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PoetryLover Feb 2018
Ilang beses ko na  bnag sinabi sa sarili ko na huling iyak ko na to tapos tahan na?
Ilang beses mo na bag dinurog ung puso ko para buuin ko lang nang paulit-uliit?
Ilang beses pa ba akong magpapanggap na wala na pake hanggang sa maramdaman mo namang pagpapanggap lang lahat ng ginagawa ko?
Ilang beses pa ba akong magsisinungaling para lang maintindihan mo ung gustong isigaw ng puso ko pero hindi ko masabi sa'yo?
PoetryLover Feb 2018
You tell me words I didn't expect to hear
but now you're shutting your mouth as if I haven't been dear
All these words describe you from the moment you decided to do the things I haven't been ready for,
but seems like you care no more.
You're out of words when I pour my heart out
because you're guilty and feeling sorry
for destroying me unknowingly.
You never know how much pain it caused me when you decided to end those "feelings" you had
even the friendship that made me glad or sad?
I know you.
You can never hurt someone.
But I'm not someone so you chose to hurt me.
And I wasn't ready.
Who was anyway?
It's just that, I never saw it coming because i invested so much trust and all I gained was this situation where we must measure distance with each other
and never dare to bother
if it was fine,
just considering it was right.
But what if the right thing to do means to sacrifice everything since day one?
This is so wrong.
PoetryLover Mar 2016
'twas soon to summer
a message came about midnight
my heart skips a beat
and made a response instantly
what have gotten into you
that made you do the things you're doing
can't decipher, it's out of the blue
but i love it the way you just do

consecutive, almost sleepless nights
randomly throwing questions
partly answering honestly
no, not yet, it's too early
to answer such questions out of your curiosity
but why me

we're talking about our personal lives
and not just simply about books and grades we strive
you talk about things we've never discussed before
you're too vivid and rigid and plain
you have gotten ill, expressive, but you can't explain
the real reason you felt that way towards her
you said the wrong is in you and not in her
you said that you don't wanna see her cry
but you're weak on your own and can't deny
that you almost want to end or just fly
you almost made a decision, you ugly buddy

scream, yell, be loud, rejoice
he's confused, he's out of his mind, he's talking to you
he put his trust in you
with that, i almost forget that you're not free
unlike me
weep, comfort him, and be next to him
he's serious, he's suffering
and he needed me, to help him decide
and i'm the stupid one
the most stupid person ever

the next day you're just fine and both of you we're fine
and told me that you're back to the old you
that it's not bothering you anymore
and i felt a drop in my cheeks
and i felt my whole world freeze
and i felt myself no more
i felt myself, wait, where's myself?
i can't find it anymore.
PoetryLover Dec 2015
stuck in the corner
so difficult to escape
cold darkness inside
PoetryLover Dec 2015
Stuck in the corner
So difficult to escape
Cold darkness inside
PoetryLover Dec 2015
one soul, mind and heart
four hands combined when two was wrapped with the other
three years and counting to infinity.
PoetryLover Dec 2015
Eyes can lie but mouth is more sinful than eyes
Words can be bright but it can paralyze
Eyes can smile but mouth is more deceitful than eyes
Words can fright but it can conceptualize

By staring at one's eyes can see some feelings
An expression that can't be uttered through mouth
Minimal can do it
But not right at all times
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