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solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
you teach me how,
they showed me why...
you gave me wings and let me fly,
and i emerged from the chrysalis
of self-conscious adolescence.
Now i can feel the blessing of our vow!
an overview to my poetry about....
"the cycle of eternity"
solEmn oaSis Nov 2016
My words act louder than speak
solEmn oaSis Nov 5
when I write
my feet soaked
it feels like
I'm going down
again into a flooding surface
of those aired headlines!
enough to construct my thoughts
in to an evident words,
trying hard not to get frowned
with how am I supposed to rhyme
telling my self ...why I let my self listen
to the whispers and wails wanders in-depth
even though I just want my flow be clear and shallow!

when I am reading
it pours many horizons I used to love and dwell
those poetry whereby hunger and thirst were filled
everytime I am indeed here in this mysterious world,
incomparable to one another.
just like the most beautiful view,
I can not fled because even whenever
I failed to visit for a long period of time
I just can't reside away from here fellow

I really just don't know when and how
but i am quite sure I have a will to sow
my reads and my writes not to get lost.
relief and lightness wanting to impose
free my heart and mind about my sorrow
*fulfill my being in times of a road narrow
why is that good news
needs to be heard first
Before stating...what is bad news?
I think simply because of W r i s t
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
after i cried while fist close
head over heels, saw a number
Upside down, thought it was nine
midwife arise and beaten me conversely

symbolizing-here i am, newly birth
i'm ready to face the world
whom shall i fear, i'm yours
to you world...i'LL be back

how i'm longing to become musician
so 60th noting would be six
just like with five for fighting
when they sang their song superman

~~~it's not easy to be me!~~~
...when i was young way back
on comfort room, i asked myself
words, where did you come from?

wish i may, wish i might
if you would count on me
accurately more than one two three
these four-liner stanzas must exact

i don't know where this poem
could belong, will it shall? or
simply collect and love by more?
as haiku or an epic enthusiasm

from my heart to your mind...
long or short speech can should,
oasis were found, moods are solemn!
inside on this story-telling hymn.

(  January 6,th 2016 )
@7:16 a.m.
on my 3rd grade... my playmate calls me Sol or MON.
and the number 9 is the highest figure in my true to life poem
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
is such a little thing
that makes a "B"
that is my aTTITUDE
not my Behavior
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
He* loves you still! ,even you two were desperate
Now that You learn and beginning to love me more
i can't love you back just like the way he does
because I do love *
" Hymn! ... "
this is for you Ana.
and also for hymn.....
cuz my heart beats only twice!
that is why--the symbol for love
is less than 3
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
Allegedly white, so clear and clean
Anointed space allotted for a sense of place
Answers the questions-what, to whom and when
Absolutely no spot, couldn't stop those painter's pen full of grace
Beautifully colored by their rational brush
Bravery and angst may both consist out of that abstract
Bitterness-inspirational expressions might include to make some blash
Better viewing too once the master piece is being construct
Captivating such attention
Culturally trades tradition
Cultivating mixed emotion
Centrally concealed attraction
attitude Behavior character
has now
a Bridge connection
created by art
or should i say?
" art By creation " on and off
a Blank canvas !**

© solEmn oaSis
my tribute to all
the poets and writers
here and outside
  @ Hello Poetry
By analogy with artists having
a blank canvas
and thus being able to do
what they want with it!
solEmn oaSis Jun 2017

think that

i shall never see

A Poem lovely as a Tree

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her

*Leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in Summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose ***** snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are

made by fools like

Me, But only God

*can make a tree
"Trees" written by Joyce Kilmer
Journalist and poet
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
" the  spectator "

i am not  writing for 5k
i'm not preparing for compilation
i am not trying to set new record
i'm not trying to impress you,,i was just saving my life

the thing is.... I feel like dizzy because i am lack of sleep
doing alone all the laundries
then i need to wake up early to hang those over
even though i am too sleepy!yet 12 hours of driving is await for me

i am telling  you this because my privacy
is just like a book on the library
you can read me all over again,if you want to pick me up
but then again,,there is a policy beyond my legacy...


starting from then on

boost my self to face more aspiration
and i do believe that " a day after " is our comprehension

such as my own motto in life and it goes something like this...
" Tomorrow will never be the same beautiful as you unless you keep
yesterday seems to be precious,, for you to surprisingly
survive the essence of today's challenges! "
the question is---
---mirror is my visible answer ;)
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
at doo'y inilapit ko sa Diyos
ang lahat ng aking lunos.
doon ay aking natalos,
na tayo ay kanyang lubos!
i am YOURS...
have a blessed Sunday
Hello poetry nation ;)
solEmn oaSis Nov 1
Sa lahat ng mga bumati
gayon din po sa mga nakaalala
Ngayon ako po'y tumabi
Sa gilid, kalakip ang Pagpapala
ramdam man ang talab
ng Araw sa aking balat
Tila ba hapding may Alab
na dulot ng tama ng Bala
itong Nilalaman ng aking isip
at nais mailipad ng aking pisi
yaring mga katagang may talas
Ngunit sa Tugmaan po ay salat
Gayon ma'y ipinaaabot ko pa rin sa Tala
Sa tulong ng hanging merong tubig alat
Ngunit di kailan man mangangalawang
ang taos puso kong pasasalamat sa lahat
sapagkat paikot-ikotin man ang radar..
