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uzzi obinna Apr 2022
Made the decision to cut certain ties,
when it became a must that I have to rise;
Now the dream's clearer and I will outshine,
yes the divine agenda in my master's design;

It's family first at every cost,
never making the same mistakes of those who lost;
some thought I could not make it so I paid them in full,
Now I am getting there so tell me who is the fool;

whether I live long or die at any time,
may my successes prove that I reached  my prime;
grow too big to associate with your people,
it's nothing but the start of a type of evil;

Never drag anyone with you when going up,
let them come running with you or else you drop;
its hard to balance it all in this world we live in,
with the hustling everyday you are lucky to be breathing;

your friends are too desperate and afraid to wait,
do not look up to me cos I can't dictate your fate;
I do what I can to disperse everything I have,
there are too many of you and I don't know who to starve;

They depend on me but I fail sometimes and fall real low cos I am just a man,
hell I don't know if the stop sign will be at my doorstep tomorrow and yes all I had was a plan:

And when some thought they had it all and rubbed it on my face,
I was laughed at and scorned, given everything short of a praise;
it didn't matter then and sure as hell don't matter after all these years'
except it only matters cos it sparked the fire that led me here;

it's very hard to love in a world full of fakes and hate,
keep a pure heart or else you break and seize to elevate;
Try not to Lord your opinion cos you don't know it all,
keep your heart open and know when to build a wall;

If we all contribute a little good we could fix this world(1),
but what is right or wrong when we all have different gods;
become great or die trying(2), leave no stone unturned,
resilience is one of the ways that success is earned;

better to try and fail than not to try at all,
start from something and despise nothing small,
and when it comes to deciding to cut ties,
may it be a decision made by a wise.
references made: (2)Curtis "50 cent" Jackson, (1) Evelyn Beatrice Hall(1868-1956)-the friends of Voltaire (1906) Ch 8. page 221.
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
I wish I could speak words that assuage
But I’m nothing but an introvert
I’ve accepted this and that’s ok
I’ll type the words out in hopes of an alert
That you have read and agreed
At least that’s something I want to believe
But who am I kidding you don’t follow me
So I will admire from afar and dream
Of you
My sweet
Rafael Melendez Sep 2016
You are my Dante, you are my Vergil, you are my Beatrice, you are my devil. You are the spineless and endless tortured souls of men and woman who form horizons that never seem to end. You are the hung bodies in the trees of death, you are Cleopatra and Antony. In that never ending tornado of lust, cursed to spin and spin, conjoined in cursed love. You are the undeserving unborn who are tortured before they've ever even breathed dear life.

And I, I am only another accursed undead.
ChrstnMrcno Apr 2015
Many people say this to me:
"The person you became with her,
it is worth being."
Who knew she could change me?

She was beautiful,
She was brave.
She never asked to be the hero
but many people remember her as one.

Every time I think of her
I fall to my knees and cry.
Every part of me screams for one more glance,
One more word, one more kiss.

She is braver than anyone I know.
Smarter than anyone else realizes.
She is a secret that I have kept,
and will keep for the rest of my life.

— The End —