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Lauramihaela Jan 22
I am trapped in a crystal lattice
Of my own emotions-
The prickling reality
Of my anxious thoughts
Are keeping me from moving,
Breathing and knowing truth-
If only pure consciousness
Could dissolve
Such tortuous bonds,
I would  know freedom from myself
Once more
Lauramihaela Dec 2020
Life flows in an endless stream of moments;
Like a river it has always trickled on with ease.
But for while, an obstacle has been in its path;
Sending streams of fate into parallel universes.
Soon when the path is clear once more
The stream of movement will continue;
This time, as a force to be reckoned with.
Lauramihaela Sep 2020
My woman,
Take back your strength,
For it is not something
You have to discover,
But something
You have always been entitled to.

My woman,
You once housed all power,
So take back your strength.
Lauramihaela Aug 2020
When it rains
And I am happy
I know I am at peace.
When it rains
And I am not
I know storms are brewing within.
The inside and the outside
Are connected more
Often than we think.
Lauramihaela Mar 2020
I know my garden of peace
Will not grow overnight;
Like any fruit worth eating
I will wait for my manifestations
To blossom and ripen
Before I can live them.
But as of today
I vow to plant my seeds of intention,
Water them every day
And to remove any weeds of doubt
That may creep up on me.

Come rain or shine
I await all nourishment for my garden
With open arms
Lauramihaela Dec 2019
And the show would be far more enjoyable
If we all realized we were the spectators
Not the lead role
Lauramihaela Dec 2019
Writing has always been a fickle friend to me;
Sometimes the only thing standing between me and a masterpiece
Is the mood to write.
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