.......Ang radar ay radar pa rin
kahit pa takasan at baliktarin!

Sa ating lahat...Umagang Kay ganda
Simula na muli ng bagong pag-asa

©November 02,2020
"Are we not drawn onward?"
A pleasant good morning here
also have a blessed every single day to everyone and....
"drawn onward to new era"
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
Anger is  my wild enemy,
notorious to everybody
and no place in hierarchy
to rank the rivalry,
memorable from
head to foot. Twisting
inside and out, externally seen by the others
yet doesn't heard internally by my organs
I can not control it easily.Just like my pen
collaborated with a
  ****! And fortunately produced
a two liner poem--a girl and a boy.
YES we are...Analyn is my
dream girl and I am
the father of her children
Although without a helping hands,,
we should and we must
fight our invisible foes
No more time for lust.
Now that Ana to me ,is so far away from me...
I would rather stay single and happy father
than to be with somebody new who couldn't love
**my son and daughter and be with her custody and be a homer.

in my forest there is always you and me,
where you are my downfall and i am your vine!
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
umulan man at umaraw
sa gutom man at uhaw
gaano man kababaw
etong ating abot-tanaw

sa panahon ng tag-lagas
sasanga ang puno ng wagas
dahon at dagta magbabawas
may mag-aanyong maangas

sa punong walang lilim
walang aninong maililihim
magbubunga ang ugat
lingid sa ating pamulat

mula sa pagsilip ng bukang-liwayway
hanggang sa init ng tanghaling tapat
maging sa pagsapit ng dapit-hapon
pagtatakpan ako, mula sa simula muli ng takip silim
no body wants to be in pain,,
but we can have a rainbow without any rain !!!
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
" the pros and cons "

from a to z , we talked and heard our voices
we give and take behind schedule
at long last ,our little conversation
had found a tower of strength within You
for me to face the music of a naked truth.

the long and short of it
i was just roving around like
an angel in disguise
as if i am a "quite observer"
quietly looking forward for
the man of the hour.

in tight squeeze before i fall asleep
i put something into bed
remembering those days
between you and me
sharing thoughts in just a rhyme away
from our distances.


all i can say is that.....

"Hello Poetry",,i knew you load-off your mind!
and i want to remind You that for me
" You are still one of a kind!""
i might not be -a man of his word- for all the time

    but one thing is for sure!
from then on after,now i will live my life in a low profile
with or without a babe in arms!,#HPpeople ,you're enough for me.
in Jesus name, *HELP ME GOD
in the nick of time--often or seldom
because i wrote these lightheartedly so that i can give a *
buds of wisdom
hinde ko kayang magpakalalim para lang mapalawak  ang  makitid na  kababawan  ng  uhaw at  kalam  na  kaisipang maya't maya ay lutang bagamat may pusong naka-yapak sa busilak na meron namang propagandang  ang budhi ay  nahikayat sa bahid ng  karimlan!
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
" red letter day "

eventually from the hot seat
you may strike it rich
on the common touch
with a sharp tongue
straight from the horses mouth

with open arms stretch your legs
but avoid to sweep somebody off his feet
for the sixth sense
is a flash harry to the law of the jungle

the fact is that---no quickest running paw
will be faster than a sniping bullet
just like---a single tree does not make a forest
so to save face,,boil something down and rely on a birds eye view

below par,by hook or by crook
overcome those butterflies in the stomach
stop making crocodile tears and
don't be a wolf in sheep clothing

express your self during the thunder and lightning
be brave in the middle of storm in a tea cup
because a cat and dog life
couldn't make a busy bee !!!
good vibes meditates our  mind and soul,
astral body experience can determine
and project our physical being.
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
like "a"
what you
see, is what
you get about my*
Behavior!But sometimes
there are some "c" whose
reflections were so true lies!
if i were a thing...
I am a life-size mirror!
you can cover my Behavior
but not my cHARACTER!

solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
ang balaraw na may KATAM !
- - - - sa bala raw ay TAKAM !
kung sa aking pasakalye ay may kulang ba?
,,,heto na't muli daraan pa sa kalye ang titik A !

minsan sa isang unan AT KAMA
lapis at papel tanging KA MATA
napapa-taglish.... " i...AM TAKA "
as in surprised nga---TAMA KA

sa sistemang nababagay AT AKMA
sabi ng iba sa akin,may "AMAT KA"
ayon naman sa ilan- ako'y "MAKATA"
  it's just a fiction-a make-believe! sa tagalog "MA-KATA"
i inscribed bantayog because any monument from now ,, ;) i will encounter many memorial living legend here in "Hello Poetry"
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
may mga dahilan kung bakit
di ko nagagawa ang isang bagay,
may mga bagay naman na wala akong
makitang dahilan para di ko ito magawa !!!
kung kailan naman abot-kamay ko na ang pangarap
at tsaka naman di natuloy na parang isang panaginip
siguro nga kasi may mga pagkakataon
na hindi pa kayang ibigay ng panahon
kwento ng rima ninyo
historya ng batikos ko
mula sa puso ang pinaghugutan ko
mga mensaheng patalinghaga
sistemang kamumulatan ninyo
gintong aral ng tula yumabong sana!
sa likod ng himpapawid na tanawin
malaya ninyo na po itong hahawiin!
hindi ko na nga ikukubli ang tunay kong damdamin
sapagkat sa kanyang pangalan ay akin nang inamin**

[6 of 12 marked voices of a dozen clusters of letters]
batikos ~~~ seizure
seven-letter word
< 7 DAYS before X'MAS
© copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved
use your illusion!
don't ever jump into impulsive conclusion
don't get me wrong with your  right assumption
for my pen have no blue ink but started again
to draw a shape of apparition.
solEmn oaSis Apr 2017
That is the time our voices are reverberating
just like what you said my co-Poet joining me here in commemorating ;) <3
at ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang alingawngaw
...... ay tila isang tahimik na bakal na kapag kinalembang...nagiging batingaw !
let us all celebrate poets and writers!
