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Fatimah Mehr Jan 2017
Words destroy what I want to say,
What should I ask for in my pray?
You have bestowed me with endless...
Be it salt or saffron, I have all with Your bless.
I have faith; I will wait for the time,
For Thou to make him mine.
Fatimah Mehr Dec 2016
He gives, I take;
He wrongs the 'give n take'.
'Haps my thirst is quenched,
Or the oasis is a mirage.
Finding You is not dificil,
For those who do!
For me yet, it ain't easy too.
Tue, Aug 21, 2012
Fatimah Mehr Dec 2016
Because this heart just loves,
Furtively yet habitually.
The passion for love so intense:
it creates the beloved!
In the imagination alone;
Falls for imagined beaux.
This heart simply loves...
It ain't capable of any otherwise...
Or even if were, it'd credit love!
Fatimah Mehr Dec 2016
My love is tacit,
You gotta know it.
I never said, 'I love you',
But read what my
Eyes convey you!
We never quarreled,
Nor did we fight;
Then why do you ignore me,
With all your might?
There, you sit laughing and merry-making,
Here, I'm a loner and my inside's breaking.
At the glimpse of me;
You pout and grumble,
Without realizing that
My love for you is eternal.
My love is tacit,
You HAVE to know it,
And when once you get it,
I'd be the luckiest on the planet!
Written on Aug 26, 2010
Fatimah Mehr Dec 2016
I wanna tell you that I'd wait for you,
Yet how will you know for I can't tell you
I can feel and dream you every night,
But nobody knows that due to my fright.
I wish I could say this out loud,
But unlike other girls, I'm a bit proud.
I miss you every hour of the day,
Knowing that you're pretty faraway...
Oh, my God, help me out,
Guide him to me or blot him out!
Written on Oct 14, 2010
Fatimah Mehr Dec 2016
I had a little something in the left of my chest,
I'd overcome it so ignoring it is the best.
Little by little that something grew bigger.
The thought of someone knowing, made me shiver.
I acted as though I didn't care...
The pain that I endure, oh; it ain't fair!
Every night I'd to battle with my heart,
Telling it to give up before it may hurt.
This crush was like chemistry;
What lay in your eyes, was a mystery.
Just when it was very foggy and blur;
And lights of hope were to disappear...
The sky cleared away like after a rainfall,
As two minutes' silence between us said it all!
Written on March 14, 2011
Fatimah Mehr Dec 2016
I know a girl, who likes a guy,
She's really crazy for him
But wouldn't ever tell him
The little beauty is too shy

I know a girl, who likes a guy,
But hardly talks to him; ever.
Though when he speaks to her,
She's over the moon, up in the sky.

I know a girl, who likes a guy,
And her feelings fro him are strong,
As she looks at him for long,
From the corner of her eye.

I know a girl, who likes a guy,
And prays for their unison,
Don't tell this tale to anyone!
'Cuz it's no one else's but my ;)
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