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Words mumbled.
Thoughts kept secret.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, I scream
under muffled breath.
I'll get some sleep,
maybe when I'm dead.
But for now
I'm just stuck
in my own head.
 May 2016 AnolikeAkau
How sweet are the lilies she grips in her hands
As white as her dress in the moonlight
Yet she inhales harshly through her withering lungs
She gazes towards the sky with tearing eyes
The cold emptiness burning inside her chest
She whispers the words under her breath
"One day I will be the lucky one"
"One day I will be the lucky one"
"One day I will be the lucky one"
The words float to the sky
The lilies turn red
She has no control over her head
She drops to the ground and the grass becomes her bed
Staring at the moon she crys once more
"One day I will be the lucky one"
Hoping with all her might that it will come true
And her life was taken too soon
By the knife they call depression
The bullet they call sorrow
The rope they call lonliness
And if your heart is beating
Then you are the lucky one
Because most of us are bleeding from self-destruction
 May 2016 AnolikeAkau
All an act
 May 2016 AnolikeAkau
Everyone thinks they live a happy life
A roller coaster that only goes up
But don't you know?
Behind the cheers and the laughter
The loudest and happiest people
Just put on a show
For others to enjoy
To tell the world
It hasn't got the best of them
Yet deep inside
They've lost
Defeated by their own demons
Thoughts, feelings
All in their heads
Poisoning them
Nonetheless they continue
To live
To laugh
To try
Until the happiness they show
Will actually be genuine someday
 May 2016 AnolikeAkau
Just Me R
Sorrow is when your angel weeps for your soul.
Because you gave up and became cold
There once was a meadow
It made me feel mellow
So I said hello,
From the other side.
The side of darkness and despair
The carcass of a dead hare
I never used to care
About the the flowers that were there
 May 2016 AnolikeAkau
We started a conversation
Many years ago
It never really ended
There was always
More to go.

It's in our conversation
It's in the eyes we both behold
Whole world's inside
Our conversation
They just continue to unfold.

Some may call it love
Some may call it
Talk talk talk
We started a conversation
And until it's ended
I have no where else to go.

may change
Friends and names
may come and go
We all grow old.

Our connection
Started many years ago
It never really ended
There is always
more to go.

The  mountains
have called us
The ocean too
It's on these walks
I talk with you

One more conversation
And maybe we'll be through
But first I know
I will be listening to you

We started a conversation
Many years ago
It never really ended
There is still always more to go.
when the night comes silently
and all the world is asleep and still,
when the minutes and seconds
are suspended and slowed down
and the city becomes a whisper,
that is when i wake up.
night time is my time
to feel, to cry, to think, to write,
to be myself, by myself,
on my own terms.
by day i am a walker,
a zombie, a nothing,
just waiting
for the lights to go out.
in the darkness, i am
a beacon of light.

in darkness i am the light.
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