Anaya c Dec 6
winter days are passing
and the air feels a little more bitter
debilitated by losing you
i am kept awake each night
the hurt keeps me busy during the day
the days had gone by too fast
the days i had you last
had i known
i would've taken my heart back
Anaya c Dec 3
i am absent with myself
because i am too busy
fulfilling the needs
of other people
i am emptying myself to fill you
  Aug 28 Anaya c
elle jaxsun
we grab too tightly
at that which is not ours.

and wish so hard for hearts
with heads lost in the stars.

reach out for some attention
from minds racing fast as cars.

seek love and affection
from hearts trapped behind bars.

forgetting to look in the mirror
and first mend our own scars.
Anaya c Jul 29
i remember the time moderately
as we sat outside of our small apartment
conversing about some memories prior
she would laugh some
and her smile set the sun
i still remember
when the night came
the moon overheard our conversations
the sky full of stars
and after that night
when the universe took her
something bigger than my small life was ripped from me
i was six
too young to feel as i did
the sky became moonless
i became inconsequential
with her i had everything
without her
i have not a thing
it feels like an empty life
Anaya c Jul 28
you owe yourself
getting through every tough night on your own
withstanding taking your life
confining your thoughts of the negative ones
reminding yourself there is so much more to live for
not depriving yourself the future blessings and memories
that are soon to be reality
you are absolutely wondrous
you are everything you need
Anaya c Mar 10
when there was nothing but the truth
left to be seen
Anaya c Feb 12
i can not write you into a poem
no matter how hard i try
my words fall too short
with every line i write
i cannot bring words
to their finest meaning
when the words alone
are inferior to you
its simply impossible
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