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Lauramihaela Oct 11
I’m not more grateful
For the nurturing warmth of the sun
After a long winter
Than I am for the soothing shade
On a scorching day.
I love the yin and yang-
There is no good and bad
But thinking that makes it so.
Lauramihaela Sep 22
I want to drown in sleep
Hold me down under a sea of dreams
I’m tired of this insomniaic mess
Lauramihaela Sep 2
Men push yet
We rise
Men push and press yet
We rise
Men push, press, choke yet
We rise
Men push, press, choke, hold down yet
We rise
Men push, press, choke, hold down, tear yet
We rise
Men push, press, choke, hold down, tear, scrape yet
We rise
Men push, press, choke, hold down, tear, scrape, drag yet
We rise
Their hard clay armour will crack
Around our lush roots and
We will rise
Lauramihaela Aug 15
My affect mirrors the sky;
My mood the sunlight-

With rays of warmth
Dancing  between dust particles
How can I help but feel happy?
With the sun actively
Tracing its way down my skin,
There is no way I can feel alone
Summer warmth heat
Lauramihaela May 27
“As we connect to the present, we recognize that whatever has us afraid is only a potentiality, like a bad dream. In this moment, our feet are planted, heart beating, breath flowing.. here and now we are safe.”
Lauramihaela Apr 18
For me
Courage was first a mental act
Then a physical act;
Then came the physical reward
And after, the mental reward
Courage happiness meditation mindfulness mental
Lauramihaela Feb 27
Don’t forget
To tell stories-
You’ll live through the joy
Once in the moment
And again when you share them;
Tell them just as they happened
So you can experience the raw happiness once again

Don’t forget to tell stories-
You’ll process the pain
Every time you work through
What you thought
you could never face again;
Tell them in whatever way
Feels most gentle to you,
And rest easy
knowing that you are now in control.

Tell the ones you keep floating on the surface
Always ready to be grabbed and told
And tell the ones you’ve been clasping
Deeply in your fists for years.

Tell them for yourself
Or for others to know
That they are not alone-
But whatever you do
Don’t forget to tell stories.
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