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Chloe James Apr 2019
Sweet reminiscing.
Skipping stones on tranquil lakes.
Sweet tea and biscuits.
I can still appreciate a good cup of tea. When i was younger i used to shovel as many sugars as i possibly could into my tea and now the thought nauseates me. In our local park we have a lovely little nature walk and at the end of the path there's a lake. My brother and i used to try and skip stones on it, we weren't very good as you can probably imagine.
Chloe James Apr 2019
They shrivel and fall.
The leaves crunch beneath my feet
to be born again.
Autumn is my favourite season.
Chloe James Apr 2019
Chilly timberland.
A silent, little mouse squeaks
as a fierce wolf howls.
Another one...
Chloe James Apr 2019
hibiscus flowers
trace my skin, they're silky smooth
on a summers day.
Another Haiku. Turns out i write a lot of these but i keep them in my drafts. They're not impressive, but they're short and sweet. Just like a haiku should be.
Chloe James Apr 2019
I get lost in your words.
When I'm with you,
I can spread my wings like an adventurous bird.
I get lost in your eyes.
When I'm with you,
I soar through the sky like a bewitching butterfly.
I get lost in you.
Oh, if only you knew.
About someone i loved deeply in the past.
Chloe James Apr 2019
I'm sinking further and further until it completely consumes me.
Now i no longer exist.
I suffocate as i try to find my way back to reality.
But, no matter how hard i try i can't escape my mind.
I'm in a Prison.
thoughts flying through my mind at a speed like no other.
You're worthless.
Why are you even trying?
You're making a fool of yourself.
Everyone's watching you struggle.
You're Pathetic.
And only when i fleet the scene can i put my grasp back around reality.
Until what happens today repeats itself.
It's my normality.
I struggle with anxiety, but writing really helps take my mind off things.
Chloe James Apr 2019
Frustration like knots in a perfect string of thread.
Only i know what it's like to feel that dread.
The vicious creature will deprive you of the truth.
Now the audience will only see me as aloof.
It seems I'm the only one that is sincere.
But none of them listen as they all adhere.
I now fabricate the knots on my perfect string of thread.
As now all the hope in my heart has been left dead.
Sometimes being alone is a good thing.
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