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Irene Hao Apr 2018
He sits in the corner of my class, not my first one or my last one. It's one of those boring middle-of-the-day classes everyone dozes off to.
He sits in the corner, wiggling his eyebrows at the girl in the table next to him. He's always partners with her. They're good friends. I think.
He always has on a sky blue hoodie, littered with cliche inspirational quotes he scribbled on. My favorites are "Where the shadows crawl, light is always  close by" and "Nothing is perfect. I am nobody. Therefore, I am perfect." He always takes the hoodie off afterwards and stuffs it in his locker. I know because I've seen him do it. Every day.
When I first heard his voice, frankly, I thought he was a she. He gave off a cool vibe, a dramatic obnoxious drag queen diva. And I wasn't wrong.
First time I ****** it all in and approached him, he blew into my ear, laughed, and walked off. Second time, he approached me, said he liked scaring me. I don't quite understand it.
But the way he babbles, the way his smile just gets me smiling with him, I understand that part of him. The way he looks like he's always having fun, even during his science presentation, I like it. He's always smiling. I don't know if he really does, but I like to think so.
Irene Hao Mar 2018
Why hello
It's been a while since I've had visitor
Come, have a seat
I know the place isn't most hospitable, but it's all I've got
Please help yourself to a drink

You look confused
Have I really been that out of touch?
I spent ages brewing this
I couldn't offer it to my past visitors
They insisted to leave
Said the place they were headed was much better than this dreary place

Not much of a talker I see
Well, that's alright
A merry old man longs company
Even the silent ones
Here, a toast

To you and me

I'll I have a sip too
So don't worry
I promise it won't **** you

See? Warms you right up, doesn't it?
Now, we have much time in our hands so let's

How can I tell time?
I suppose I just can
Time doesn't exist to me here.
Where is here, you ask?
Most people call here the middle of nowhere
But I promise it's
A far warmer place than where you came from

You wish to leave, yes?
You were gazing so prettily outside
Of course I know the way
Just follow the stone road back
Through the thickets
Pass the green log
And you're right back in town

But before you leave,
Come, spend the night here
I know it's a long way back, especially since the light's fading
Please, have another drink and rest
I'll see to it you have a safe trip back
But for now, stay
Irene Hao Feb 2018
A stepping stone
Rough around the right edges
So you won't slip
When you step on me
Irene Hao Jan 2018
I detest it
To the moon and back
For the crystal ball does not lie
I shrink from it
The mirage shrinks as well
My spine tingles
Perfect polished porcelain
No indentations
No scratches
The sun reflects off its glass surface
It glows
I want to shatter it
Nothing can escape its expecting eye
It's almost invisible
My eyes are blind
To what it does to the others
To me
I shrink from it
For this miasma morphs my mirage
To a mesmeric monstrosity
It glows
And I detest it

— The End —