The LEGACY of our very own
Hello Poetry
leads us-followers or viewers into a such LITURGY!!
i am so happy for this new look changer.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
I have been practicing singing this in acapella.


rock of ages cleft for me,
let me hide myself in thee;
let the water and the blood,
from thy wounded side which flowed,
be of sin the double cure;
save from wrath and make me pure.

Not the labors of my hands
can fulfill thy law's demands;
these for sin could not atone,
thou must save,and thou alone.
In my hand no price I bring,
simply to thy cross I cling;

While I draw this fleeting breath,
when mine eyes shall close in death,
when i rise to worlds unknown,
and behold thee on thy throne,
Rock of ages, cleft for me,
let me hide myself in thee


"Life without a music is just like death without a witness!"
because I do love Hymn ...i just wanted to share this kind of song.
entitled Rock of Ages
hope you add and like it! For hymn is a music.
solEmn oaSis Nov 1
Kung hindi ngayon kailan?
hanggang kailan mapipigilan
malikmata sa abang isipan?
Lumulobog nga ba
o sadyang pasikat pa
lang ang araw Kong nagigisnan?
Hanggang saan pa ba
ang kayang tanawin ng inyong kalooban?
'gang sa likod ba ng mga lilang
ulap at mala-kahel na papawirin?
Tulad rin ba niya ang inyong mga mata na mayroong tanglaw at panglaw?
Sa kung gaano kalalim ang lawak ng karagatan sa taglay nitong saklaw?
Kung kayo ang nasa katayuan ng namamasdan **** katauhan..
Mababatid ninyo kaya kung paano niya
minamalas ang nasa kanyang harapan?
Sa pakiwari ko'y hindi sapagkat talos kong nadaramang higit ng inyong mga puso...
Na ang nilikhang inyong nakikita ay walang nakikita sa malayong ibayo !
Hindi dahil sa siya ay naiinip lang na makita na ang kanyang minamahal..
Ang tutoo nangangamba na ako na baka hindi na niya maantay ang resulta ng aking pagpapagal.
Sapagkat kung ano man ang nilalarawan ng bawat kapaligiran..
Pikit mata ko na ipinipinta ang mga sandali kung paano ko siya daratnan !
Kaya ngayon na ang tamang oras
At di ko na kaya na ipagpabukas
upang sabihin sa kanya na hindi na ako mamamalakaya.
Mahal heto na ako sa iyong likuran..
'Wala akong hilang sagwan',
Ang bulong ko sa aking isipan..
Tatakpan ko ang iyong mga matang namamalakaya
Hanggang sa ang aninag mo muling maging malaya..
Dahil ang araw na ito ay hindi takipsilim para sa ating dalawa
Bagkos ang liwanag nating inaasam ay binibigay na ng bukang-liwayway !!!

Ngunit mga katoto kung ang sagot ninyo ay Oo..
Marahil inyo nang napag-isipan mga binibini at mga ginoo
"... Na kung minsan bago pa tayo may mapagmasdan
Madalas hindi agad namamasid ang lihim na kagandahan"
Bihira man bigkasin ang kasabihang...
" magkaiba yung may tinitingnan
sa mayroong tinititigan "
mula sa malikot kong balintataw
nailibing ko na ang pandemya ngayong araw ng undas at binuhay ang larawan ng masasayang
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
Sa tahanang walang hagdan
sa loob ang papag ay upuan
tahasang lantad at kinalulugdan
yaring higaan na minsa'y hapag-sulatan,,,,,

sa aking paggising
tila ba ako nalasing
nang mabasa ko sa napkin
katanungan mo sa akin

halika dito sa aking upuan
at sa iyong kapaguran
sasamahan kita sayong kanlungan
habang dito ka sa aking kandungan

bagamat di kalawakan
itong aking tasalitaan
napalalim mo naman itong aking kaibuturan
bilang kaibigan sa mas mabuting pagkakakilanlan

sa iyong pagkakaupo
ako nga ay napatango
replika ng iyong damdamin
nababanaag at sumasalamin

nagkaroon man ng eksistentesya
mga rima ko sayong independensya
at kung ano man ang naging esensiya
nawa'y wag ibasura,nalamang intelehensiya

nang sa iyo ay aking ipaarok
yaong nais **** matumbok
sagot  sa  "gaano nga ba kadalas ang minsan?
BIHIRA ang siya kong naging katugunan !
a homograph whether not good but not too bad to appreciate is worth the wait somehow!, if you only try to understand it deeply and literally.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
"We Should Not Despair" Lightning Strikes!
come what may idiom optimism,
practice what you preach.
practice makes perfect.
no body is perfect.
Why Practice?
"Do not
merely listen to
the word, and so
deceive yourselves.
