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 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Mr Himel
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Mr Himel
I will always speak the truth
No matter how you feel
You might think I am rude
But I will always speak the truth

I won't be fake with you using lies
I won't be sweet as you want
I don't care about your mood
But I will always speak the truth

Truth is a bitter but better way
For the reality of our personality
I won't add sugar to your sweet tooth
But I will always speak the truth

You can hate me if you want
Call me all sorts of names
You might call me a crude
But I will always speak the truth
I like to read your comments.
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
I'm stressed out
I'm tired
And emotionally

My body can't handle
The hell my mind produces
As it is weaker

Have you ever felt
Like you're so tired
That you could sleep for days,
Maybe even weeks,
And still, be exhausted?

My body is that
Of a young adult
But my mental state is that
Of a five-year-old

I can act like an adult
But it makes me
So, so tired

It takes up all of my energy
To act as an adult
For an hour
I don't understand

I feel like
I haven't ever slept
In my entire life
As my eyelids grow heavier and heavier

I could sleep standing
As my energy disappears
In front of my eyes

I need a Monster
Or coffee
Or both
Just to make it through the day
But it's so so bad for you
To run on caffeine

I just want to quit
Because my anxiety
Takes up to much energy
I want to be better
And not get so tired
Every time I try to function
At the age I am

I'm just so...


I don't understand
And I feel like
I'm all...


As I'm pulled under
Into a dream like sleep
Where I close my eyes
And pictures instantly play
Behind my eyelids

I can't control it
I'm trying
But I don't know

I'm just so tired
And emotionally
And I don't know
How to handle it
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Aubrey Co
Why do I have to fall in love?
Why can't I just I just stop?
Tell me God from above
Why can't he be a slop?

Why is he a gentleman?
Why does he listen well?
But he's a ladies man
And I just fell

He doesn't feel the same
Yet he sympathizes
Doesn't put me to shame
Even gives advices

Love is twisted
Not the kindest
Maybe gifted
Even to the wisest
For my one-sided love...
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Mr Himel
Don't know why do I love rain
Maybe 'cause it takes away my pain
Don't know why do I love you
Maybe 'cause you gave me something new

From now on, you are my desire to live
From now on, my heart is there to give
From now on, only you will give me hope
I love you most, 'cause your love is so dope
I like to read your comments
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Mr Himel
You made me yours by a wink
I fell for you before I could think
You trap me in a web of romance
I will be yours just give me a chance

Your sweetness is driving me insane
It's your ex's lose and it's my gain
I will get this chance never again
I will be there beside you in every pain
I like to read your comments
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Mr Himel
You won't believe when I said "I love you baby"
When I asked if you feel the same and you said "Maybe"

I feel so special in your heart, I will never let that feeling away
My world went upside down, when you said "I love you bae"

Say it one more time, I wanna hear "I love you"
Many loved you already but you loved only few

You made the happiest man in the universe
Don't ever stay away, my world will go back to worse
I like to read your comments
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Maia Vasconez
Hija morena
Con los ojos de lodo,
Y piel oscura de café con ron.
Los labios manchados rojos.
-?Es sangre o vino?-
Me mira con los ojos podridos
Y dice,
-Lo que tu quieras-


Darker daughter
Eyes like mud,
Skin like black coffee and ***.
Her lips stained red.
I ask,
"Is it blood or just wine"?
She looks at me with rotting eyes.
"Whichever you want it to be".
Make more bilingual poetry guys! Hac Himel convinced me to post this, shout out 2 him.
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Fatimah Mehr
I know I have to let you go,
For the reasons I don't know...
Does love always have to be logical?
If so, why do they say it's magical...
We are miles apart and,
time is like running sand.
I don't know if I'll see you again, And would it be a loss or gain?
Sometimes, it's like I'm giving up all...
The rising hopes for you suddenly fall!
My mind drifts away to somebody else...
But my heart screams out at the mess.
Late at night, when the moon is full and shiny,
And I'm alone, I wonder about my destiny!
What it would be really at the high time
It's like tossing to get head or tail of a dime!
Should I then really let go...?
Only thinking about it is, painful oh!
I simply don't know and it ain't fair...
Like an unheard voice, hung in mid-air.
 Dec 2016 Anne Kho
Mr Himel
Hiding in a mask of smile
I cry without any sound
Covering my face in blanket
When there is nobody around

I should not cry like a baby
Because crying is for weak
But my heart feels much better
When my eyes take a leak
I like to read your comments.
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