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Mr Himel Feb 2021
Don't tell me why you're so far away
Why I broke my heart alone
You don't know, she is mine,
My dreams are cloudy, there's no sun.

On the wall, I was there,
Looking for you
Hide behind, where you are lost
I understand you will not come back.

How many nights have passed in darkness,
I don't know how to explain the morning meeting?
How much sleep has been mixed is unknown
Only my two eyes knows what is wrong.
#it was a song translation
Mr Himel Apr 2017
I feel blessed
I feel I am important
I feel alive
I feel this is just a dream
I want more
I want to explore the world
I want to achieve something
Which has never been dreamed before
I like to know your comments.
Mr Himel Apr 2017
I have been out of this website
To get some focus on my goal
Now I have returned to this platform
The look is changed, with the same soul
I love to spend my time on this club,
Full of really special bunch of poem makers
You can now start a conversation with anyone
This poem will help you as the ice breakers
I like to know your comments.
Mr Himel Jan 2017
When I see her smiling,
She makes me smile too
She is not just cute & innocent,
She is pretty & beautiful too

My emotions are connected now,
With her heart and her feeling
She found me, when I was wounded
And she was there for my healing
Please post your feedback.
Mr Himel Jan 2017
A boy riding a bicycle was crossing the country border
The border guard stopped him and checked his bag
Found nothing but a bag of salt, guard let him go

Again next day the boy was riding a bicycle
With a bag of salt, the guard let him go again
This same process went on and on, for weeks

One day the guard checked him
To see if it was real salt or drugs
After some test, the guard found out,
That it was simple salt and nothing else
The boy was actually taking away a new bicycle everyday
But the guard has no idea,
Because he was deceived by the bag of salt.
Mr Himel Jan 2017
I won't go, on the way you show
I will go with the flow
Where I am going, you will never know
I will go, where I gotta go

Whatever I touch, it starts to glow
It was a desert first, but now it's snow
And I am going fast, you are going slow
I will go, where I gotta go
I like to read your comments
Mr Himel Jan 2017
When she left, I felt so hurt
It just hit me inside so deep
She hit the door on my face
For a promise that I couldn't keep

I couldn't say bye or anything else
She kicked me away so fast
I loved her once and for all
And it will be my last
I like to read your comments.
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