Do what it says."(James 1:22)
"Imperfection is beauty" it's better to be*
absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring
be aware to play with yourself...alone!
that was my life lesson
and would be my new year's resolution
this boomerang of mine hopefully catch by someone.

i will miss  you all
happy new year fellas!
A half quart 2015 one night advance year-ender to recall
cause tomorrow's new years' eve
gotta be busy for me


solEmn oaSis Aug 26
Katorse de Agosto
Ngayong kambal-taon
kaganapan di na wasto
para bang koraL sa taLon

Pinigilan kong huwag humawak ng pLuma
ngunit sadyang malapit sa akin ang tugma
na tila ba regalo Lulan sa loob nitong papel de hapon
Ako'y napasulat at tuluyang humugot sa mahiwagang kahon

A-kinse na pala, akin ngang namalayan
Alas-dos impunto nang relo aking tiningnan
Bagamat nga dahil sa ang hapag-sulatan ko ay kapos na
Hindi naman ito ang kataposan para sabihing ang tula ko ay tapos na...

Makandadohan man tayo sa pintoan ng kapalaran
At itrangka sa atin pati na ang bintana ng tadhana
MagiLiw pa rin akong bumabati sa bawat isa na makababasa
sa tulong nitong teknolohiya sa panahon ng pandemiya...

Kamusta na po ba kayo?
sa bagong normal na pamumuhay
Ikaw, ako, siLa... Lahat tayo !
Gawin pa rin nawang pormal itong ating buhay

Hindi man nga natin ngayon nakikita yaong kalaban...
Kinikita pa rin naman maituturing nating kaibigan !
" Siya ang Liwanag, ang tamang daan sa katotohanan at ang  B U H A Y  "
hanggang dito na lamang, hanggang sa muLi, nagmamahal... TULA~Y

© 08/15/20
solEmn oaSis
in times of pandemic
merely don't panic
for there is harmony
in every U N I T Y !
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
reverse that*  p  unto  d

so  you can see

the bare truth

*behind the cURTAIN of my Reality
don't be cONFUSE with
from my character...
it is dEPEND upon
of who you are to me
and who am i to u!
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
ayoko na sanang
bigyan ka pa ng
dahilan para mahalin ako

para kapag dumating yung
oras na maiwan man kita
hinde ka gaanong masasaktan

maalala mo man ang panahong
sinusuyo pa kita ng higit sa iba

patunay lang na hanggang
sa huli,,,kapakanan mo pa rin
ang nagingibabaw sa puso't isipan ko

Lumalamig na ang simoy ng hangin
at ikaw sana ang di ko gustong pigilin
pero " KUNG PANO YON? "
siguro kapag wala nang atraksyon!
kung alam mo lang,ang sarap mo talagang damhin kumpara sa apoy at tubig,
at habang nanatiling ako ay lupa, madalas ikaw ang kasamahan nitong  pag-ibig!
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
sa panimula
tila isang bula
hindi dahil sa lumutang at nag-laho
mangyari'y kulumpon na bahagi'y hinango

mula sa batya ng hula
samu't sari nakadaupang-palad
hiraya manawari maikubli ang luha
bunga ng mga pangakong di natupad

sampung letra pababa
sa puntong ito naitalaga
mga bakas ng nakalipas
nakatakdang ipamalas

upang ang ngayon maging ang hinaharap
yayakapin ng bukas nang may paglingap
ano man ang mangyari sa agenda
kompromiso ang tanging propaganda

[3 of 12 marked voices of a dozen clusters of letters]
© copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved
#TEN DAYS before Christmas
compromise ~~~ kompormiso
" ten letter-word "
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016 at the perfect time
can follow the flow
of a poet such like me,
some kind of a mime

now  you see me-now you don't.
some says..i can be often comical.
If i open the invisible box of chemical,
will you catch it?, i think you won't

cause i have
nothing but voice
of a serious silence
on a black and white face!

a mimic out of you,
a ponder of different hue,,
come laugh with me
behind the teary eyes of mine!

through the quirts of my gloves
i can visibly sown those rhythmic gesticulation.
All you need is your will and a little direction,
for me to pantomime a series of poetic qualities!
being an idealistic is my originality!
whether from my heart or from my mind,
don't really know where the spirit must come from
"all i know is my enthusiasm in writing some kind of poetry"
solEmn oaSis Jun 2017
Tatlong Bituin at Isang Araw
Isang Bandila, Apat na Kulay
Dilaw Pula't Bughaw, Puting Dalisay
muling nagugunita sa aking balintataw!
Nasaan ka na nga ba?
tanong namin minsan ni kuya
habang sa amin si Bunso
iniaabot ang papel na piraso.
Nakatupi iyon at aking binuklat
nang masilayan ko...katotohana'y sumiwalat.
