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 Nov 2018 Rh
lavender soap
 Nov 2018 Rh
the soap layers my body,
as I wash away the memories from you
 Oct 2018 Rh
i want to give you all of me
every single thing
i'm so tired of being scared
so here
here's my heart
i'm handing it to you
it is now in your hands
please be careful
it breaks really easily
so here
here's my mind
and all my thoughts and feelings
please be careful
i am very insecure
so here
here's my soul
and everything that comes with it
please be careful
it's really important to me
so here
here's all of me
please be careful
i trust you enough to do what's right for me
i trust you to love me and take care of me
i trust you
so please don't break me
i'm trusting you with all of me
 Oct 2018 Rh
Walter W Hoelbling
the night in which
the dead come alive for a while

only to be frightened
right back into their graves
by the horrible masked spectacles
of the living
Old one - slightly modified for the occasion ...
 Oct 2018 Rh
Melissa S
It’s a crisp October morning and it is perfect.
My son is nearby digging in the earth for bugs and searching for his new friend Bob the lizard.
I can hear my Boykin spaniel yelping and chasing squirrels in the woods. I am sweeping newly fallen leaves off my front porch and just enjoying all the sounds. The wind is slightly blowing and the sun is warming the dew on the grass. It is the kind of morning where everything seems wonderful even if for just this moment. I am going to fix me a cup of coffee and sit on the swing and enjoy it for just a moment more....❤️
Hello HP been missing you all
 Oct 2018 Rh
A Little Life.
 Oct 2018 Rh
Brief and briefer still
a little life
and thoughts of Man.
 Oct 2018 Rh
J Ray
Soft words that fall into the space, just outside delicious blood red lips
When you say my name, you will never feel how my lonely heart skips
Remember your spoken words, how my eyes were fixed solely on you?
Did you ever think to ask yourself , who it is you were really talking to?
I catch my breath after you stole it way, leaving my lungs so absent of air
I lay slain in your field of blue, hopelessly lost in your words somewhere
I tried so many times to tell you how I feel, my spoken words always fail
My words are just like a blind man, searching through volumes of braille
Your eyes saw right through me, and held me captive on through the night
I wonder if you ever knew, that it was a single moment of love at first sight
Hope you enjoy this contribution, thanks in advance for critique/comments....
 Oct 2018 Rh
Unrest All Around
 Oct 2018 Rh
Neither the quiet comforts of your home
Nor the wonders of the great unknown
Will satisfy your thirst to know
The wandering rest within your bones

In one way or another
How the shoe turns and Crow flies
Untill no longer bound
We are all alone
Nothing is ever perfect. Nothing really lasts. At present.

Get all you wish for and be disappointed.

Read with a smile and be prepared for the truth of this life.

Blah blah.
 Oct 2018 Rh
let's pray
you can't call an angel
like you summon a demon
choose your side wisely
there's always a bargain
he likes gold coins
broken souls

did you ever believe
you had a guardian angel?

They wouldn't care for such a filthy being

It's mean
emerald leaves turn into gold

today answers will be whispered
inside a ring of fire
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