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Michelle Oct 2015
solar systems.
we are just one of the many in the universe.
but in the mess of planets and stars,
i found you.
  Oct 2015 Michelle
Eroshu Homaj
Eating truth is like going to bed hungry.
It will hurt until you fall asleep.
And it will hurt twice as much waking up.
Michelle Sep 2015
love me in words and phrases
until you can no longer sing
mercy mercy mercy
i crave your love
mercy baby
  Sep 2015 Michelle
Aishwarya Nair
There are parts of me
aching to be touched again,
but only by you.
Michelle Sep 2015
baby lie with me
with your hand
beneath my back
your gentle fingertips tracing
the outline of my ribs on my
bare chest

i've got my hand on
your chest
i can feel each
your heart fluttering gently like
a caged butterfly

the sun melts
like watercolour behind the hills
and we continue
to lie
just the two of

there was no
only the
of the
i need someone to feel eternal bliss with
Michelle Sep 2015
you were my second skin
the familiar warmth
the comforting caress
the soft sound that rang like bluebells in my ears

and now you're gone
a void of cold, bitter air
the comfort no longer lingers
your song no longer sings

all that's left is a sliver of your touch
a slight warmth encapsulated by a cold frost
it still warms my chest
i'll be okay
originally published on my main blog on wordpress
  Jul 2014 Michelle
I fell asleep to the sound of the ocean

the waves reminded me of the way you repetitively touched me -

softly and fiercely, all in one motion

and I wish I could feel that same exhilaration one more time

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