Damdamin ko'y halos gustong sumambulat
sumandaling napapikit, sa aking pagmulat
agad ko siyang hinagka't niyakap
tumulo ang luha, sarili'y hinagilap
hanggang matanto sa aking hinagap
Bunso kong Anak... Ina'y INAAPUHAP
Ang kanyang mga mata'y nangungusap
huwag malungkot! ibig kong ipakiusap
unti-unti ring matutupad mga pangarap
waring singsing...hinugis ng alapaap

Kahit walang ulan, posibleng magkabahag-hari
Hangga't may pag-asa, lumbay mapapawi
balang-araw mommy ninyo siguradong babawi
makakapiling din na parang buhawi
kasi di tayo gaya dati
dapat Apat tulad nitong  Talumpati
Kaso ang nailapat ay Labis
pagkat panulat ko di Lapis
Limang salita sa Bawat Taludturan
sa mga saknong sana'y matutunan

Kulang man kayo sa Pagmamahal
tayo'y Family Three na Literal
ako man ay naging Hangal
Mga Anak Kayo'y Aking Dangal
MAHAL KO KAYO! inyong tandaan
pagkat ako'y Haligi ng Tahanan
magmula pa sa inyong kamusmosan
hanggang Mahalin ang INANG BAYAN !!!

Philippines Independence Day June 12, 1898 - 2017
Ang Pamilya ang matibay na Pundasyon ng Lipunan.
Lipunan na may Pagkakaisa upang bumuo ng Malayang Gobyerno
Gobyernong magpa-HANGGANG NGAYON hangad at Ipinagbubunyi ang Araw ng Kasarinlan!
Na siya rin namang Araw ng Kalayaan!
" i Love You Daddy " that was what is written on a piece of paper my daughter Mimi gave to me!!!
and i am so touch!

Some people believe that the families generally like a beautiful box full of things they want: love, joy, companionship and other beautiful things;
But other times the word " family "
-can compare more likely into an empty box!!!
we must first put something inside it before we could get anything unto it.
Being a single Parent i realized that if we want love and joy...
we must raise affection, service and encouragement within to fulfill whatever emptiness ! and the release of more than we put in the box can make it  vacant!
solEmn oaSis Feb 2017
I've tried to google you,
pati na rin yahoo..
Pero bkit ako pinaasa,,
At binalewala ni piccasa
Kaya ngayon si gmail
Nag-twitter na rin kay
Instagram! At nag iwan ng katanungan...
Pwde bng sa youtube na lang tayo magkita...
Kasi mainit sa mata
Kapag sa youjizz diba....
Pero alam muh ba fb?
Sa dinamidame ng www
Ayosdito,, as in sulit talaga
Post! usap! deal! AyosDito
Magkakaroon ka ng maraming FRIENDSTER!!!
kaya hinde kta ipagpapalit khit na kay skype !
**emo talk** coming soon-a sequel of Dear facebook
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
nagmula sa lupa
magbabalik ng kusa
Di ko magagawa ang
kaaya-ayang nakalipas
" kung walang nakikitang "
mga tamang nagsisi-alpas
hindi ito isang panaginip
ito'y bunga ng pagkainip
Hindi pa sana ako maghahanap sa iyo
ngunit "SILWETA", pumasok ka sa isip ko
sa puso ko, ikaw nga ay aking pinagbuksan
"tuloy po kayo? taka!" bagamat nag-alinlangan*
aking pag-iisa'y naibsan
sa ganda ng nakapaligid
di ko alintana nilalakaran
sa liwanag,ako'y nakapinid
samantalang hawak-kamay
diwa at puso ko'y marilag
kaibigan kang sakdal-dilag
nawa'y muli kang makalakbay !*

© copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved
hindi lahat ng krus may nakapako,,,
dahil ang tutoo,may nakapa 'ko....
sa liwanag at hindi sa dilim!
at magpa-hanggang ngayon
magka-dikit etong mga binti
habang may sinasalo sa likod
ang aking dalawang kamay!!
solEmn oaSis Mar 2017
naalala mo pa ba nung huli akong lumiham sa iyo
iyon den yung unang beses na naghimotok ako
nai-compare kita noon with different kinds of websites
pero ngayon narealize ko,,you don't care 'bout your parasites
how dare you !!!!!!! of all your version
"browse faster",,lagi **** connotation
alam ko may matibay kang wall,timeline at spam for recognition
but what if i antagonize you from your home down to notification
well that's not my point,....the thing is you overcome those days---
those days of your lives full of wealth yet lack of happiness
nevertheless,,,despite of that.... "we"--people who patronize your brilliant ideas
really loves the feeling of joy you brought everytime towards our dump moments
Social media such as facebook as well as hp world can showcase our feelings or simply be an enthusiast every time we have something on our mind.
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
" the left and the right "**

daughter, i am always here.
Never fail to obey my command
so i can make you stronger!

son, be matured enough
at your age, always listen to me
for i am your beloved father

both of you knew what i am
going through being a husband again
it's alright,don't you worry
i'm okay! wish me luck, have no anxiety

remember:  i have two hands the left and the right
hold them up high so clean and bright

kids: someday you will realize a poem of mine you are about to pick
just like this one i would like not to end it up yet so it could be an epic
Lorenzo and Noemi, love each other! Inherit from me those legacies of ethic!
Do actions speak louder than words until my words act powerful than speak!
meet my son and daughter guys.
Happy Happy 7th birthday to you Noemi
wishing you to have a wonderful love of wisdom in life!
from your daddy solEmn and Kuya Lorenzo
January 14,2016 thursday
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
what is life???
Life without a music
is just like death without a witness!
but again what is life?Is it the journey
of destiny or ain't it funny to be ha-
ppy go lucky?I don't
wanna  be like a
what is life for those
who care but lose it?
no feeling of pride,
fellowship, loyalty,
lack of enthusiasm,
devotion and honor!
" no man is an island "
according to John Donne.
but for me-WE ARE ONE is what
I ah really want to EMPHASIZE!!!

