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Amber E Aug 14
I gave you everything
I owned nothing more
Still, it wasn't enough
It didn't last

And perhaps neither will I
Amber E Jun 1
I’ve made friends with perfect strangers
Weeks later and I’ve foolishly tried
Just so that I could feel the warmth
Of such a desperately atrocious lie

I’m hopeful deep down in my nothingness
That you can’t let me go
That you can’t stop seeing my face
And that this is all a vicious show
Amber E Jun 1
You and I are two storms
Gaining momentum by the hour
So much energy between us
Such an unfathomable power

Your touch electrifies me
Your words generate an instant joy
All without the use of your hands
And without the sound of your voice
Amber E Apr 30
I wept for a life that was stolen
I cried myself unconscious missing a golden reflection
Sneaking breaths of memories trapped in the dark
Like an utter fool

I gave up such a precious portion
Handing over what used to be sacred
While whispering words too secret to be audible
Unaware of my folly

Limping through my days on crippled wings
And now wincing at the knowledge of what I helped create
What was once so revered, what was once so precious
Has slowly slipped through these fingers

I spun in circles under the sleepy stars
I let the burn envelope me
Suffocating in order to believe
That I wasn't just another foolish girl

Amber E Mar 27
“I want to be us”, He whispered
“But the complicated is so complicated”
Yet his eyes told me a different story
And his craving bore into me

“I want to really hold you”
“Kiss me more than just a little”
His voice was full of excited hope
And his body swimming with the lust of youth

The curves of his muscles sent me spinning
Into a world of yearning I never knew
“When we’re together, anything could happen”
“And I want that with you”

I feel his hand on my blushing cheek
Warm, masculine, and safe
I smell his cologne just inches from me
And he pulls me in as I slip away
Amber E Mar 27
I believe that I am surprisingly solitary
For a woman who is continuously enveloped
In a breathing, endless expectation
Of the commotion outside of my head

I'm easy; yet also in pursuit
Of blending ignorance with substantiation
Because we all want to be on the right side of the tracks
Even if it means we live a life of secret risk
Amber E Jan 25
In moments I become enraged
That I am left without choice
To call your name with no reply
As if you never breathed a breath in this life

And I know that is a wicked lie
Because you were one of my most intimate gasps
The two of us colliding like planets out of orbit
Connected in such a scarce fashion

I’ll never be me without you
The day your heartbeat died
My own heart shattered
And all the world caved in
For Raylen
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