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I close my eyes and think,
Of a life where we’d not met,
Where we’d stay apart forever,
I imagine that’s regret.
oh sweet merciful vacation
holiday your sloth is grace
lay me further into bedding
let not the sun ****** my face

for it is here in bed im cradled
give me only moments rest
i am weary from my labor
comfortably beneath deaths breast
There are no women or children,
There is no food in hell,
For it was Lucifer who so loved Man,
Who so loved god, and fell.

There are flags and damp cigars,
There is cheap scotch and rich stains,
There are bodies in the streets,
And walls covered in shed brains.

There are eyes in the ceilings,
Ears adorning chairs and cots,
Silence rules each room and hallway,
Every day distorts your thoughts.

You will not remember yesterday,
Nor your life tomorrow will take,
Sleep will bring you only suffering,
The hell is knowing that you’ll wake.
To love you is to watch my tone
To love you is to charge my phone
To love you is to quell each maybe
To love you is to FaceTime the baby
To love you is to laugh off fights
To love you is to prolong goodnights
To love you is to praise each quirk
To love you is to hide at work
To love you is to get the gist
To love you goes beyond a list
I’ve been trying my best to be a good host,
Though I have no idea as to what suits a ghost,
I’ve offered them food, and watched it all rot,
I’ve offered my wardrobe, no clothes they sought,
I lit a fire for sitting, but they’d no need for heat,
I freed up the best armchair, for none to take seat,
I’d availed the dead, and was left feeling loose,
And so held my head up with the help of this noose,
It’s no wonder their company’s naught for to boast,
If you ask me, I’ll tell you to give up the ghost.
Keep time and good company,
Stay laissez-faire,
Of your diet, be mindful:
Of your body; take care.

With intention and tact,
Choose well what you wear,
Downtown or in the garden,
Be seen without glare.

When you're mannered and prim;
You're fit to a pair,
Politely, be you,
Though be a you they can bear.
I wish I had been told this when I was younger.
Heart had been rended into a void.
Something ghastly.
A change had occurred, and the liberty ahead was suffocating.
This was a hurt, a reeling, preceding an exceedingly painful bout of shaking and the occasion of its call was not you at all.
Quite the opposite, actually.
You were the lofty feeling before a fall.
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