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Francie Lynch Nov 2021
I forgot the present.
I went back,
And watched a flower open yesterday.
Imagination turned real.
There was banter and banging;
Strumming and keying.
I witnessed a chick, hatching,
Breaking through.
After the picking and pecking,
Their scratching and scolding,
I paused in need of help:
Get Out.
No one is that good
Watched *Get Back* and swooned over the band. No one person was ever The Beatles. They were a unity. Never to be seen again. So glad they gave us such timeless music.
Senthil Rhaj Jun 2020
Winds became scary, clouds became haunting,
Birds clinging to nests, trees dancing as ghosts,
I was ten, when I was lost, that evening
What I had been cursing ere, is for what I was crying
Running in road I ain’t known, alone,
Torture devils methinks — are my guardian angels, realising then,
Sunken in rain, doomed life — in one pass of cloud
The fall, could I sever my tears and rain?!
running in road, drenched, yet thirsty,
My spine frore afeared, I could fall in ambuscade,
The place I dispraised, that I wished to leave
Was my heaven in truth, I realised then mooncalf I was,
The very fabric of my bane heart, torn asunder,
The darkness filling my eyes I behold, that something billowed,
Dight with doit?! — not even hope,
Hopeless, perhaps I might got end up with rags and pigs,
It went to night, when I found a light yonder,
Did I ran, or did I flied or did I jumped to,
That bedlam, there was a house across a meadow,
A woman, quoth she, waited until, my tears and rain stoped,
The woman portaged me back to my place,
Back to the arms of my guardian angel — the warmth,
The clouds cleared, no more haunting, in my eyes — my guardian angels!
Mane Omsy Sep 2016
Why is that confusing?
Is my poet dying?
A lot of chaos, I'm surrounded
Never believed I will lose hope

I had tutors directing my path
I derailed, and now I'm lost
Searching for a shortcut
To get to the highest mount

The path I chose will show
The reality of hard work
The strain I should bear
Through the forest path
I've been doubting my skills... :(

— The End —