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embla May 2016
And truly, it is an unnerving feeling to be both absolutely infuriated and completely, utterly heartbroken.
embla May 2016
I've been gone so long
I can barely say
All I know is now I want to stay
Has it been too long since I went away?
Cause I'm trying to find the words but I can barely say
the fray
embla May 2016
"Love you, see you Monday"

You immediately came back after your response in our emotion-charged talk and told me this.
My immediate reaction upon reading this simple line was to laugh (out of shock and happiness, of course), but it was immediately followed by unforeseen cying - no, *sobbing
- because you finally made it crystal clear.
I knew you cared about me.
They've been trying to convince me you don't, but I knew better.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  May 2016 embla
Jimmy Hegan
Everlasting  joys are flowing like a river,
More abundant life, the Comforter has come.
Glory! Hallelujah! He abides for ever,
Spread it far and wide, the Comforter has come.

Comforter divine, blessed Holy Ghost,
Promise of the Father, fill this waiting host;
Overcoming sin, purity within,
Joy to overflowing - this is Pentecost.

Saints of old they tarried in the upper chamber,
Thirsting for the Spirit all with one accord;
Tongues of fire descended , we shall ever remember;
Power of Pentecost that brought the glory down.

So to-day we're waiting , for the gift from heaven,
Send the latter rain, Oh! fill us now we pray,
Purifying Fire now purge us from all leaven,
Comforter divine , descend on us to-day.

When the Holy Ghost makes His abode within us,
All desires for worldly pleasures fade away;
Fleshy lust and anger crucified within us,
Power to overcome,He gives us from that day.
embla May 2016
I always saw stars in your eyes, but now.. my God, they're even brighter. They're so much brighter.
embla May 2016
Sure, I can say whatever I want behind a phone screen and you'll never know otherwise.
But if you told me to look you in the eyes and sincerely say I didn't love you still, I couldn't do it.
I want you to ask.
  May 2016 embla
Nathan Pival
How absurd is it to believe in a thing called love?
It creates hope and despair
It could be for a certain band
Or the smell of someone's hair
It can get you killed
Or show you how to live
The hardest thing to try to define
Sometimes it can take a lifetime
It's tangible because you can feel it
You can see it
Taste it, touch it, smell it, and can hold it
You can hear it
We all know when it's gone
There are much more absurd things to believe in
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