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 Feb 2016
I joke about being lonely all the time, but I don't think anybody gets that it isn't a joke anymore.
***** this.
 Feb 2016
Jasmin Thomas
I see you in my tea,
Because before you would be here, sipping and smiling with me.
And I see you in the flowers,
Because we'd sit amongst the poppies for hours, speaking  over the breeze.
Oh, I see you in the forest,
Because your eyes, they stole their colour from the trees.
Melancholy memories.
 Feb 2016
I'm tired of silently suffering and struggling
 Feb 2016
I am my own downfall.
 Feb 2016
Julie Langlais
A delicate warm embrace
Kiss my heart
Freeze my tears
Dissolve my pain
Steal my seclusion
Feel my heart skip
Touch my vulnerability
Sooth my delicate soul
Let my spirit cuddle yours with love.
Wrap and restore me
In the softness of affection.

© Jl 2016
I think we can all use this kind of hug from someone we deeply love. Especially when robbed from this love and affection as children.
 Feb 2016
Bianca Reyes
Twenty-six letters in the alphabet
Restrain me in creativity of expression
But I'll use all variations of them
To express every possible emotion
Because I am so free and so big
Made up of small infinities
I want to love with intensity
And hurt just the same
I'll burn every letter on paper
As it burns in my heart
For you all to see that I am the letters
And also everything in between
Shared on Hello Poetry on January 29, 2016
Copywrite under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved

Blah blah blah
Enjoy. Maybe?
 Feb 2016
Arlo Disarray
I am just a poet
Not your future friend
Not your soulmate
I'm not a hero
Not someone who is going to make great changes in the world

You don't know what you think you know about me
My words are just words

Some are mine,
some yours
Some his, hers
Some are stolen,
twisted around until they're something else

I am just a poet
Not a butterfly landing on your cheek
when you're feeling small and weak

No, I am just a poet

There is truth in every lie
But you don't know a thing about me

I take other people's truths and turn them into my lies, my lines, my stories

I hear the voice of the world and I store it in my mind
for later times
when I may feel the need to sit and write out rhymes

I am just a poet
and nothing more
I wrote this in my head today while at work and had to store it there until I had a chance to write it out.
 Feb 2016
DaSH the Hopeful
Narcolepsy* hard and heavy watch me fall asleep
            Lulled to bed in a cunning thread of the tangled web we weave
    I dream in pristine colors, windows of my mind anew
No fingerprints or ***** looks or evidence of you

         I find comfort in forever wherever it may be
        I may have left my home but it will always stay with me
                 The smell of all the smoke with the sound of all the rain
   On constant playback every second deep within my brain

        I found that time is all that matters and everything else faded
        I spent years and years learning how to forget everything I hated
    I've only gotten older and have nothing left to show
              Except a ringing alarm clock and blood on my pillow

Narcolepsy** hard and heavy watch me as I sleep
     Another pill, another high, another date to keep
      If I shall die before I wake, I hope that I'm with you
    Then it won't matter where I go, cause you will see me through

— The End —