"we can not talk
peace and have
a gun"

In only one head shot...
the spirit of the body
would probably
travel to the air
just like a bullet.
The same as  this
magazine,,,our life
loaded as it begun
yet gradually gone
everytime we strum
the trigger of rebellion
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
rarely ,,there is a question that is difficult to answer
and thoroughly,,,there is an answer which is*  no need to question
yes it is ,,just if you only believe in our prayer
for there is no impossible with God for our avocation

for each one of you  are the icing on the top of my cake
you as a whole were the toppings that can distinguish what kind of pizza is me?
what is the use of my vase without the flowers on it, especially to the
apple of my eye!
but i can not please everybody; perhaps i didn't mean to make some of you feels like *water for chocolate
SAYING THAT,,,,,,,, DON'T FORGET "Y" and ""i"" for your X,,,
WOULDN'T STAY WITH ""U"" forever !!!
solEmn oaSis Nov 5
Bring out a couple clue
within their double clue
1) there was this existing ^height that attracts the rising of unwavering sound of a slow movement,

2) meanwhile,those impending rapid motion will all gathered by only one force then it will be spreading in to stable downfall  !!!
i originally entitled this....
°°°°° "poem like a foam" °°°°°
©solEmn oaSis

before i,
there is h
to O part
time teller
of his fortune saying him a...
hello responses by simple hi
solEmn oaSis May 2017
winter of perturbation
spring of emotion
summer get away
fall from blue sky

we started with love
then swayed by lust
gradually severed by lies
finally we EnD up losing

But that is not how my 90th poem goes
nevertheless if only I ain't got no foes
however for whatever reasons
this one will go slow for all seasons

Because often times
I used to look like this
I say what I think
specially thru my ink

those figures of speech
chase by waves on the beach
that bounces back on the seashore of my poetry
which went to the distance in between of your scissors' story

fall,summer,spring and winter
no matter how my rhymes floats wilder
my heart and soul will never sink in reading your own masterpiece too
as a matter of fact,,no climate change has been exhausted for times two

Yes! Back at one... i will start all over again
until the sun rays that i may regain
would pay the price i owe for dreaming
that one day, i could simply write a melody w/out hesitating!

I might not be a musician
that can compose a magic
just like the performance of a magician
but for sure.. i shall return being poetic

symbolically or literally speaking my rhythm
Hence I've got to pursue my desperate hymn
now that i'm on in my 90th poem, no clues should be frustratED
whereas I Am actually out of the blue and brand new delightED
my tribute to all laborer
happy labor day to All Filipinos
also to all people abroad,
here in Philippines is celebrating holiday
called... Kilusang Mayo Uno
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
why do we have to shout
when we are angry?
whom shall we recourse
to lessen that red eye!

Psychology over Philosophy
logic versus bucolic
what ever it is or who may wins
there are silent letters in these stanzas
as i am actually looking for a vacant sit,
i saw a chair that looks like small letter h!
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
sa konting diperensya
unahin ang pasensya
na merong hustisya
bago ang sintensya

ituring ang mga babae na parang KRISTAL
kasintahan man o hindi,makasama o hindi sa PEDESTAL
paka-ingatan damdamin nila na HUWAG MAG-KRAK
natutunan kong karanasan *
The end justifies the means.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
Anak ng poocha naman o oh
Sa lahat naman ng ayaw ko...
Anigma pasubali...fliptopan ba'to
Pooja' una pa lang pinagsabihan na kita,
Pero ngayon... malamang magtanda ka na!!!

Unang banat.. wala akong ganang mag ingles
Nakakawalang galang ka! Hinde naman sa naiines
Hinde na lang talaga kasi ako makatiis
Sa pigura **** pagkakinis-kinis
Kahit tuwalya wala ka man lang tapis
Daig mo pa nakatihayang ipis
Pasalamat ka walang pambura dala kong lapis
Kundi aabutin ka sa 'kin ng walang humpay na daplis
Sa patuwad **** nakalilis
Landas ko'y nalilihis.

Pangalawa..hinde pa ito ang huli...
ayoko sanang maging arogante
Sa lubot **** mala elepante...
Ambot sa imo wag kang makampante
Sa postura **** naka bra lang at panti
Naturalmente 'pupusta pa ako ng mil bente
Magsusumbong ka...magagalit ang mga higante
mapapagbigkas ka sa iyong linguwahe
'lintek lang ang walang ganti
Hinde ako intelehente...
dati lang akong ahenteng galante.
anong gusto mo diamante o brilyante
hahaha!! nganga!,, parehas lang yun impertenente!!!

Pangatlong banat,
.... ito ang tutuo
Pinoy Ako!!!
Purong tagalog den ako...
Pero kung iinglisen mo ako..
Then go ahead..english-san na 'to...ehheemmh,,,
=Do you understand the word that coming out of my mouth
You're some kindda liberated there in the south
Don't sample me (huwag mo akong subukan)
...perhalps change me'''' (ibahin mo ako)
YOU CAN NOT EYES ME ANYMORE!!! (hindi mo na ako kayang mata-matahin)
i will "the rich zoo" you! ("diretso"-hin na kita)=
Hey What's up Pooja Sweety?
Nose bleed??? I don't care if i look scary
To you i'm not being pity'
Real talk''' ...i'm not heavy
But you won't be able to carry
This trash talk of my tongue full of messy
Even your closest bessy
In your ***..shall be freaky
Mabuti pang nag selfie ka ng wacky !!!!!
