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Maria 4d
As the fragile gleam of a fire
Is swept away by a harsh winter breeze
The embers still glow with a burning desire
Pulsing and fighting against their destinies

Specs of snow softly linger
On a set of ivory keys
As hands toil and break
To play beautiful melodies

Chilling scales fold into blizzards of chords
Frozen seconds melt into distant hours
Sharpening the blade of a bone white sword
Eyes stinging from the air, breath cold and sour

And the wind roars with fury
In a blitz of ash and snow
Blocking each ray of sunlight
In its everlasting glow

The pianist sets his heart ablaze
To plant a small seed
For every raindrop of happiness
He will work and toil and bleed

The pianist sets his heart ablaze
Mesmerized by his power
Withers away into ash
Working to bloom a flower
It's been so long since I've been able to write, with exams and schoolwork. I suppose this poem is somewhat fitting in that sense. This poem was inspired by Chopin's Winter Wind Etude, my favorite Chopin piece.
Maria Jan 18
The light softly flickers
As you pace and stall
Wait for me here
Listen for my call

Up on the old bridge
I can feel your body fall
Watch the light flicker
'till there's no light at all
why didn't you wait for me?
Maria Jan 17
Fly away
My love
On the wings of a child
Soar in the clouds
On the wings of a dove
Let neither
Stones of strife
Or chains of agony
Bind you to the Earth
And with a keen knife
Cut away the web
That ties you from your worth
Maria Jan 9
is your
midnight lullaby
dripping like honey
from the back of your throat
and your
anxious tears
dripping like sand
from the top of an hourglass

is the
perfume of orange blossoms
passing through my lungs
as we run through the orchard
and the
rotting smell of garbage
passing through the streets
as we climb onto the school bus

is the
sweet taste of dates
mixed with sugary syrup
kneaded into perfect pastries
and the
metallic taste in your mouth
mixed with the guilt in my stomach
kneaded into a sticky dough

is the
falling of ocean waves
over our heads
as we scream-laugh through the water
and the
falling of bombs
over our city
as we sit together in silence

how I wish
I could simply return
no longer exists
because home is
Maria Jan 8
The evergreen tree grows
The winds come and go
Raging fire turns to glow
Yet I still miss you so

Gray, the only color in sight
A burnt out star, no longer bright
An old batch of snow, once so white
The mysterious vanishing of the light

A tainted sliver of perfection
The uncertainty of my reflection
Numbing thoughts of your affection
New shades of gray in my collection
Maria Jan 7
He lurks in the darkness
Never far away
Follows my every step
Fills my world with dismay
Pieces of myself he has kept
Terrified no one would stay

Stay with me,
I plead
As I feel us decay
Yet cling to you with my greed
You, who has led me astray

I met you in the depths of November
Do you remember that day?
My heart, a dying ember
Set ablaze with every word you would say

Your words have become twisted
Our memories black and blue
Unharmed, you persisted
Knowing now what I need to do
Instead grasping onto you
Living with someone I thought I knew, because, don’t you know?
Loneliness kills.
Hello! I hope this poem finds you well.
The meaning of this poem morphed into something completely different as I was writing it, but I like it better this way. If you have any suggestions on improving it, let me know! Also, I put a little message in there- is it too obvious? ♥
Maria Jan 7
Oh moon,
Will you tell me
With your pearly eyes

Why is it
That those who have felt the kiss of tragedy
Can make joy for themselves
Can live their lives in peace
But those who live on the highest hill
So close to your paradise
Must create suffering for themselves?

What secrets do you whisper
So delicately, that they pass by our ears
And flutter to the lowest parts of the Earth
To be picked up
By the hopeless
The broken
The empty

That makes them shine so radiantly
With the light
Of a smile?
Hello! I hope you are doing well today ♥
I am fairly new to poetry, so I know there is still some work to be done on this poem. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this, I would appreciate it!

— The End —