Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2016

Humbled by life
Not by strife
All the same
Holding blame
Each unique
Let us speak
From the ground
All around
Rising now
Help us how?
No oppression
Free expression
Let us see
What will be

Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2016

Failures all around
What a way to lose your crown
Confidence not found
Hard to fight when you're feeling down
Success is great revenge
But it feels like its all pretend
Now its time to change
Rise up and get things rearranged

Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2016

Emotions swirling inside of me
Outlets not what I need to be
So much I feel like it's blindng me
Keeping my heart from flying free

Sometimes it's hard when you're doing well
Watching family go through hell
The same ones who were there when I fell
How will it go? Time will tell

Balance, here is the key
I'll help you. You helped me
I want to do more but honestly
I still have my own kids to feed

Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2016

How did I become such a loser
How can I make my life better
How can I get all this done
How long can I go on

Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2016

I saw her eyes tear up as she recognized the signs
Trying not to scare us but it's not my first time
Selfish thoughts, what am I going to do
And thoughts of my baby and how she'll pull through
I am so scared I can't even express
Remembering last time and all the stress

Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2016

The world spins around but I'm left behind
Always from the darkness I find inside
Screaming for help trying to survive
Ending alone my comfort's my mind

I don't want your lies telling me I'm great
You try to appease but its far too late
I am failing, no room for debate
Opinion without action won't help me relate

I take responsibility when things go wrong
Working hard and carrying on
Trying to learn when help is gone
Comfortable lies won't help me be strong

I don't understand why some tell people that they're doing great when it is obviously not true.
Renee 'Wisera' Jun 2016

People come when skies are grey
When their problems won't go away
Never accused of a fair weather friend
I'm the one who sticks to the end
But when their stormy skies have cleared
I'm alone, no one comes near

Why am I so easy to forget?
Why is it always not yet?
I always feel left behind
When is it going to be my time?

Feeling forgetable
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