I'm sure gonna be pretty!!!!
Garantisado.....Madlang b-side...tuwa pa nila so plenty
......TIME ;)

balagtasan noon
fliptop-pan doon

sa lawak ng mundo ng hiphop lahat ay kasya!
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
with little difference
prioritize patience
that there is justice
Before the sentence

treat women like KRISTAL
Boyfriend or not, harm or not to PEDESTAL
graciously keep their feelings do not have a crack and KRAK
I learned , I blinked AVOID ANY - RUINED !
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
pahiwatig* _=
hayaan **** ang sumpong ng katahimikan ko
ang siyang maging gawi sa pag-sigaw ng puso ko
habang dumarampi sa iyo ang tatlong ihip ng hangin
sa tuwing ikaw ay nakaharap man o hindi sa salamin

bagamat ikaw nga at ako
magkabila man ang mundo
pinag-adya ng di sinasadyang destino
kagaya ng singsing na walang puno't dulo

dahil sa kahabaan ng lansangan
sa aking mga paglalakbay
lakbay-diwa kong tinatahak
kaibuturan ng hanap kong landas

kaakibat ng paalala **** may gabay
wag naman sanang maliligaw
itong puso kong pigil-hininga
**habang pinapakinggan-inaawit sa kanta.......
=_ himig
""" Di ko alam hanggang kailan tayo
Di ko mabago ang ikot ng mundo
Pero sama ka sa aking biyahe
Atin lamang ang araw na ito
Ang buhay ay sinasakyan lang yan
Di ko alam ang tungo kung saan
Pag sumama ka sa aking biyahe
iaalay ko ang puso ko ohhhh...""" (by Josh Santana)
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
ang yong kamandag ay matagal nang
nasa dibdib ko,di ko alintana ang mga sandali hanggang
unti-unti kang humulas bilang isang henna,,na para bang
di ko lubos namalayan bakit pa di ko ginawang totoong
tattoo ka,,nang sa gayon mapatunayan ko sayo ang iyong
imahe ang pinaka-aasam ko bilang ekspresyon kong
simbolo- na ikaw at ang pagiging magaan mo subalit
kaakit-akit ay siyang karapat-dapat
sa puso at isipan ng isang capricornian
at maghihintay ako sa iyo hanggang sa dulo ng aking pagdaraanan........
naganap na!!!
solEmn oaSis May 2017
buhay natin ay ano nga ba?
kung walang lagyo ang musika
kagaya ng isang A capella
ang bawat simula
ay may kataposan
ngunit sa bawat kataposan
ay may panibagong simulain
isang prinsipyo na di kayang tuldokan
isang nakaraan na di mapaparam
sapagkat ito ay binantasan ng tandang pandamdam!
kaya naman halina kayo SAGLIT
samahan ako sa pasakalye ng aking DALIT
dahil tulad ninyo...di ko rin nais na wakasan
itong himno ng aking kaluluwa na di ko mapigilan
mailapat sa papel ng aking hapag sulatan
at marubdob na papangyarihin ang taos-pusong koalisyon
ng aking Pag-asa, Pananampalataya at Debosyon
sa pamamagitan ng aking Isang Libo't isang Awit
na pinapag-sanib ng samot-saring kudlit at kuwit
hanggang sa aking maabot ang liwanag sa dilim
at kayo ay aking handogan bago ang takip-silim
What ever happens.... I will continue
what i have been started and
what i haven't yet!
What i am trying to say is...
" some have some while some have no
that's why for those who have most-
this one is also for all of you! "
because for me your Poetry is my Music!
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
L* *et my title poem talk for it sel f
U nleash the tag of war between me and yo u
S eems my pen has lost its consciousness or starting to glo c
T ill my words act louder than spea k

Ever since that i n n u e n d o from me
gave the right path to my i n t u i t i o n
there was this c o m p r o m i s e of mine
leads to our convenient i n t e r  a c t i o n

i started my t w e l v e p i e c e s
i will be the one also to end it with spices!
i am who i am! Don't get confuse with my rhythm and blues
for i am still seeking and matching melodies and mysteries!

[12 of 12  marked voices of a dozen clusters of letters]
Every poem of yours are my sweet serenity
that will haul me unto strange rhymes and clues!
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
with a bit of "the significance of essence" (ang kabuluhan ng kakanyahan)

ako'y pinoy sa isip, sa puso't damdamin
at may paniwala sa sariling atin
gawaing pinoy maipagmamalaki
isigaw sa mundo at ipagsabi
Dito sa Silangan ako ay isinilang
Kung saan nagmumula ang sikat ng araw
Ako ay may sariling kulay na kayumanggi
Ngunit hindi ko maipakita tunay na sarili
Kung ating hahanapin ay matatagpuan
Tayo'y may kakanyahan dapat na hangaan
Subalit nasaan ang sikat ng araw
Ba’t tayo ang humahanga doon sa Kanluran (Francis "kiko" Magalona)

(Gloc 9)
Bato bato sa langit
Ang tamaan’y wag magalit
Bawal ang nakasimangot
Baka lalo ka pumangit
Pero okay lang
Hindi naman kami mga suplado
Sumabay ka sa amin na parang naka eroplano
Sa tunog ng gitara
Kasama ng pinakamalupit na banda
Pati si "kiko"
Magaling-hindi parin kayang tapatan
Parang awit na lagi **** binabalik balikan
Stop-rewind i-play mo
Nakapakasaya na para bang birthday ko
Alam mo na siguro ang ibig kong sabihin
Hindi na kelangan pang paikutikutin
Baka lalong matagalan lang
Lumapit at makinig na para iyong maintindihan
Mga salitang sinulat na hindi ko papel
Pero pwede ilatag
Na parang banig na higaan
Kapag hinawakan ang mikropono parang nabubuwang
Eh kasi naman siguro
Ganyan lang kapag gumagawa kami ng bago
Medyo nabibilisan
Hindi mo naisip na pwedeng mangyari
Magkasamasama lahat ay kasali!

