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Tashatha Apr 2015
Take my heart,
Crush it
Then feed it to the birds
Pretend that you're helping
Stopping the hurt
Feed my empty soul with words that caress me
Til I burst
You were good at your craft
Obviously rehearsed.
Tashatha Mar 2015
Hell is when you are in pain
But don't show it
Cause you don't want a million questions
Hell is when you feel pain
And there's no moral
No lesson
When you are trapped in emotion
And have no control over what will happen
When the tears roll down your cheeks and you can't stop them
When your soul is screaming
But no one will listen
When your soul aches
When your eyes are blinded by the heaviness
The hurt
The pain
And knowing that tomorrow,
The cycle stays the same
When smiling actually hurts your feelings because its proof that you're a liar
You're lying to yourself
And everyone else
Cause when they see that smile
They don't see the pain
The tears
The emotions felt
But just a facade you put up
Because you're scared.
Scared of the implications
And seeing how people actually feel-
Do they care about me?
Only God knows
And meanwhile the pain grows
Fornicates, multiplies!
And so do the lies
The "I'm okay"s
The "I'm fine"s
But back to what I was saying,
Hell is when you have a million ways
To explain your pain
Tashatha Feb 2015
Pardon my outrageous accusations
But if we could trade places
You'd see what you were doing was tasteless
And I'm sorry I hurt you
But I had to be happy
Cause to be honest
The love was ******
The behaviour upset me
And I just felt
You didn't get me
Now I'm not trying to be rude
You didn't give me what I wanted
The relationship was lacking
And now the shows over
I've been waiting since june
Hoping this all blows over
I don't love you anymore
And everytime I talk to you
My heart gets colder
Just wrote this. Its been a while since I've written any poetry. Maybe I've lost my touch
Tashatha Nov 2014
Maybe you died
Cause everyone's asking where you are
I feel bad cause
I took away their shining star
The innocent girl
Who used to pray hard
Replaced her with a devil
To play her part

I tried to channel you
In hopes that I could steer you back
But then that just reminds me
Of all the qualities you had
That I lack.
I'm not happy anymore
Just really sad
I don't wear any other colours
Except black
Cause I'm just a widow
At your funeral and you're dead
And the fact that I killed you
Leaves me with a heavy chest

And looking back I see
That I didn't treat you great
But through all of that
I still wish you stayed
And I hope you're still alive
But just took a break
Cause without you
I'm a jar of memories and hate

I miss you cause
You were the best I ever had
So dear old me
Please come back.
Tashatha Nov 2014
Never a rose without thorns
You broke my heart
And left me scorned
First kind
Tashatha Oct 2014
I often look in the mirror
And ask myself who I am
I then compare myself
To castles in the sand
I'm blown away by the wind
Pay for my sins
And the melancholy begins

I often look in the mirror
And ask myself why I let
People who hurt me
Take a fragment of me
All the pieces I need
Leave me here crouching
Gasping for air to breathe
No one to hold me

I often look in the mirror
And ask myself
Why I let weakness get the best of me
Why I let the tears fall
It decreases me
Makes me feel small
I have to reinstall happiness
In my life
Be strong through it all

But then I look in the mirror
I see a champion
Cause I've been strong through it all
My soul never breaks
I always pick up the pieces
And the strength in me
Suddenly increses
Solid with no creases
That's the power of Jesus
Tashatha Oct 2014
I grew up in a beautiful home
Cozy with a strong foundation
I've lived in this home for over a decade
So how dare you go and take it?
****** it out of my hands
I don't believe in the rupture
But surely
This is the end

I loved this home
It was a place I called my own
It raised me
And made me
And really it saved me

I believed in forever
But my home is crumbling
I tried patching up the cracks in the wall
But no form of cemented love
Can keep this home strong
It is gone
And all I can do now is mourn
The death of my home
Keep calm and carry on

Rain clouds cover my home
And I seem to be ******
Into a black hole
With so many stories untold
I feel I've lost gold
Maybe its payment
For the dues I owed
My home is taken and
I'm left in the cold
With no hope

I know you may not understand
But this home is all I had
This is not just any home
The home's my family
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