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Amber E Mar 27
“I want to be us”, He whispered
“But the complicated is so complicated”
Yet his eyes told me a different story
And his craving bore into me

“I want to really hold you”
“Kiss me more than just a little”
His voice was full of excited hope
And his body swimming with the **** of youth

The curves of his muscles sent me spinning
Into a world of yearning I never knew
“When we’re together, anything could happen”
“And I want that with you”

I feel his hand on my blushing cheek
Warm, masculine, and safe
I smell his cologne just inches from me
And he pulls me in as I slip away
Amber E Mar 27
I believe that I am surprisingly solitary
For a woman who is continuously enveloped
In a breathing, endless expectation
Of the commotion outside of my head

I'm easy; yet also in pursuit
Of blending ignorance with substantiation
Because we all want to be on the right side of the tracks
Even if it means we live a life of secret risk
Amber E Jan 25
In moments I become enraged
That I am left without choice
To call your name with no reply
As if you never breathed a breath in this life

And I know that is a wicked lie
Because you were one of my most intimate gasps
The two of us colliding like planets out of orbit
Connected in such a scarce fashion

I’ll never be me without you
The day your heartbeat died
My own heart shattered
And all the world caved in
For Raylen
Amber E Jan 19
I never knew hunger
I never knew that gnawing
Until you craved me
And all at once I was conquered
Amber E Jan 19
Those lips
The taste of them
A tenderness without name
Sending bursts of fire through my fingertips
And chills straight to my bones
Amber E Sep 2018
In a second, it was over
Or, at least, it seemed to me no time had passed
You were everything
I needed not a single thing more

But now…. I am desperate
Desperate to cling to what I’ve always believed was true
That you desire me; every invisible piece
And God made us unbreakable

Foolish, that’s me; inadequate too
I’m not enough
I never genuinely was
You were always so much more

By just being you
Written July 4, 2018
Amber E May 2017
Too much of me
There's just too much of me
I wish I could drift off into the blank space of less
Black and swift, calm nothingness
Less is more, they say
I'm inclined to agree
I loathe the way it feels to remember
Yet I rewind the tape
And concede
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