(solEmn oaSis)
minsan ko nang ipininta
aparisyon ng aking obra
doon,,, manipulasyon lamang ang kontra
pagkat ilusyon lang ang gamit kong tinta
o pareng makata
imulat ang mata
sa larawang likha ng madamdaming kataga
kung itutuon sa puso't isipan, titimo talaga
sa isang alagad ng sining
walang boses na matining
ang tulad nating mandirigma ay isinilang
upang ang kapayapaan ay isaalang-alang
bato-bato sa lawak ng langit
hinde tamaan wag magagalit
sa aking apat na sulok ng panitik
mensahe ko sa quadro ay hitik
ang lihim sa likod ng lalim
may gintong butil na di patitigil
lantaran man ang talinghaga
patagong kaway agwat ng kataga
sapagkat sa bawat pag-ani
ng parirala sa aking balarila
muli ngang sisibol itong binhi
at para sa kanya...ako ay nag-punla

(curse one)
bilang isang nilalang na sumumpang
mag hahatid ng mga musikang
kaylan man ay hindi maka-kalimutan
at inaalay kahit kanino man
patuloy lang susulat ng tulang
sumusugat-gumugulat ang kantang
nakaka-mulat ng mata. Anu mang
pag subok kayang kaya pag nag sama sama na
ang mga sundalo ng kalsada
“Habang iyang edukasyo’y nakaluklok sa dambana,
kabataa’y yumayabong nang mabilis at sagana,
nararating pati langit ng magiting niyang diwa;
sa siklab ng edukasyon kasamaa’y humihina,
alam niyang paamuin iyang bansang walang awa,
ang mabangis ay nagiging bayani ng kanyang lupa.” (Jose "pepe" Rizal)
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
minsan ko nang ipininta
aparisyon ng aking obra
doon,,, manipulasyon lamang ang kontra
pagkat ilusyon lang ang gamit kong tinta

o pareng makata
imulat ang mata
sa larawang likha ng madamdaming kataga
kung itutuon sa puso't isipan, titimo talaga

sa isang alagad ng sining
walang boses na matining
ang tulad nating mandirigma ay isinilang
upang ang kapayapaan ay isaalang-alang

[5 of 12 marked voices of a dozen clusters of letters]
© copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved
8 DAYS before Christmas
innuendo ~~~ pasaring
8 letter-word
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
Writers and Poets, there was these two moral i wanted to share:
the lesson of a five crumpled paper
and the experience of doing the slide
someday i will elaborate those two comparing to grasshopper

meanwhile...any one of you can answer
this one familiar riddle by the ridller?
" if you take a look at my face
you won't find 13 any place "

© copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved
[ 2 of 12  marked voices of a dozen clusters of letters ]
we do not die we multiply
...poets and writers
" Each of us has their lyrics to their word! "
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
nang ako na ang nakasalang sa sampu ng aking pangkat
tatatlo nga lamang sa kanila ang nakaka-angat,,,,sapagkat
ako ang pang-apat na nakaupo sa kanilang lahat,,,,,at bagamat
ang bawat isa sa anim ay alamat,sa ika-lima *ako'y nagpasalamat

di man ako lumingon sa tagiliran,,merong gigil ang aninag
di kalayuan,,,ramdam ko-malinaw ko siyang nababanaag
nagmumula iyon sa aking likuran,,, *may puwersa ang kamao ng silay

halos mag-agaw sa pag-alingawngaw yaring tanglaw at panglaw

hanggang sa bumukol ang nauukol
dalawang pugad sa iisang pagpukol
sa tawag ng pagsubok,,di na ako"muli pang pasusukol"
sa aking pagtayo,,di ako aayaw sa lunas na patungkol

[4 of 12 marked voices of a dozen clusters of letters]
less than 9 DAYS until Christmas
intuition ~~~ intwisyon
" 9 letter-word "
© copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved
matapos ang naturang pagbibigayan,,
higit pa sa agenda ang aming napagkasunduan!
" ang umaayaw hindi nagwawagi!
ang nagwawagi hindi umaayaw! "
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
-------------------Panginoon,,ano po kaya

---ngayong bagong umaga

-------kakaharapin kong tadhana

---------gitna po ba?kanan?o kaliwa?

ganun pa man,,susundan ko ang tamang daan
sa ESPESYAL na ARAW at sa buong maghapon
nais ko lang po ngayon MAGPASALAMAT !
sa INYO AMA,,,sa biyaya nyo pong AGIMAT.

nang dahil sa isang
ko ang isang kasabihan
walang mga paa na makakahakbang nang hindi muna  _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
my exceptional point of view for tomorrow
a poem of mine that would take away my sorrow
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