Anaya c 1d

i know not anything about you
yet i am afraid of knowing the truth
if i'd heard the words roll off of your tongue
you didn't love me
like a dandelion after losing off all of it's seeds
and seemingly unlimited wishes
i would lose
all of my dignity

the truth hurts
Anaya c 3d

the world
cruel enough to place an image into your mind
you aren't enough
when we are all born
so unique
we should welcome the idea
such discrepancy
meets no standards

welcome change
Anaya c 6d

when the butterflies settle
and the uneasiness stops coming
keep in mind
you spent an eternity of nights thinking about them once
you would rehearse all of the things you'd say
when that time finally came
you tore open every book about romance
every sunrise and sunset you thought up the sun kissing them
would be so gracious
don't come here thinking they aren't the one
when once
you wanted endless life with them

staying committed
Anaya c Jan 12

i could make you out with the most graceful words
and still
they wouldn't do half the job

feelings are incredible.
Anaya c Jan 12

every corner of my mind
blooming sunflowers
every time
i think about you

exposing myself
Anaya c Jan 12

you are everything
followed by the word

  Jan 11 Anaya c

The sun hit your face in such a way I forgot what we were talking about.. I felt it in my chest.. My eyes told me, " This is what beautiful is."

Light on your face
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