from the shadows of death
and I owe him all my love
for he is the best.
The true meaning of how to fear God versus what some non-believers do when they fear God.
 Feb 2020
I run to the Cross, to lay my sins at your feet.

I run to the Cross, where the healing began.

I run to the Cross, where I always find Freedom.

I run to the Cross, where my new life has begun.

I run to the Cross, where my new Hope pour out.

I run to the Cross, and never looked back since.

I run to the Cross, my old life was a bitter pill.
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