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D Feb 2017
her love is tainted
barely there at all
she's cold and jaded
her back against the wall
always on the defensive
with no intent to listen
shes stubborn and stuck up
and can't stop *******'
and if she wasn't my mother
there'd be no way to tolerate
her aura of negativity
the way she spews hate
the way others brush it off
with an understanding nod
after all she has God...
my mother in a nutshell
though no one is that simple
LJ Jun 2016
Ohh,on the moonlight fair
a ditty doth whispers
thou straws embellish
wooed with a plenty pomps

Not a wight to claim thou
Sleight to quench mine thirst
abhored to thine crown and core
whence a haggard smile jail

My gracious, none can love thee
disposed to flighty cadents
jealous lame merchants
that consumeth and benn

Thine heart heavy, hardn'd
mine virginity grabbed
Possess'd by lade vultures
Packthread for none hath mine love
CJ M Mar 2016
I’m so ******* sick of them.
I’m so sick of the people who claim they love you telling them.
I’m so sick of accepting them. I’m tired of hearing them being told about me and me having no way to defend myself from them.

I just wish us truthful people would be able to grab them out of the air and stomp them out on the ground.
But if that could happen, I guess I’d be in jail for assaulting everyone whose claimed to love me.
**** em all. The only way I could possibly get away from all these liars is by withdrawing myself from society.
Sasha Nov 2015
You have this smile. This smile that always sits on your full lips. Yet when the presence of an other soul disappears so does that smile. People say that your eyes gleam with something special, but I can see the thin layer of tears that create the illusion of joy. You always stand so straight but I know you crumble to the floor when you're alone. I know you sit on that rooftop wishing someone was there to hold you.Yet only the wind is there to wrap itself around you.  Theres no one. No one will ever love you. No one will ever care for you the way you dream of.  I can hear those awful words that you let float through your ears. I'm here. No where you can see, but I'm here.
I only wish this were true...
Tashatha Mar 2015
Hell is when you are in pain
But don't show it
Cause you don't want a million questions
Hell is when you feel pain
And there's no moral
No lesson
When you are trapped in emotion
And have no control over what will happen
When the tears roll down your cheeks and you can't stop them
When your soul is screaming
But no one will listen
When your soul aches
When your eyes are blinded by the heaviness
The hurt
The pain
And knowing that tomorrow,
The cycle stays the same
When smiling actually hurts your feelings because its proof that you're a liar
You're lying to yourself
And everyone else
Cause when they see that smile
They don't see the pain
The tears
The emotions felt
But just a facade you put up
Because you're scared.
Scared of the implications
And seeing how people actually feel-
Do they care about me?
Only God knows
And meanwhile the pain grows
Fornicates, multiplies!
And so do the lies
The "I'm okay"s
The "I'm fine"s
But back to what I was saying,
Hell is when you have a million ways
To explain your pain

— The End —